Some of your favorite actors and Idols, like Jaejoong and Lee Jun Ki, showed up at the recent Seoul Drama awards looking dapper. There’s absolutely nothing like a good looking guy in a suit. Now although they looked good, some of them had major suit fails at the awards. Take a look and judge for yourself.


Jaejoong is an Idol first before an actor, so of course he showed up rocking true Idol style. This whole silver metallic and black animal print look is working very well for JJ. With a black collared shirt and black shoes, he looks chic and stunning. Also check it out; JJ seems to be heading back to the lighter side! I swear if he goes back to blond then the world really is becoming a better place!

Lee Jun Ki

Two Week's star Lee Jun Ki brought nothing but class to the red carpet as he wore a classic black suit with bow tie. His hair was perfect and his sideburns um EPIC! Make sure to take notice of his thighs in those pants. Yes oppa, yes.

No Min Woo

Will he ever stop with the skinny pants?! Don't get me wrong I am all for No Min Woo and his "jeggings" that he loves to wear, but come on! His pants should have been a tad more relaxed fitting in order to balance his upper and lower body. But I guess, whatever because he's still the hottest and most beautiful puppet looking person I have ever seen ^_^

Lee Soo Hyuk

Apparently Lee Soo Hyuk and No Min Woo got dressed together. Another member of the "skinny pant club" I absolutely CANNOT, but his boots are everything and so are his poses!

2PM's Junho

Junho looked so adorable! I thought his suit was so pretty with the whole button embellishment thing going on. The best part of his entire outfit was his smile!

All the guys looked great in their suits but JJ was the best in my book, who was yours?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE