Just when some thought it couldn't get better, we come to warn you: Red Eagle Season 3 is going to blow your mind. We wanted to give you a picture preview of what is coming in Season 3.
Gonzalo remains as sexy as ever. Agree?
Lucrecia gets more than she could handle.
The pain will run deep for Nuño...
...and his head is put on the line.
But there is always time for a picknick.
We meet new interesting and peculiar characters.
Meanwhile "El Comisario" shows his moves on the dance floor...
...gets into some difficult situations...
...and looks death in the eyes.
The unpredictability grows in Red Eagle.
And the adventure continues.
  If you have yet to see Red Eagle, do yourself a favor and watch Season 1 right now. It follows the adventures of a father seeking revenge after the disappearance of his wife. He spends his days working as a school teacher, and then at night he becomes the Red Eagle - a vigilante seeking justice. Here is a recap of what happened in Season 2:
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