This winter, La Niña is expected to bring tons of snowfall to Japan, especially in areas like the country's northernmost island of Hokkaido. In preparation for this frosty forecast, Domino's Japan, which always has prided itself in its prompt and efficient delivery system, is working hard to train a special type of delivery personnel to get customers their hot pizzas on time. Yes, it's true — reindeer may actually be delivering pizza this winter in northern Japan.

As crazy as this sounds, this is not a gimmick or PR stunt put on by Domino's Japan. Known for having one of the fastest delivery times in all of Japan, Domino's takes getting piping hot pizzas to their customers as quickly as possible very seriously. So when management realized that a La Niña winter was on its way, they brainstormed ideas on how to deliver pizzas in remote locations where record-breaking snowfall was expected. Snowmobiles and four-wheel drives would cost too much, besides other problems they might create. After other ideas were brought up and discarded, the one idea that seemed ridiculous at first was the one that Domino's decided to go with.

In what surely is a world's first, the pizza giant plans on having reindeer deliver pizzas to customers this winter in certain parts of Hokkaido. The reindeer are getting trained now, as we speak, on training courses and actual delivery routes near some franchises. So far, there are still questions left to be answered regarding safety and distance of the deliveries. And if and when the delivery reindeer crosses paths with other wild animals, what's going to happen to the pizza? For customers living in areas where reindeer delivery may be a reality, Domino's plans on releasing the current status of the training on its website on November 24th. Who knows what will happen, but if this groundbreaking system comes to fruition, residents of rural Hokkaido will be having very merry Christmas pizza dinners this coming holiday season.

Domino's Pizza Japan Delivery Research Center

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