Some guys have the worst luck! After falling in love with a girl in China on the internet, an American teenager decided to fly all the way across the world to meet her, only to be rejected on her doorstep. What happened next was a big surprise to Chinese police.

The police discovered the young man passed out drunk and suffering from hypothermia near the freezing cold Xu River River in Zhejiang province in China. A member of the Cheng Bei Police said, "He was unconscious and lying in a pool of his own vomit. It looks as if he might have fallen in the water at some stage as his clothes and shoes were soaked. To be honest he was so inebriated, he could easily have drowned. It was only a short distance to the water." The young man from Ohio, only referred to as Pratt, was rushed to the hospital.  His luck took another bad turn after he discovered that he had lost most of his money. Luckily, the hotel manager was kind enough to let him stay for free.

Pratt told the police that he only knew the girl's pseudonym, Xiaoqian. He had started talking to her this year and said he fell in love with her because of her beautiful photos and perfect English. Apparently the young lady did not take him seriously when he promised to visit her, so when he suddenly showed up in Jiangshan, the girl refused to meet him. Detectives searched his phone records and noted that he did call her several times, only to be told to stop contacting her and have his number blocked. Pratt took the rejection hard and started drinking until he found his way to the Xu River, where he passed out. 

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When the young woman was contacted by the police and told that Pratt almost died, she still refused to see him. Luckily the police did not abandon him, but stated, "We followed his progress until he left the country, and he is already on the plane back to the United States."

Even though he was unlucky in love, at least he was lucky enough to be rescued by the police, treated at the hospital, allowed to stay in a hotel for free, and sent home safely to the U.S. Let's hope he finds a nice girl who loves him back in the near future!