We are halfway through our re-watch of Boys Over Flowers as we start this second half of the series. Grab your suitcases chingus, we’re going on a trip. We have a boyfriend to see, a new friend to make, and our hearts being torn apart, but don’t worry the F3 will be there to help us forget. Come join June, Logan, and myself, Tiara, as we make a break to Macau.

Logan: Jan Di may be dating Jun Pyo (or was), but the fringe benefits of being friends with F4 may just have proved to be more beneficial to her this week. With Jun Pyo out of the picture for 6 months without saying a word, Ji Hoo, Yi Jung, and Woo Bin sweep in to encourage her and cheer her up by having a retirement celebration. The first time I watched this drama, I remember crying so much and this time I was able to hold off the tears altogether until this scene. Watching the F4 take care of Jan Di and be good friends to her really warmed my heart. It doesn’t matter if Jun Pyo is in the picture or not, they are her friends too.

Tiara: The friendship Jan Di has with the other F4 was always something I loved in the anime and in the drama. She’s not just Jun Pyo’s girlfriend, but she’s become an honorary member of the group. Really they should be renamed to the F5. I loved that it was Ji Hoo, Yi Jung, and Woo Bin who celebrated her last swim before she hanged up her goggles. Not to mention, they helped her get the money for her trip and showed up to cheer her on. Of course, it was more cheering her up and protecting her against Jun Pyo. I do wonder if Jun Pyo said those hurtful things for his friends to keep protecting her since he couldn’t.

June: The friendship between the F4 and Jan Di is honestly really amazing. I'm glad we got to see all of this in the drama, especially once we get past the whole second male lead thing. Yeah the thing with Jun Pyo is I think he knows his friends will be there for her and truss them to take care of her once he's away. And they really did come through with everything they did for her.

Logan: I think that Jun Pyo knows that Ji Hoo will take care of Jan Di no matter what. I was especially proud of Yi Jung and Woo Bin. The way they both were furious at him, the way that Yi Jung tried to attack him at the idea that he would betray Jan Di. Yi Jung was particularly mad because he tried to stop Jun Pyo from hurting her; he’s seen his father do the same thing to women for a long time and now it’s happened to someone he cares about caused by another person he cares about. It takes real friends to call you out when you do something wrong and F4 is a true friendship.

Tiara: You’re right about Jun Pyo knowing Ji Hoo will take care of her, but I do think Yi Jung and Woo Bin has grown to care for Jan Di too. She’s like their little sister. Yi Jung wanting to fight Jun Pyo on behalf of Jan Di made me proud of him. Let’s be honest, Jun Pyo getting punched made me cheer because he’s not talking to his friends about his change in behavior. I bet they including Jan Di would understand if he actually talked to them. Yes, his mom is crazy, but if they knew the responsibility on Jun Pyo’s shoulders, I think they would not only accept it but want to help him too.

June: Yeah rewatching this drama confirmed how amazing Yi Jung and Woo Bin really are. They were always really the ones with more sense and Yi Jung actually wanting to fight Jun Pyo was what you call real friendship because he knows Jun Pyo is in the wrong. I just want to grab Jun Pyo and shake him and tell him to tell his friends what is really going on!!

Logan: I think it helps us, as the viewers, to see that even though Jan Di has just had her heart broken she still has a support system in the rest of F4. I understand Jun Pyo, to an extent. He really is trying to protect Jan Di, but he seriously couldn’t have just sent her a text ending it some time within the last 6 months? I know he didn’t want to face it, because that made it real and he didn’t really want it to end, but it was super inconsiderate to Jan Di. The last thing he told her was to wait and she did only to find out she’s been abandoned.

Tiara: I agree with you, Logan. It’s easy to understand Jun Pyo on one hand. His father just died and now he’s responsible for 70,000 employees. It can’t be easy on him with all the pressure to live up to his family name. It probably doesn’t help when your mother is Satan. That being said it’s how he handle this whole thing which makes me want to punch him myself. He breaks up with Jan Di and then goes and buys her shoes. That makes no sense … and makes me want to throw things at Jun Pyo’s head.

June: Yeah he is definitely out of touch with reality a bit for that stunt. Like buying her shoes isn't going to help heal things all of a sudden.

Logan: I think Jun Pyo was trying to play the out of sight out of mind game, but he can’t exactly do that anymore, can he? And things are about to get a lot more complicated as we’ve finally met the second female lead in Jae Kyung, although her romantic interest in Jun Pyo hasn’t been fully introduced yet. The problem here is that Jae Kyung is actually super cool and she even has some chemistry with Jun Pyo. That’s not supposed to happen- the second female lead should be awful, right? Lol. It’s hard to hate her when she’s such a good, cheerful character.

Tiara: She’s a likeable character and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. It’s nice to have a second lead female whose whole mission in life isn’t to screw over the female lead. That is the trope dramaland can stop playing. I always found Jae Kyung to be the rich version of Jan Di. She’s got all the same qualities as Jan Di, but the only difference is she comes from a wealthy family. Evil Mom only likes her because of what her name and family can bring to her company. However if Jae Kyung didn’t have her great background, Mom wouldn’t care. I’m looking forward to seeing the friendship between Jan Di and Jae Kyung in the upcoming episodes. I also can’t wait for Jan Di to find her new dream because I love Grandpa. Yet what are schools teaching kids nowadays? How do Jan Di and Ga Eul not know their former President?

June: The second female lead is a tricky one for me because she's not super horrible like the typical k-drama second lead. Though I do remember vaguely being annoyed by her when I first watched this drama. Lol! I can't lie about that! But this time around, I'm seeing her in a new light!

Logan: I don’t like it when they make the second female lead so vindictive either, but it’s easier to see an unlikeable character get jilted than one that you like and that’s a bit nerve-wracking to actually like Jae Kyung. It cracked me up when Jan Di was telling F4 that Jae Kyung was her “life benefactor” and Woo Bin responded “What? That’s us!” He felt their position as Jan Di’s knights in shining armor was being jeopardized, which was adorable. I think Jan Di losing her dream is kind of awesome. Because the scene where she’s breaking down crying, talking about how everyone else has their future planned out and she has nothing was so incredibly relatable. Seeing her pick herself up and discover a new dream is going to be really uplifting.

Tiara: I got Bingo this week … I was pretty surprised at how many tropes I got to color this week. The drama picked the wrong scene to use “Almost Paradise”. I don’t think getting robbed and almost assaulted is the right time to use that song. What about you ladies? How did your Bingo Cards turn out?

Logan: You’re on a roll, Tiara. I didn’t get a bingo this week either. Something tells me I’m not going to get anymore bingos :(

June: I've also been bingo-less lately! *Cries in Korean*

Tiara: We still got lots of tropes to go. Until next week - watch more dramas.


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