We’ve finally hit the point in Boys Over Flowers where everyone but Woo Bin is miserable in the romantic department. Thank goodness all the friendships haven’t hit rock bottom. But don’t worry, another visit from the Wicked Witch of Dramaland is on the agenda just to make sure Jan Di suffers more. Come join in on the discussion with June, Logan, and I, Tiara as we talk about the F3’s home improvement skills.


Boys Over Flowers

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Tiara: Yi Jung and Ga Eul’s relationship is developing and when I mean developing I mean Yi Jung is being a jerk. On one hand, he’s trying to push Ga Eul away because she’s an innocent. On the other hand, I think he’s pleading for help. He’s hurt by his dad’s behavior so he’s acting out. Good thing Ga Eul is patience, but it has to sting seeing Yi Jung run after your pottery teacher no matter if you know the story.

Logan: Yi Jung is a hot mess. He’s obviously still dealing with the hurt that his dad has caused him throughout his life and thinks he’s going to turn out to be the same way. It’s tragic, but I was so furious when he did that to Ga Eul at the club. He was clearly doing it for his own sake and not for hers, because why would you go out of your way to hurt her if she wasn’t even bothering you. The two still have a lot of hurdles to jump before they can really be together.

June: My OTP has such a long way to come until they can get a happily ever after. I think since Yi Jung has had to deal with his dad all his life, it’s really hard for him to let go of that mentality. Though being a total jerk to Ga Eul is such a bad look. Like why go that far to hurt her. So sad! 

Tiara: Totally they do or else he’ll do the same to Ga Eul that he did to Eun Jae. He said she was hiding, but really he pushed her away because he’s afraid of being hurt. He sees his mom being hurt everyday by his dad and worries he’ll be too if he gives into love. It’s a messed up view on love, but I can understand it. However, he’ll live a lonely life if he doesn’t open his heart for someone. We know he cares for the other F4 so he’s capable of love.

Logan: Kudos for Ga Eul for seeing through his messy exterior. She is good and she sees something redeemable in him, so he must not be all bad - if only he could think this way. I also give her props for splashing water in his face when he deserved it. You can be kind, without letting yourself be disrespected and Ga Eul is the perfect role model for this. Jan Di, on the other time sometimes lets herself be disrespected - or at least she’s much more prone to stand up for other people than herself. Girl needs to learn to take care of herself just as much as she takes care of others.

June: She’s such a good person that Ga Eul is! Ugh this is one of the things I can’t stand about Jan Di. I just want her to stand up for herself for once. Like get it together girl, who cares about those other people. But I agree, she needs to take care of herself too!

Tiara: *Groan* You hit the nail on Jan Di’s character description. She just allows people to walk all over her, but when she sees other picking on the weak she’s wonder woman. She’s a very frustrating character to like when she goes back and forth. That isn’t a complex character, but an inconsistent writing of a character. It’s like the drama doesn’t want her to be too strong but not too weak. She can be strong and still get knocked down.

Logan: But I think there are a lot of people out there like Jan Di. Those who take care of and defend their loved ones to the death, but aren’t so great at doing the same for themselves. It’s sad, but relatable. I was never totally keen on the fact that she had to become Jun Pyo’s maid, but the scene where she falls onto his bed is one of my favorites in the drama. One of the scenes that sticks out the most. Sooooo cute!

June: Yeah I was always like of all people to become maid’s for of course it was for Jun Pyo!

Tiara: Haha!!! Totally fanservice, but I think the whole forced living together/maid thing is about the same. Jan Di told Jun Pyo her promise about his mom getting in between them was invalid, but let’s be honest he broke it first. How else was the drama going to get them back together again … turn her into Jun Pyo’s personal maid. I felt it was the drama playing cupid to it’s own characters. It’s weird, but not harmful. However, Jae Kyung is a problem. I don’t hate the character, but she knows about Jun Pyo and Jan Di. I get she’s interested in him, but she’s still hanging onto him in hopes he’ll love her. Not to mention, she still wants Jan Di as her BFF. Is she really that naive to think that will happen?

Logan: Yeah, even I think Jae Kyung is being a little much. If you really want her to be your friend, why would you try to hurt her by bringing her ex around all the time and rubbing it in her face that you’re with him now. Pretty uncool. Jun Pyo totally broke the promise first and when he says during the game that he won’t let the one he loves go, um...you broke up with Jan Di and you’re still broken up. Lol. 

June: Ugh Jae Kyung ugh. I can’t stand her behavior during this part of the drama. It’s all too much and it always hurts Jan Di. I still don’t know how Jan Di can stand being around her when she knows she’ll get hurt in the process. Maybe it’s something in this drama I will never understand no matter how many times I watch it.

Tiara: Right, that never made sense to me or do I need to check off amnesia off my bingo card? Did Jun Pyo forget the hurtful words he told Jan Di in Morocco because I don’t and neither did anyone else at that party. By the way, I love Ji Hoo giving a kiss to Yi Jung to not answer his question. I also giggled a lot to the question Jan Di gave to Woo Bin about if F4 were woman whom would he marry. Haha!!! 

Logan: I think Woo Bin has the right idea, I wouldn’t want to marry any of them either - they have some issues to work out. Haha. Woo Bin’s probably the most well-adjusted of the group. But one thing I loved this episode was the fact that he and Ji Hoo and Yi Jung showed up at Jan Di’s and helped her spruce it up. We’re seeing a return of the Jan Di/F3 friendship scenes and these are the types of things I live for in a Kdrama. It was kind of frustrating to see all their hard work go almost immediately down the drain when our evil witch decided to have the building demolished.

June: F3’s return is always welcomed! This friendship is such a highlight for this show. Ugh this Wicked Lady never fails to surprise me in this drama. I remember thinking that this lady has to be the most evil in all of K-Drama moms. 

Tiara: I love the support she gets from the F3 and I also love how Ga Eul is included in the remodeling. Must like Jan Di is an honorary member of the F4 so is Ga Eul. In dramaland if it’s a good thing, it won’t last forever case in point Jan Di’s rooftop apartment. It just angers me that the Wicked Witch of Dramaland can’t believe her son is at fault for moving into the building next to Jan Di. *Grr* Apparently if he continues to find her when she runs away, it totally means Jan Di is using her womanly ways to seduce him. *facepalm*

Logan: Clearly, Jan Di just cannot keep her wiley ways to herself and managed to seduce all of F4 -that’s the only explanation for why they’d want to be around her and help her out. Oh, the logic of evil mother-in-laws in Kdramas. Also, one thing I liked about them decorating Jan Di’s rooftop apartment for her, was that what they were giving her wasn’t a gift of money. They’re filthy rich so giving her money would be nothing to them. Instead, they gave her their time and affection by doing physical labor to make the place she lives prettier. For flower boys, that’s a big deal. And it says a lot about how all of F3 feels about her.

June: Ugh all the feels with that friendship. I wish there was more friendships like this in dramas. It’s nice to see that every once in a while.

Tiara: I 100% agree. The F3 could have found her a place to live, but instead they just help remodel her apartment. Such a shame their time and effort when to waste. It’s the thought that counts at least. Switching topics, I’m not overly fond of Ji Hoo and Grandpa’s storyline, but I enjoy seeing Jan Di manipulate both of them into living together. She’s the only one who can get away with forcing them to live together and ride together home. It’s the one thing Jan Di can do for Ji Hoo to pay him back for being there for her.

Logan: I can never understand how the grandpa, in his head, thought it was okay to abandon his young orphaned grandson to be alone. It’s like - I don’t care what you’re dealing with emotionally, Grandpa, you have to take care of the kid first. The way Jan Di showed up at Ji Hoo’s place with luggage cracked me up, especially how he just points her to his guest room before he realizes what’s going on. But Ji Hoo and Grandpa need each other - it was the right thing to do. 

Tiara: It doesn’t make any sense to leave your grandson to grieve on his own, but I’m with you Logan those two need each other now. It’s time for them to settle them issues and become a family. One last topic, Granny Head Housekeeper is a hoot. She’s totally teaching Jan Di how to run the household. Sure, it was probably Jun hee who asked her to do it, but I don’t see Granny saying yes if she didn’t think Jan Di would be good from her young master.

Logan: That’s for sure, Tiara. I can’t see Granny agreeing to anything she didn’t want to do. Lol. She knows how to run a household, though. That is for sure.

Tiara: How did everyone do on Bingo? My card is pretty full, but no bingo. 

June: My bingo has been so sad ever since my one win! :’(

Logan: I’m pretty sure I’m going to finish out this drama without getting another bingo. Is it because the cliches are more nuanced towards the end of the drama? Either way -oh well...I’ve gotten a couple dramas, that’s enough :)

Tiara: Maybe we need more tropes next time we play bingo. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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