Hello drama clubbers and welcome back to the Boys Over Flowers drama club. Our favorite characters are back and went on a vacation and of course, a lot of drama ensued. Join Tiara, Logan and I as we discuss episode 5 and six of Boys Over Flowers. 

Tiara: Jun Pyo this week is being on his best behavior. I do believe love is in air. He gets to be a knight in shining armor after being a douchebag towards Jan Di. However, I will say I’m a sucker for Jun Pyo when he taking care of her. He may not know much of the real world, but his feelings are genuine.

Logan: Yeah, Jun Pyo is finally living up to his role as the male lead. You can see it in the contrast of how he treated Jan Di when he rescued her from bullies versus how Ji Hoo treated her. When Ji Hoo “saved” her, he made a sarcastic comment, wiped a bit of flour from her face, and then left. Whereas Jun Pyo beats a couple people down, comforts her, and then carries her out of there like a superhero.

June: Yeah! It was this was when we finally get to see the real him, in a sense. He finally really started to show how much he cared for her. This was also when Ji Hoo for me was like ok maybe this isn’t the second male lead I thought he is.

Tiara: Don’t get me started on Ji Hoo. He’s breaking the unspoken guy code. You don’t mess with the girl your BFF likes or is his ex. Sure he’s “hurt” and “heartbroken” over Seo Hyun, but don’t be kissing other girls. I’m on Jun Pyo’s side on this one and I wished I could punch Ji Hoo too … however I like my computer.

Logan: I get that Ji Hoo probably liked Jan Di first, but hey bro, you can’t lay claim to every woman around you that you’re even remotely interested in. You just got back from chasing the other woman you’re obsessed with to a different country. Plus, he never made his intentions towards Jan Di known. As far as Ji Hoo knows, Jan Di and Jun Pyo are dating- Jan Di never denied it. Taking that into consideration, what he did was far far dirtier than just liking the same guy as his friend. Jan Di clearly was horrified at her actions, but I’m so frustrated with her too. If she didn’t want to be dating Jun Pyo she should have set her boundaries clearer. She was giving him signals that she was warming up to the idea. And now the two of them have caused a scene.

June: For real! These leads needed to learn how to actually communicate with each other and what not. Like Tiara said, Ji Hoo broke like the ultimate guy code and dude that was not cool! I was also on Jun Pyo’s side for once. I felt so bad for him! Like damn.

Tiara: Logan, you’re totally right about Jan Di. She’s not one to shy away from anything but yet she won’t put her foot down and tell Jun Pyo she doesn’t want to date him. She insteads leads him on a bit. I get she’s being swayed by Jun Pyo and having mixed feelings, but she’s leading him on. She’s as much to blame for this mix up as Ji Hoo. However, Jan Di speaking up for Min Ji is nice to see. Min Ji shouldn’t have been protected, but I’m glad there wasn’t bitter female against female. It’s one of my least favorite tropes in KDrama. Not all women are against each other.

Logan: What has to be especially painful to Jun Pyo is the way that she’s resisted kissing him so far- which I totally get, but then she didn’t even hesitate when Ji Hoo leaned in to kiss her. I know she’s confused. She had a crush on him and now she feels bad for him. It’s just a bummer that someone who strives for what’s right so often would make a mistake like that. Still, Ji Hoo definitely took advantage of her sympathy. If he really cared about her and was a good guy, he would have made his feelings clear to her and given her the opportunity to set firm boundaries with Jun Pyo before doing anything.

June: This is very true! The whole usual girl vs. girl trope is one of my least favorite things ever and I’m glad they didn’t do that here. But back to the Ji Hoo-Jan Di mess, I just want want to know what the heck was really going through her mind when everything was happening.

Tiara: I don’t think Jan Di was thinking. Her thoughts went out the door when her crush started to reciprocate her feels instead of being cold. Yet it seems she started to feel guilty which means she know she did a very bad things. I guess that is something. I’m not on Jun Pyo side because he’s rich and has a good background - unlike Jan Di’s parent’s. He set the whole trip for her. He also thought to include her BFF - Ga Eul. Jun Pyo is trying to explain his feelings for Jan Di and all she can do is look at Ji Hoo. It’s frustrating …

Logan: Jun Pyo is just a lot more caring all the way around. He is actually capable of putting others first, Ji Hoo isn’t. He’s selfish. I was proud of Yi Jung for taking Jun Pyo’s side and calling Ji Hoo out as well. I also love his continued interactions with Ga Eul but I hate seeing him tease her. I know the path to romance between those two is not a short one, but they’re just so cute together and Ga Eul is just so sweet. I love that she doesn’t let herself be intimidated by the F4 either. She’s just as strong as Jan Di.

June: Yi Jung throughout this whole drama was my favorite, but yeah there were times with what he did to Ga Eul that I was like hmmm that’s not cool bro! Ga Eul was also a favorite of mine. She was a perfect addition to this whole F4 friendship thing. Haha!

Tiara: Yi Jung has a different outlook on love. People love him because of his money and it’s not surprising he's a bit jaded when it comes to love. I think he finds Ga Eul different. She knows he has money and will stand up to him. She also has a different view on love as she has a bit more freedom to find her soulmate. I can’t wait to see more of this relationship unfold and to see if I love it as much as I remember it. The F4 friendship is something. Woo Bin is trying to appeal Jun Pyo’s anger and I’m glad he has a friend to try to make him think before taking acting. However, Jun Pyo has the right to be angry and his anger is towards Ji Hoo.

Logan: One thing is for sure, both Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo are lucky to have the F4 in their lives, particularly Woo Bin and Yi Jung because they are amazing friends. It’d be easy to say the rest of the F4 benefits from being friends with Jun Pyo because of all the power he has, but you can’t buy the friends that they offer him. One interesting thing that happened this week, that I always think about when I remember this drama is when the psychic lady (whether that was real or a dream) told Jan Di that she had two men with her and that one was her husband and the other her soulmate. That always made me really distraught. So Ji Hoo is her soulmate, but she ends up with Jun Pyo. That’s not really fair to Jun Pyo at all. I guess I just like to think that’s her subconscious struggling with her feelings for both of them, but it is kind of a theme that sticks throughout the drama.

June: For real! These boys are lucky to have the other two boys to keep themselves in check. The fact that Ji Hoo is her soulmate kind of makes me sad after rewatching this because I now see him in a totally different light.

Tiara: I think the dream was nonsense. However, the idea of a soulmate doesn’t have to be use as romantic. The original use of soulmate by Plato talked about two souls being separated but when these souls would find the other half, there is unspoken understanding for one another. You could be someone soulmate because of being connected with that person but not have romantic feelings. Ji Hoo has been the person who has listened to her and been the supporting shoulder. Ji Hoo could be her understanding Soulmate while Jun Pyo will always be her Husband.

Alright -- Who got Bingo? *jumps up and down* I did … I did … I did … \^o^/

Logan: Yay, congrats! No Bingo for me this week. Apparently Jan Di was feeling gentle because a “love at first kick” would have completed my row.

June: Yay!!!!! I didn’t get bingo this week either but there’s always next week!! I didn't cross off SLS because Ji Hoo was just not doing it for me this week!


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