Welcome, Chingus, to week 4 of our Relive the Drama of  BOF. *Trope Alert* It’s Battle for the Girl as this week is all about competition with Jun Pyo’s Noona setting up a mini-Olympics. Are you Team Ji Hoo or Team Jun Pyo? Come join June, Logan, and myself, Tiara as we set our critical eyes on episodes 7 & 8.


Logan: This week was full of romantic turmoil. If I didn’t already know what was coming, I’d probably be dizzy from all the back and forth. Just when we think Jan Di and Ji Hoo are putting the final nail in Jun Pyo’s coffin as a love interest, Jan Di realizes that she actually does like him a lot and says goodbye to Ji Hoo. How did you ladies feel watching this interchange this time around?

Tiara: I remember really being on Jan Di and Ji Hoo’s side while watching it the first time, but this time around I’m totally rooting and on Jun Pyo’s side. Yes, Jun Pyo is over reacting by forcing them both out of school, however he's hurt that his BFF would make a move on the girl he likes. He blames Ji Hoo for using Jan Di which is totally true. Ji Hoo may say he’s protecting her, but that is BS when he goes and kisses her in front of Jun Pyo before the race . These are just small reasons why it really hard to like Ji Hoo. 

June: I love how this time around the tables have definitely turned for me. When I first watched it, I definitely had second male lead syndrome and now that is definitely not the case anymore. I am for sure Team Jun Pyo and I totally agree with you Tiara. Those little things Ji Hoo keeps doing isn't very nice, especially since Jun Pyo is supposed to be his best friend. Sigh...

Logan: I think it all comes back to what the drama told us about Ji Hoo in the beginning - he’s not very good in social situations. So he makes some interesting choices on how approach certain things. He hurt Jun Pyo more by his interactions with Jan Di’s, which only made Jun Pyo’s tantrums worse. However, eventually he did something really solid by helping Jan Di and Jun Pyo come together. He could have held onto Jan Di for a long time because she was stubborn and wouldn’t have wanted to admit her feelings for Jun Pyo outright. So I do have to give him props there. He did the right thing and it was a hard thing to do.

Tiara: That could be the reason for Ji Hoo’s choices, but this time around he’s coming off smugly and not the gallant second male lead as I remember. Yes, it was wrong of Jun Pyo to cheat during the horse race and I think he knows that after his horse paid the consequences. However, I don’t think Ji Hoo’s true intentions were to get Jan Di and Jun Pyo to admit their feelings for one another. He clearly was using Jan Di as a rebound because of his hurt feelings of being rejected by Seo Hyun. Ji Hoo didn’t really see the feelings his friend had for Jan Di until after the car incident and he changed his mind. This is when he started to help these two, but it doesn’t change the fact he almost destroyed his 10 plus years of friendship.

Logan: There is a lot I’m catching as far as motivations and reactions watching this drama the second time around. Boys Over Flowers was my first drama, so I was also getting used to the format and the subtitles and didn’t catch a lot of the important emotions. The first time, Jun Pyo just seemed like a child and Ji Hoo seemed like a knight in shining armor. But this time, I see Jun Pyo’s feelings and you I that he does care about those around him and does a lot for him. Ultimately he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship. If you haven’t rewatched the drama and are going off the feelings that you had from when you first watched it, some of our comments may seem harsh but in reality we’re pointing out the things we are surprised by upon a second viewing. I, too, had strong second lead syndrome the first time I watched it. It was my worst case of SLS ever! So I’m shocked to find I have a different perspective this time around. That doesn’t invalidate the emotions I experienced the first time around. And that’s what makes this rewatch so fun- seeing how we’ve grown as people and Kdrama watchers.

Tiara: Agree Logan and nicely said. This time around I feel comfortable with reading subtitles and being about to enjoy the drama while reading. However, I’m catching things I didn’t realizes the first or second time I’ve watch BOF. Yi Jung and Woo Bin were always side characters until Yi Jung and Ga Eul get their side story later. I actually sad with the lack of story for these characters this time around because I want to get to know them more. It may come across this rewatch isn’t enjoyable, but I’m actually having a ton of fun. Being about to relook at BOF with a critical eye and remember how I originally felt is interesting. I too had SLS with Ji Hoo and saw Jun Pyo only as a spoiled brat, but this time around has been different.

June: I agree with both of you all! I may seem we are harping on Ji Hoo and what not but this is the second time around and of course our opinions might have changed since first watching this drama. But that doesn't mean we aren't enjoying it. I know I've been having fun because I'm starting to pick up things that I didn't notice when I first watched it. For the second time around, I agree and wish that the second half of the F4 had a bigger role in this drama. Their dynamics are some of my favorite and honestly I just love when friendship is shown in dramas, probably even more than when romantic relationships are shown. Haha! Jun Pyo is still a brat in some ways, but I can now see where it's coming from. So you know what, good for you Jun Pyo cause second time around, I can actually understand you. Lol

Logan: I’m having a lot of fun too! The first time I watched Boys Over Flowers I cried pretty much the whole time. I remembering filling an entire grocery bag with tissues. I wasn’t used to the type of emotion and sadness a Kdrama can portray. But this time I’ve been giggling the whole way through-not a single tear yet. The antics of the F4, Jun Pyo’s over-reactions, and all the quippy comments just crack me up. And this week with the arrival of Jun Pyo’s noona, I’ve been laughing more than ever. She’s just what we needed to whip him into shape and to *literally* beat a little sense into him. She’s seriously so awesome, though. I wish I could be more like her.

Tiara: June, you hit my feelings on Jun Pyo. I too am understanding him more than a spoiled rich kid. He’s got some layers to his characters and it seems each episodes I feel like I’m getting to peel them back. His noona is just another interesting layer to his character. I remember loving noona the first time I watch BOF and that hasn’t changed. All dramas need to have a noona like her in it. Unlike her mom who allows Jun Pyo to get away with things, his noona is all about keeping his feet on the ground and being a human being first. Love her.

June: This is another reason I'm having fun rewatching this drama! I had almost forgotten how much I loved his noona! She was and still is amazing! I feel like she was the only normal one in that family and kind of kept him a little grounded because she was the only one who could really go up against him. So her appearance was definitely welcomed in all this chaos. Lol!

Logan: His noona also helps to make Jun Pyo a little more human. She takes his cockiness down a peg and show that he did have some good people around him growing up. In a lot of ways she really is more like a mom to him than their actual mom and she extends that to all of F4 and Jan Di as well. It was interesting how Woo Bin and Yi Jung were kind of stuck in the middle of the whole fight. It shows Yi Jung’s loyalty that it made him upset to see Ji Hoo betray their friendship. I actually laughed when he punched Ji Hoo in the stomach, because it was his way of saying -okay, we’re even now.

Tiara: I love Yi Jung and Woo Bin. These two trying to get Jun Pyo out of bed was hilarious. The fact they use Ji Dan and Ji Hoo’s date to rouse his interest had me laughing because they totally know how to push his buttons. Why couldn’t we have more bromance with the F4? It’s something I feel is lacking while I’m watching this time around.

June: Honestly, justice for Yi Jung and Woo Bin! Especially since we only got for Yi Jung because of a romance plot. I feel like, again I like this drama, it would have been a more colorful drama had they actually shown more bromance and peeled away more at the dynamics of the friendships. I also wish we had more of Woo Bin’s story but alas. 

Logan: I agree with you both, the F4 bromance is one of the key factors that sets this drama apart and it’d be even better if we got to see more of it. All I need is one little smirk from Yi Jung and I am swooning. Imagine a Boys over Flower spin-off with him as the lead. Omo-I don’t think I could handle it, it’d be too wonderful. Haha.

Tiara: That’s just mean Logan because now I want a spin-off with Yi Jung as lead and Woo Bin as second. I’ve got a big problem with this episode during the hockey scene - Ji Hoo’s face should be a lot worst than what is shown. Jun Pyo kept his gloves on and that’s dangerous. Evening the NHL has a rule, you fight the gloves comes off. Alright ladies, how did you do on Bingo this week?

June: Bingo did not go as planned this week! Who knew most of the tropes were literally all in the beginning of the drama. Oh well, here's to next week!

Logan: No Bingo for me. Not even close tbh :(

Tiara: It seems like the KDrama gods were not in our favor - I too didn’t get a bingo. Oh well, we got next week and more tropes ...

Did any of you guys get a Bingo this week? Has your viewing of the series changed from your memory? Were you Team Ji Hoo or Team Jun Pyo this time around? Who else wants a Noona like Jun Pyo’s? I know I do. This rewatch has opened my eyes to a lot of things, but mostly how much I’ve grown as a drama fan and viewer. I have more experience with dramaland, but it also feels like dramaland has grown up too. That doesn’t mean dramaland has gotten rid of the tropes which made them famous, but dramas have found new and creative ways in using them. Until next time, watch more dramas.


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