Welcome, Chingus, to Relive the Drama!! Many of you know us - Logan, June, and myself, Tiara from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Drama Club. Well, the band is back together again on DramaFever with this exciting adventure. We three had such a blast working together, we’ve become Chingus in Dramaland. Relive the Drama has been something we’ve been talking about since our Scarlet Heart: Ryeo days. For many of us K-drama fans, Boys Over Flowers was the gateway drama into K-dramas. Us Chingus in Dramaland wanted to dust off the old flower boys as wish Boys Over Flowers Happy 8th Anniversary.


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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Logan: I still remember the very first day I discovered Kdramas over 5 years ago. I was searching for something to watch and a subtitled foreign show popped up called “Boys over Flowers”. It wasn’t typically the type of show that I’d watch, but something in my gut- or maybe it was my heart - told me to watch it and I haven’t looked back since. Thanks everyone for joining us as we Relive the Drama by rewatching the classic Kdrama that was crucial to the Kdrama journey for many of us. Our hope is to take a look at the drama with a fresh set of eyes and to see if it still holds up now that we’re self-proclaimed Kdrama experts. Haha. The most obvious place to start is with our treasured F4. And despite some goofy haircuts, I have to admit my breath still caught a bit when they all walked through that door together.

June: I actually watched Boys Over Flowers after watching other K-Dramas because everyone had always mentioned that that was their first drama they ever saw and boy was it a trip. I will say it’s not a favorite of mine, but I can see why it’s everyone else’s. Name a trope and you will find it! Not to mention the F4!!! What a magical group of guys. Lol I can’t wait to get this project a go, go, go!


Tiara: Haha, you are one of the few June. I’m like everyone else. I found it after watching Hana Yori Dango the anime series. I remember looking up information on the anime series and saw there was a live action version. That lead me to Dramafever where I got their short “Welcome to Dramaland. You will never leave here” greeting. By the third episode, I was watching Boys Over Flowers and Goong at the same time. However, I do believe I’ve seen all the versions of Hana Yori Dango. I’ve evening read most of the manga. I’m interested in seeing if Boys Over Flowers can live up to the test of time.

Logan: As soon as I had seen a few Kdramas, I recognized that Boys Over Flowers was unique. The tropes abound, for sure! And cinematography has gotten so much better since then. So I for one was prepared to encounter a bit of cheesiness upon rewatching it and while it’s definitely there- it’s not all bad. And there actually are things that I am enjoying more than I remember. The dynamic of the F4 and their friendships kills me. I always thought they were a group of bullies the first time I watched it, but now it’s clear that Jun Pyo is just a child throwing a temper tantrum, Ji Hoo doesn’t really care about anything, and Woo Bin and Yi Jung find the whole things hilarious. Actually Woo Bin and Yi Jung’s reactions crack me up- I can so relate to them. They find the whole thing entertaining.


June: I just remember when I first saw it that Woo Bin was my favorite for sure and after rewatching it, I wonder if he’ll still stay my favorite. I don’t think I’ll ever get over Jun Pyo’s hair though. It is iconic I will say!

Tiara: There’s a lot of nostalgia when watching Boys Over Flowers for sure. Jun Pyo hasn’t changed from what I remember. He will always been the jerky little boy trying to pull the hair of the little girl he likes. However, why is no one calling the cops? I mean there is a boy on the roof at the beginning and they are all like encouraging him to jump. Jun Pyo is kind of a psychopath with his violent tendencies. I’m with you Logan, Woo Bin and Yi Jung are hilarious. Ji Hoo is just odd. I mean I remember him always being a little weird, but dude he’s super weird.


Logan: Jun Pyo definitely has some issues but I liked how Seo Hyeon pointed out that he’s lonely. He seems emotionally stunted to me and that only by receiving true love is he able to emotionally mature. He really just reminds me of a kid. And oh my is Ji Hoo strange. I understand why I had second lead syndrome for him the first time I watched it, but if I watched this for the first time today I would never. He was stroking a billboard with his girlfriend/mother-figure’s face on it. Red flag! I get how he’s the first person at the school to be nice to Jan Di (well, kinda), though, and how that would be attractive to her. But really he hasn’t done a lot.

June: Yeah all the bullying in school and what not had me like ?????? Where are all the teachers or adult figures to stop all of that. Ji Hoo is strange and I never really had second male lead syndrome with him. I don’t think I ever really fell for one of them other. Yi Jung and Ga Eul were so cute though! I love their relationship more than our main couples. Lol.


Tiara: Bwahaha, Logan … yes that is the scene which totally made me pause. Yet, I’m still getting the second lead syndrome from him. He actually nice to Jan Di and he makes her smile. I’ve got a soft spot for the nice guys. Jun Pyo isn’t a saint as he allows the schools to not only bully Jan Di, but he sends some guys to ‘scare’/rape her? Not to mention, he also kidnaps Jan Di. Not cool man, not cool. I think it’s safe to say the only normal ones are Woo Bin and Yi Jun. June, I’m right there with you. I get these kids have rich parents, but I don’t think they want their spoiled rotten kid to be all over the news to damage the family’s image. Apparently, there are no adults.

Logan: I felt awful for Jan Di when she was nearly raped. I honestly don’t believe that Jun Pyo intended for that to happen. He seemed genuinely upset when he found out, although I would have liked to see him take it a step further and take his anger out on those guys. When I first watched it I remember thinking that Ji Hoo was so nice to her in these situations, but looking at it with a fresh set of eyes I see something else. When Jan Di is assaulted he “rescues” her by asking her about hotteoks. Okay he gets points by saving her and maybe he was trying not to embarrass her, but I think that would humiliate me further if it was me. And then when he sees her walking home barefoot in a strange neighborhood, probably far from her own, instead of offering her a ride he gives her shoes. So he’s kinda nice, but no knight in shining armor. But Jun Pyo loses points too for the kidnapping. Did anyone else catch the fact that she was chloroformed and then de-clothed at some point?


June: Yeah there were so many things that were so wrong done in this drama! Now looking back, I’m like Jan Di should have just hightailed right out of there! Too much drama and craziness would have definitely made me go away.

Tiara: The kidnapping/makeover scene was way over the top. That’s a crime to kidnap someone, but I guess not in the land of Boys Over Flowers. June, I too wished Jan Di just said “screw it” and ran far away. In the original story, she was already going to the school and couldn’t leave. She wasn’t invited like Jan Di. Sure, the parents in both version are kind of horrible more so with Jan Di’s. If I was a parent, a good education is important. But the only reason she’s getting to go to the school is because she stopped a kid from killing himself. She became news that was damaging the school’s image. Hey board of education, why don’t you police and discipline the kids? I wouldn’t want to send my kid to a good school known for the kids being bullied to death.


Logan: This drama definitely defines the idiot parents who are trying to do good trope. They don’t take Jan Di’s consideration into play at all. They force her to go to a school that is awful and dangerous all because it’ll help her get into a good college. Luckily Jan Di has a strong spirit. A lesser person who be and obviously has been destroyed by Jun Pyo in the past. Although Jun Pyo is just an instigator. The rest of the school is full of bullies just waiting for their permission. The other kids might even be worse in a way because they’re the ones that do the horrible things.

June: For sure. The parents always annoyed me and I can say that much hasn’t changed! But man the people at that school are so damn terrible! Like I said, I’m just like where are the responsible adults at!!! UGH!

Tiara: I still find it hilarious when Jun Pyo scrapes the class trip to go to the middle of nowhere to be with Jan Di. The act of kindness is the key to Jan Di’s heart. Of course, chocolates and flowers don’t hurt either. These are simple and little things he could do to win her over, but he doesn’t do anything small does he. He is trying as seen when Jan Di got hit with the ball, but he just doesn’t have the right words. He also missed an opportunity at the party.


Logan: It’s equal parts comforting and frustrating watching a drama that you’ve seen again and you know what’s going to happen to your leads. On the one hand you’re rooting for them and on the other hand you get so annoyed at their stupid mistakes. My favorite part about rewatching those is catching those little looks that I missed the first time. Especially for me, since I wasn’t used to watching anything with subtitles before I missed some of the emotions. Like the way that Jun Pyo looked at Jan Di after she got hit with the ball. He really felt for her. He’s already starting to have deep feelings for her. He fell fast, but those emotions were real.

June: Yeah! It’s like I now notice other small details when watching it! Also on a different note, it’s interesting to see how the translations for the drama itself are now. It’s hard to explain but going back to watch it is like nostalgia but also like new again.

Tiara: I still think it was love at first kick for Jun Pyo. He’s a boy with a crush and his smile shows it. I agree with you June and Logan both. There are a lot of things I’ve notice this time around watching I didn’t remember. So far there is a lot of nostalgia when watching the drama, but on the other hand I also feel like I’ve grown up. I love a good cheesy KDrama as the next person does. However with almost 7 years and over 100 dramas under my belt, I’m not sure Boys Over Flowers would be in my wheelhouse of dramas. I don’t ever regret starting my journey into KDramas with Boys Over Flowers. I just think I’ve graduated from it and will always remember it fondly.


Logan: I completely get what you’re saying, Tiara. Dramas have changed so much since Boys over Flowers I know I probably wouldn’t even look twice if I encountered it as a new drama today. But just as it was the kindling to our Kdrama journey, it was a predecessors to recent dramas. It helped lay the foundation for the dramas that we see today. It’s fun to see how far we have come and on the same token how some things haven’t really changed at all. I’ve really enjoyed rewatching these two episodes and am looking forward to seeing what new insights we can pull from the rest of the drama.

Tiara: Agree. So when Chingus in Dramaland decided to Relive Boys Over Flowers, we thought it would be fun to play Bingo with a bunch of tropes. If anyone is interesting in joining the game, pick up a card at BOF BINGO CARDS

Remember every week to clear your card and feel free to show us you card by tagging us on instagram or tumblr.

Alright ladies - Who got Bingo?

Logan: I did! The Tropes were in my favor this week. I got a Bingo with “love at first kick”, “Jun Pyo overreacts”, “Free Space”, “Trip/Getaway”, and my personal favorite “Yi Jung smirks”.

logan week 1 bingo.jpg

Tiara: Haha! The KDrama gods were not as kind to me. I had two close calls. If only the KDrama gods could give me “wrist grab” and “amnesia”. Maybe next time. I bow down to you Logan.




Tiara: I now pronounce June and Logan the Royal Highness of Boys Over Flowers Bingo Week 1. May you both lose in two weeks *sticks tongue out* \^o^/


Here’s a schedule for the rest of the month for all you Chingus to watch and play Bingo with us.


Next week will be an off week but we will be back the following week with Episode 3 & 4. Until next time, watch more dramas.


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