Hello everyone and thanks for stopping. Don't worry we haven't stopped our Boys Over Flowers rewatch, we just hit a couple speed bumps, but we're back. For those who haven't been following along, Tiara, June, and me (Logan) have been rewatching Boys Over Flowers for the first time since the very beginning of our Kdrama-watching days. Now that we have watched a lot more Kdramas and about 8 years have passed, we are looking at the drama with fresh eyes and seeing how it holds up to our memories of it: the good, the bad, and the Kdrama crazy. In episodes 11 & 12 we see the drama really start to take off and as anyone who has watched it before knows, it's not going to slow down any time soon.


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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Tiara: What happen to Wonder Woman Jan Di from the earlier episodes? Her meekly fighting off those pervy dudes had me doing a lot of eye rolling. Where’s the famous roundhouse kick? I’m totally confused with the lack of consistency in the writing for Jan Di. She’s not suppose to be a damsel but her own hero.

June: Right! I hated when she became a damsel in distress! I'm like girl fight against them!! Don't become the typical k-drama damsel but they completely went the other way with it.

Logan: That scene confused me too. It's not like they were ninjas, they were middle-aged pervs. And when Jun Pyo was being attacked and she just sat and watched? It just seemed a little inconsistent with her character. Jan Di's ferocity is part of her charm.Then again, when you're in a life-threatening situation you don't always have fun control over how you react. 

Tiara: There’s enough drama without turning the female into a damsel. Jan Di is really at her worst this episode. She’s also telling lies left and right. It’s not like Jun Pyo doesn’t know her situation. Heck, we all know who’s behind the whole ordeal. *cough* the evil witch *cough* The only good thing that came out of the lie was seeing Yi Jung buy Ga Eul a cake. At least one of my OTPs might be moving along in this episode.

June: Yi Jung and Ga Eul continue to be my favorite as always. I sometimes would forget that they weren't the main couple! But also, the evil mothers of all evil mothers continues to be the worst. Like I just don't get this lady. I would definitely run away if I had to deal with her.

Logan: Most Kdrama evil mom's use manipulation and mind games to get their way, but the evil witch takes it to a whole another level, she’s flat out crazy and thinks she can do whatever she wants.

Tiara: I wouldn’t blame anyone from getting as far away from the evil. She’s pretty horrible and it’s getting worse with each episode. Evil Mom is paying another student to seduce Jan Di. That’s just gross. Of course, Jan Di doesn’t fall for Jae Ha’s charm. I really do wish Jae Ha couldn’t been around more. I actually like the idea of the character. He’s a good counterpart towards Jun Pyo. One orders Jan Di around while the other is trying to help her. I also like the idea of revenge of on Jae Ha’s part. His brother was bully and abused by the F4. It would’ve been interesting, but sadly he had to go all cheesy kidnapper.

June: Right! I feel like we could have had a deeper story or something but instead he just became a lackey for the evil mom. It was very typical.

Logan: And Jan Di saved his brother’s life. You think that would make him a lot more loyal to her, wouldn't you?

Tiara: Of course, the evil witch has another plan set up for Jan Di which includes debt collectors. I know how terrible Jan Di’s parents truly are, but I felt a little bad towards them this week. Mom kneeling and begging to save her husband in front of evil, really made me hate Jun Pyo’s mom evening more. The delight she takes in the whole thing. Yet, it’s the dad and daughter moment which was really sweet. Dad may seem like a fool, but he’s a fool who sees his daughter’s heart.

June: For real! Her parents aren't my favorite people at all but the evil mom takes the cake on everything. I literally can't believe how horrible she actually is. Like can a person really stoop that low but apparently so. Rewatching this has just reaffirmed my hate for that lady. Haha! The small moments between Jan Di and her dad like that are what I look forward to.

Logan: It's nice to see those moments of actual good parenting among all the parental dysfunction in this drama.

Tiara: Agree June. It’s the small things which really pull on my heartstrings that I love about dramaland. Which leads me back to Yi Jung and Ga Eul’s snowboarder incident. I love the smile on Ga Eul’s face. She’s so smitten. If only Yi Jung could let his heart do the talking because his brain is over thinking things.

June: Right!!!! Ugh I was just thinking about how complicated he made things! I'm like everything would be ok if he just admitted how he felt about her and took the chance.

Logan: It is frustrating, but you can see that Yi Jung is generally worried about hurting her. He doesn't want to be his dad. He likes the ladies just as much but doesn't want them to get the wrong idea.

Tiara: I had to giggle at Ji Hoo once again playing cupid by setting up Jan Di and Jun Pyo. This is what a BFF looks like. Jun Pyo wants to give his necklace to Jan Di, but he’s not sure how to do it. He’s got no worries because Ji Hoo is totally his wingman. It is really adorable.

June: Right! I'm like this is what should have happened since the beginning! Him playing Cupid was super cute and also the iconic necklace has made its appearance!

Logan: Not going to lie, I totally bought one of those necklaces. Haha.

Tiara: A KDrama fan’s dream necklace. Personally, I just want four plush dolls. The fox and rabbit with army gear from Descendants of The Sun and Goblin and Guardian plush from Goblin \^o^/

Alright ladies, it’s BINGO time. I finally got my second Bingo. Not to mention, we finally hear the famous “Almost Paradise”. I could’ve swore that song played more in the drama. Was the KDrama gods on your sides my chingus?

Logan: No, no Bingo for me this week :( 

We'll be coming back to look at episodes 13 & 14 very soon. We're over halfway through this drama now. Has anyone else been rewatching? How is it holding up to the first time you watched it?


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