For those who have been following along welcome back! For those tuning in for the first time, welcome! We're taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting the classic Kdrama and one that many claim as their very first Kdrama, Boys Over Flowers. With a fresh set of eyes we've been rewatching for the first time since we first watched it 8 years ago. So far we have noticed parts that were just as we remembered and parts where saw things or experienced emotions we didn't feel the first time. This week Jan Di and Jun Pyo have had to spend some time apart after their break up, but the separation surprisingly seems to be good for them despite all the pain they're feeling. Join Tiara, June, and I as we talk about the growing pains felt by all of our characters this week.


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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Logan: I have to say I have really been enjoying the last couple episodes, which really surprised me. Normally I get annoyed when the male lead stays away from the female lead “for her own good”. But I actually like that Jun Pyo is making that decision (at least for now). I think it’s because it shows maturity-something that he sometimes lacks. Even though things are hard for them, you can tell that they’re both growing a lot. Or maybe I’m just taking a romantic look at things because I already know how the drama ends. Lol. What did you all think?

Tiara: The noble idiot is totally not my favorite part of any drama. However, I’m kind with you Logan. I’m sad for Jan Di on one hand having her heart break, but on the other hand I like seeing her find herself again. The moment she finds her new dream of wanting to become a Doctor is a high part for these episodes.

June: I agree with both of y'all! After rewatching this, it's like a new perspective. I will say I do feel bad for Jan Do when Jun Pyo decided to stay away for a while, but it's always nice to see a female lead go and find herself first. I think that's most important and I wish more dramas focused on that sometimes.

Logan: They both have growing to do before they can really be together. And often a drama’s reasoning for why the couple needs to be separated for their own good is really weak in my opinion, but Jun Pyo has a solid reason. His mom is straight up psycho and will ruin Jan Di’s life the more he gets involved with her. It’s really a lose-lose battle for Jun Pyo. And things are worse with the appearance of monkey. Although I’ve never for one second hated her as a character. It’s very hard to. I have to think if Jan Di wasn’t in the picture, her and Jun Pyo would have actually made a good couple.

Tiara: It’s not going to be an easy for Jun Pyo to take back his words to Jan Di. He had good intentions by breaking up with her and I understand he can’t stay away from her. However, he knows his mother is evil and what she’ll do to keep her son under her power. The only thing I wished Jun Pyo would learn was to gain power to fight his evil mom sooner. The whole birthday party was the Witch’s idea to prove to Jan Di the difference in social class they are and to introduce Jae Kyung. You know hit the final nail in Jan Di’s heart.

June: His mom will always continue to make me seethe. That lady is the worst and will always be the worst. I hate how she always wants to make sure Jan Di is a part of a of a different class. I think it was smart, but still heartbreaking, that Jun Pyo had to break up with her but he knew it was for the better with his crazy mom.

Logan: I don’t know. She may be crazy, but Jun Pyo’s mom is starting to grow on me. Ha! Totally kidding- she’s the worst as always. But I think she’s easiest one of the worst Kdrama parents I’ve come across. I feel bad for Monkey that the witch put her in that situation - she had no say in the arrangement. She’s unknowingly befriended the boy she likes/is engaged to’s ex and is asking her for romance advice. Talk about awkward.

Tiara: I don’t feel bad for Jae Kyung at all. I have a love/hate for her. I like her personality as she seems like a fun person to hangout with and be friends with. I also hate her personality because she’s really selfish and self-center. She wants to have friends, but I can see the reason why she can’t make them. She only thinks of herself and doesn’t take the time to get to know others. She also uses her money as a means to get friends to accept. Both Jan Di and Ga Eul were super uncomfortable the whole girls day out. Of course, it doesn’t help when she’s pouring her heart out to the girls about Jun Pyo, but doesn’t once think to ask why Jan Di knows so much about him.

June: I feel the same Tiara! She always rubbed me the wrong way when I first watched it and this time around it's the same. It's like why would she even bring him up to Jan Di when that's her ex and she's still obviously hurting from that. I guess she doesn't really realize it but still. I don't know! I just think they could have been a little bit better with this character. I mean I will say at least they didn't make her the typical mean second female lead.

Logan: See everyone, Tiara, June, and I can peacefully disagree on things. We told you it was possible. Haha. I know that a lot of people feel that way about Monkey so I get it. The one thing I was kind of sad about these last episodes is that the remaining F3 is back to siding with Jun Pyo. Not that they shouldn’t, but they seemed to stop being friends with Jan Di now that she’s not dating Jun Pyo. Like so what if Jun Pyo doesn’t acknowledge her when walking by her - the rest of you should! I was a bit miffed with Woo Bin and Yi Jung on that matter.

Tiara: Haha … we disagree on something, never. Woo Bin and Yi Jung don’t get as much development with the rest of the cast as they should. It’s the sad lack of writing for them because I loved the friendship Jan Di was forming with the rest of the F3. I still giggle over the Yi Jung and Ga Eul’s date. It’s ridiculous and wonderful at the same time. I love Yi Jung and Ga Eul together on one hand and on the other hand I love how the F2 are trying to get Jun Pyo and Jan Di together again. It’s light hearted fun.

June: This is true! It is rare for us to disagree but it is refreshing I will say! Haha. Them ignoring Jan Di was sad to watch because this whole time you're like oh they are friends now and then for that to happen was like nooooooo! But we all know that won't happen for long. Haha. Yi Jung and Ga Eul continue to be my favorite though! They are too adorable!

Logan: I almost feel like this is when Jan Di needs them the most - how isolated she must feel. And things are only going to get rougher for her. This is the part of Yi Jung and Ga Eul’s relationship where I started to get excited because the playing field has leveled out. At least to me, it seems like he now likes her just as much as she likes him. She’s not mooning over him, but can’t deny that she has something in her heart for him. Seriously, though, that smirk of his is almost criminal. I think he could compel anyone to do anything with it.

Tiara: I can’t say I blame her for mooning over him. I have to try to contain my drooling when he’s on screen. Alright Ladies, any Bingo this week?

June: Not me! I've been Bingo-less for weeks now! :(

Tiara: I’ve got lots of flowers all over my Bingo card, but no bingo either.

Logan: I’m in a Bingo drought and I’m starting to think I’ll never see rain. Is it a good thing or bad thing for our characters if we’re not seeing as many tropes in the last few weeks? Lol!

Will Jan Di and Jun Pyo need more time to grow as individuals next week before coming together or can we finally see them reuinted? I would say only time will tell, but if you already have seen Boys Over Flowers then you already know. Haha. Luckily, I don't remember so I'm excited to watch and find out! Hope to see you next week :)

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Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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