Hello everyone and welcome back to the Relive the Drama - Boys Over Flowers Drama Club. This week we had more friendships, heartbreak and progress. We revealed some of our favorite friendship moments and some of our not so favorite moments. Join us as we discuss episodes 17 and 18!


Boys Over Flowers

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Logan: Things between Jan Di and Jun Pyo keep getting more complicated. They seem to be growing further apart yet closer together at the time time. What strikes me the most this week upon re-watching this is the sheer amount of time that Jan Di spends alone with Ji Hoo. Far more than she spends alone with Jun Pyo. And after his initial bout of creepiness, Ji Hoo has actually been pretty cool. He takes care of Jan Di as a good friend would and doesn’t expect anything from her in return. He doesn’t expect her to love him and I think that sets him apart from a lot of other second male leads.

June: I agree. Ji Hoo has actually come a long way from his creepiness and proved that he can be an awesome friend. I think this is the Ji Hoo that I remember! Haha. It was nice seeing him be there for her when she really needed someone. This whole Jae Kyung and Jun Pyo era was and still is so annoying. I hate that he even agreed to this engagement but it was also to protect Jan Di from his crazy mom. I just want to know how Jae Kyung could be so oblivious all the time. Like hello!!!

Tiara: Thank goodness the awkwardness and creepiness of Ji Hoo from the early episodes is gone. I’m with you June, this is the Ji Hoo I remember of BOFs. He was my first Second Lead Syndrome because of exactly what Logan said. He silently took care of Jan Di without asking or demanding anything in return. If only Jan Di’s heart could change, she wouldn’t have to suffer. Her family wouldn’t have to worry about the witch of the west because Grandpa approves of her. Heck, Ji Hoo and Grandpa are cheering for her new dream. What a support group compare to the difficulties of being with Jun Pyo. Jae Kyung never been denied something in her life much like Jun Pyo. However, he’s learned the hard way about responsibility and wanting to protect something. Jae Kyung is self-center and doesn’t wish to look at others. It’s the reason why she doesn’t have an F4, but Jun Pyo does.

Logan: Some people thought we were too harsh on Ji Hoo when we first started the rewatch, but you have to admit he’s a lot different in the drama now then he was in the first few episodes. I remembered him as the Ji Hoo he is now too, June. That’s why I was so surprised in the beginning that he wasn’t what I remembered. Just when we think Jun Pyo has matured a little, he goes and agrees to date Jae Kyung because he sees Ji Hoo kissing her hand. But she’s passed out and has an IV in her. If he loves Jan Di, shouldn’t he be more concerned about what happened to her? Jae Kyung is a bit oblivious. She’s bright and naive and I don’t think she ever imagined the girl she chose to befriend would be her fiance’s ex.

June: I think some people have to realize that after watching this drama after some years, our opinion on it is going to change. That can be said for any drama also! But back to the subject! I was like how did Jun Pyo not notice the IV and just the hand kiss??? Like is he really just not that observant? That little bit blew my mind honestly and to top it all off, he went and agreed to dating Jae Kyung. Like what a petty move dude. I still fine Jae Kyung a little annoying to be honest. I just can't help think that she can't be /that/ in the dark about Jan Di and Jun Pyo. Like everyone seems to know about it hello!!!!

Tiara: If Jae Kyung truly wanted to be friends with Jan Di, she would’ve notice something was wrong and would want to fix it. She’s got money and resources to find out the reason why she’s so down in the dumps. She chooses to think of Jan Di has a friend, but never really cares about her. I think I would prefer the witchy female second lead because at least we know her intentions.

Logan: You make a good point, June. If she’s going to school at Shin Hwa, it seems inevitable that no one would say anything - if only to be cruel. But she did seem pretty hurt when she realized the truth. I have a hard time with her, because to me she’s the biggest obstacle to their relationship for the fact that she actually has a good personality and is similar to Jan Di in a lot of ways. She genuinely cares for Jan Di as a friend like when she won the eating contest just to get Jan Di free ramen because she could tell Jan Di really wanted it. But at the same time, Jae Kyung was a little petty herself when she lied to Jan Di about what happened between her and Jun Pyo. It’s a messy love triangle there, but I guess that’s life.

June: I guess so! I can honestly say that this section of the drama was not my favorite back then and it's still not my favorite now. Haha. I mean as if there wasn't a 467383848 obstacles Jan Di already had to go through, it's like let's add in another love triangle into the mix! Life was just not fair for her. In other relationship news, Ga Eul actually had the courage to confess and Yi Jung shot it down. I admit, he also was pretty annoying with how he basically was taking it out on her for his frustrations. Like man up dude!

Tiara: I really wished the drama would have focus on Yi Jung and Woo Bin during this half of the series. We could still get the Jan Di, Jun Pyo, Jae Kyung, and Ji Hoo drama. I mean how many times do I need to see Jan Di drown and faint from exhaustion, Jun Pyo misunderstand something, Ji Hoo giving me more SLS feels, and Jae Kyung being oblivious. Plus, we could see Woo Bin’s difficulties because the late night bridge thing was awkward with not a lot of context. But I’m be honest I love Ga Eul and Yi Jung. I wished they could have more time together.

Logan: Way to go, Ga Eul. That rejection had to be painful, but the only way to not have regrets is by doing the things that you are scared to. Yi Jung is dealing with some serious emotional issues right now but to me his reaction said that he really does care for Ga Eul, but he sees more and more of his father in himself and he hates it. At this point he doesn’t think himself capable of not breaking the heart of someone he loves - and that’s sad. However, it was because of his wallowing that he finally told Jun Pyo about Jan Di’s shoulder which was a major turning point for Jun Pyo in deciding he needs to be close to Jan Di again.

June: True! I think it's because their are my OTP, I was like nooooooooo. But yes I agree, Yi Jung is going through some stuff and he does need time to think through with it. Jun Pyo finally coming to his senses was great. Lol! I'm like okay yes, let's get back to this story rolling again. Granted he still is with Jae Kyung though sooooo.

Tiara: Haha!!! It’s like the drama woke up a bit.

Logan: Jun Pyo moving into the rooftop apartment across from Jan Di was one of my all time favorite moments the first time I watched this drama because of the shock factor. He seemed so cold and then all of a sudden BAM! Neighbors! Haha. It’s tragic that Jan Di has to take that extent of responsibility once again because of her parents but it’s comforting to see she does have friends. From Jae Kyung bringing housewarming gifts to Ga Eul helping her move. By the way, I just want to point out how Ga Eul and Jan Di have one of the healthiest friendships I’ve ever seen in a Kdrama. That’s what friends should be like - they’re always there for one another and support and defend one another. Rather refreshing really.

Tiara: Female friendship is a rare animal in dramaland. It’s always nice to see a good healthy relationship between girls. I’ll give the drama for not passing the Bechdel Test if they weren’t battling against each other over a man.

June: I agree! Their friendship is amazing and it never once went to a bad place. They were always there for each other and had each other’s back for sure. I wish there were more friendships like this. I feel like we always see the bromances in K-Dramas but we need more female best friend always there for each other friendships too!

Logan: Exactly! It’s nice to see women building each other up rather than at each other’s throats in a Kdrama. I have seen a few recently that do this as well, but I would love the trend to continue. Speaking of bromances, it was nice to see Yi Jung an Woo Bin help each other out in different ways. I especially loved when Woo Bin was insistent on kicking the butts of the guys in the club who hurt Yi Jung himself. That’s my friend, so I’ll dish out the revenge! #friendshipgoals. Haha.

June: They are truly #friendshipgoals!

Tiara: Alright Ladies - How was your bingo card this week?

I must say my losing streak is gone, I got bingo.

Logan: I don't understand how I could hit so many squares and not get a bingo. It must be rigged somehow. OK, I'm just bitter. Lol

Only 7 episodes left until our rewatch is finished. Will we feel the same way we felt when we finished it the first time? Has anyone else out there been rewatching it and experiencing some of the same emotions that we have? Or maybe some different ones. We'll be back with you soon with the next two episodes.

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