Is that wedding bells I hear? Definitely not! Although we were promised a Chaebol wedding between Jun Pyo and Jae Kyung, there were a multitude of forces at work. But just because Jun Pyo is single, does that mean there will be smooth seas for our Jun Pyo/Jan Di ship? Join Tiara, June, and me (Logan) as we discuss the second two last week of our Boys Over Flowers Rewatch.


Boys Over Flowers

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Logan: Can you imagine being a guest at Jae Kyung and Jun Pyo’s wedding? I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that disaster. I know we’ve all had mixed feelings on Jae Kyung, but in the end she did the right thing and stopped the wedding when only she could have been the one to do it. Giving up their man willingly is something very few second female leads are able to do, so I was proud of her in that moment.

Tiara: I find it funny with how “huge” these companies are suppose to be, the amount of guest who showed up was pretty small. The illusion is kind of lost at that moment. I agree Logan with everything. Jae Kyung tried to have everything. The guy she likes and the girl she wants to be friends. She learned a lesson that she can’t have everything in the world, but she can give up on the wedding and gain two friends for life. Second lead female are always painted as villains and I’m glad to see her not become one.

June: Haha I agree with the whole small wedding thing! You know it would have been a full blown event in another drama because the rich chaebol’s family always wants it know that they are marrying some rich daughter. Jae Kyung redeemed herself for me with the stunt she pulled. As you all both said, second female leads almost never want to give up the male lead, so for her to do that was really big of her. See K-Dramas, female characters can be friends!!

Logan: Exactly, June! You’ve always got to root for a good female friendship when you see one because they’re a lot more common than dramas unfortunately make them out to be. The wedding was pretty weak for two billionaire families and I think from Jun Pyo’s mom’s perspective it just shows how she viewed it as a business merger and nothing to do with romance. Even the outfit she wore was more casual than her standard business attire. I’ve got to say, I was a little disappointed that Jun Pyo even let the relationship get that far. After Jan Di became homeless, his mom had nothing else to hold over him to force him to be her puppet so why did he continue to be one?

Tiara: It doesn’t make a lot of sense as it seems we’re missing a key element at first. Jun Pyo was following his Wicked Witch of a mother back in Morocco due to taking over the family business. He was learning that thousands of people’s job were on the line because of him. At least this is what he told the F3. He hasn’t been working for the company like he was in those episodes, but I wonder if he always had that thought in his head. Granted with the engagement off, the merger also went so doesn’t that mean the company isn’t doing so well?

June: Yeah I don't really know what's going on with him and this company business. Honestly all I know is that the mother continues to be the worst character out of this whole entire thing.

Logan: I don’t think Jun Pyo was really thinking of the company. It’s hard enough for him to think of someone other than himself -even his friends. But he is growing and I’ll give him that. Still, I’ve got to admit that I’m kinda a Ji Hoo fan. I always said that this drama gave me sls (second lead syndrome) but that Jun Pyo was the right choice because they were meant to be together. But were they? i mean Ji Hoo is just an all-round good guy. He’s respectful of Jan Di, even when people keep telling him to pursue her. And it’s really hard on him but he doesn’t take it out on her. He deserves love, a lot of love.

Tiara: Not to mention Jan Di giving Grandpa and Ji Hoo a reunion after so many years apart and help them heal together. I love Grandpa. He’s my hero for talking down to the Wicked Witch of Dramaland. He sees how special Jan Di is and comes to her rescue. I too felt it was unfair towards Ji Hoo and to Jan Di. They both deserves to be loved and why not to each other?

June: Apart from the beginning of the drama where I did not like Ji Hoo’s behavior, the second half made it up for me. You could tell he was really there for Jan Di and the the reunion with him and his Grandpa was amazing. I think I've said it before but why couldn't he have been like this since the beginning!!!!

Logan: It’s kind of funny because in the beginning we were all like “Why did we ever like Ji Hoo” and now we’re like “Why not Ji Hoo?” Haha. That just goes to show the power of rewatching a drama and experiencing all the things you forgot about, including emotion flip-flopping. I like that the Jan Di, Ji Hoo, and Grandpa are living together at least for now. I think they’d work well as roommates. And I like how the number of people living in that house is slowly building. Maybe they’re going for a Roommate Season 3. Haha.

Tiara: Funny but apart of that Ji Hoo from the beginning is still there. He just hides it better or it’s his actions towards Jan Di that make us overlook his awkwardness. Haha Logan, I’m on board with that. However, I think we should bring in more people. Maybe the trio of Soo, So and Wook could join. \^o^/

June: Omg Roommate Season 3 would be amazing! Lmfao let's pitch the idea!

Logan: Except let’s make sure we get to live in the house too this time! Hahaha.

Tiara: I’m down with this. Someone get this started like yesterday. So, I guess it’s time to talk about Yi Jung’s issues again. I mean I can understand he’s hurt seeing his brother end up with the girl he liked. Yet, on one hand I don’t feel bad for him. He made the choice not to go on Valentine to see her message. It’s only right for Eun Jae to move on and find happiness with someone else.

June: I agree! He shouldn't have treated her that way. Like dude you have to deal with the consequences for your actions. It's also only natural for her to move on and be happy.

Logan: Yi Jung’s thing is being honest about his “feelings” but really he lies to himself more than anything. In all the group scenes, you catch him right next to Ga Eul. They sat next to each other on the plane, they rode in the same care even though there was space in Woo Bin’s. He wants to be near her as much as she wants to be near him. He’s hurting him both by bringing up his feelings for Eun Jae. Then again, if resolving those feelings helps bring him and Ga Eul closer, by all means resolve those feelings.

Tiara: I agree he needs to workout his issues because he can’t move on if he doesn’t. I like how Ga Eul isn’t going to let Yi Jung be a coward and stop making pottery. He needs closure with Eun Jae and his feelings. I wish we could spend a little more time with these two. Heck, my fingers are crossed dramaland will have these two in another drama one day.

June: Sighs. Ever since I watched this drama all those years ago, I wished and wished we got more of the Ga Eul and Yi Jung story. I feel like I would have been an amazing one if we only got to dwell even more on it.

Logan: One thing that is really refreshing about this drama is not only Jan Di and Ga Eul’s friendship, it’s that they are both (most of the time) strong female leads who stand up for themselves. The same goes for Jae Kyung actually and Jun Pyo’s Noona. You don’t see any weak “I need to be saved types”. Jan Di has her moments occasionally but for the most part they’re women who don’t take no for an answer when the answer should be yes.

Tiara: Agree Logan. For a drama with a lot of guys in it, it nice that the girls get to have their moments. Okay, I have question. I know I’m getting ahead of myself a bit, but what was the point of Jan Di becoming the companion for the man in a coma?

June: I honestly do not remember why at all. Lol

Logan: I know I’ve seen this before, but I honestly don’t remember this bit. With my super deduction skills, though, I’m going to say that the man is important to the Gu family somehow. I was surprised Jan Di went with the secretary. For all the times he shows up with the President or an over-zealous Jun Pyo and scary stuff happens, I’d start avoiding him.

Tiara: Spoiler alert - The guy is Jun Pyo’s dead dad who isn’t dead … if I’m remembering this part right. However, I never understood the point of her taking care of him. It just felt disjointed in the story with everything going on to bring in the guy in a coma.

June: Ohhhh yeah. This part of the drama always confused me to be honest. I'm like why did they randomly add in this storyline?

Logan: It wouldn’t be a Kdrama without a random character popping up near the end. Lol. Also, did you guys ever know there’s never customers in the porridge shop and yet everyone’s always going to find Jan Di there. If you were the owner, wouldn’t you capitalize on the striking number of rich and powerful people that frequent your establishment. Lol.

Tiara: Haha … that trope is on my bingo card. It’s the one thing I remember about watch BOF and the lack of customers. It’s probably why Jan Di needs a million jobs.

June: Lol that's so true!! Why are there never any customers in the shops in dramas??? Will we ever find out the answer?

Logan: Speaking of Bingo cards, mine was a disappointment again.

Tiara: Me too. No bingo in sight, but I did get to check off no customer while working ^_^

June: My bingo card has officially said peace out to me!

Next week is our last week of our Boys Over Flowers rewatch as we tackle the last three episodes. What have your thoughts been while rewatching this drama. Any surprises? Or are you experiencing all the same feels for a second time?

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