Week 2 of our Boys Over Flowers rewatch is underway and one of us seems to be falling right back under this drama's spell-okay, I fess up, it's me (Logan). Now that our story has lifted off the ground, the true hearts and motivations for our characters are starting to shine through their rough, albeit beautiful, edges. While we're still waist-deep in tropes, the reasons that this drama is so iconic are starting to make themselves more and more clear. Join June, Tiara, and me as we continue on this journey looking back on this Gateway Kdrama.


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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Logan: Talk about hot and cold- Jun Pyo has been jumping from one emotion to another over his feelings for Jan Di this weeks. Unlike other dramas where the Chaebol has an intense internal struggle when they realize they’ve fallen for a “commoner”, Jun Pyo is pretty quick to recognize his feelings for Jan Di but now the problem is that she doesn’t reciprocate them and ends up in a lot of different situations that ignite his jealousy. But someone Jan Di seems to still wants him to believe in her. What is everyone’s take on why that may be?

Tiara: Haha, that’s a good way to put it Logan. Jun Pyo has always been able to get what he wants whenever he has asked for it. Jan Di isn’t an object he can ask for and he’s not sure how to win her over. I’m all not in for the force kiss and his response to her however the moments like the bar and the airport clearly show the humane side of Jun Pyo. I want more of that dude than the angry and spoiled brat we normally see.

June: I agree with you. I think that’s what was one thing that I was put off by initially. He was so used to getting what he wanted but Jan Di was different. She an actual person and she can reject him if she wanted to. It was those moments when he acted like a normal human that I was like ok maybe he isn’t as bad as he is.

Logan: Yeah, I’m with you, Tiara. When he tries to kiss her, it just turns him into a creeper. I think he’s so used to girls being over-the-moon when he does that so he doesn’t even know how else to operate. That goes for a lot of his behavior. The way Jan Di treats him is a first so he’s adjusting and learning in response. I like that as the drama goes on more of his mature side comes out. He’s learning and growing up from being around Jan Di. In turn, I think she’s responding to his mature side too. While I don’t think she has any romantic feelings for him even remotely yet, I think she’s slowly coming to see him as a human rather than a monster and that’s the first step to romance. Lol.

Tiara: Agreed. Jan Di totally doesn’t see him as anything but a spoiled rich boy. She’s got a super crush on Ji Hoo but he’s totally into Seo Hyun. It’s a hard time to be Jan Di, but I do think she’s seeing the softer side of Jun Pyo. I mean the dude waited for her. Sure, he didn’t really ask Jan Di to go out, but he could’ve left and been his angry self. Instead, Jun Pyo waited. This is the Jun Pyo I remember liking.

June: I agree! I know that Jan Di’s crush on Ji Hoo was really a roadblock between her and Jun Pyo but once that was over with, the really took off. Also, once Jun Pyo stopped being a big prick, he became more likeable.

Logan: I thought it was interesting what Jun Pyo said about Ji Hoo being meaner than him because in some ways I think it’s true. Jun Pyo throws tantrums, but Ji Hoo actually gets angry and says mean things like when he told Jan Di to get lost. When Ji Hoo gets moody he gets scary. I also don’t understand why Jan Di didn’t just tell Jun Pyo she wasn’t going to go if she didn’t plan on it. I’m glad she went eventually after realizing what his personality was like. Especially because it gave the excuse for a good cuddle session between the two. Even if it was only to stay alive.

Tiara: It’s one of the reasons my favorite trope is forced living together. The more you spend time around the person the more likely feelings can develop and maybe some cuddles, hugs, and fingers cross kissing. Ji Hoo is just really weird. He’s creeping me out. Why do I have second lead syndrome? Ji Hoo doesn’t need to use his fist to hurt someone. He just uses his mean spirited words to inflict wounds. Physical wounds can heal quickly but mean words take time to heal. Is it wrong I’m glad he’s gone for the time being?

June: For real though! I had forgot how scary Ji Hoo could be and I totally agree though. Knocking down someone with words can definitely hurt someone more than actual physical wounds. I think that’s what makes someone even more scary. After rewatching this drama, I definitely don’t have second male lead syndrome as much as before.

Logan: Definitely, June, my SLS (second lead syndrome) is a thing of the past when it comes to this drama as well. I'm team Jun Pyo all the way this time around. I also agree with Tiara, the forced living together trope is the best way for good bonding opportunities between the leads. And it’s not at all wrong to be glad that Ji Hoo is out of the picture temporarily because it gives Jan Di and Jun Pyo and opportunity to grow closer. They had a setback when Jun Pyo thought she had slept with the tattooed guy but at the same time but Jun Pyo has now realizes she was really set up and so the bonding can commence once more. Speaking of which, I was so proud of Yi Jung and Woo Bin when they stepped in and started investigating what really happened. I love those two the more I see them. I think I have 3rd/4th lead syndrome. Lol. They intrinsically trusted Jan Di when no one else did.

Tiara: Me too, me too. Forget the second lead, bring on the 3rd and 4th. Yi Jung and Woo Bin are my favorite in this rewatch. I find myself watching them more than the other characters. Scene stealers. My second OTP is starting to form with Yi Jung Ga Eul. I just feel a little bad for Woo Bin who’s going to get sidelined. In the manga and anime, he does has a story too. It’s sad we never get to see it in this version. The friendship forming between Yi Jung, Woo Bin, and Jan Di is fantastic. How can you not love them when they believe her and want to help her prove it?

June: Oh my goodness, that’s one thing that I do remember! Loving the 3rd and 4th male leads and especially the OTP of Yi Jung and Ga Eul. The friendship between all of them was so adorable and they were really the ones to keep everything somewhat normal out of all the crazy stuff going on in this drama.

Logan: They show why this show is more than just about Jan Di and Jun Pyo. The entire F4 plays a big part. I like Yi Jung’s reaction when he goes to visit Ga Eul to find Jan Di and finds her to be just as fiery as Jan Di. What else could he have suspected out of Jan Di’s best friend. While Ga Eul was offended that he was trying to entice her to warn her friend, I didn’t see it as rude. He is genuinely concerned that Jan Di is going to get hurt and we know that he’s absolutely right about that. Jan Di’s already been framed and targeted-by someone who claimed to be her friend no less. Jun Pyo seemed to realize right away when he found out who did it that all of it was his fault.

Tiara: Jun Pyo is a man of action instead of assessing the situation out first. He may have jumped to conclusions about Jan Di and the unknown man, but he’s able to understand he was wrong about it. I do believe he’s angry on Jan Di’s behalf and not just someone screwing with him. I agree with your earlier statement about Jun Pyo, Logan. He really is learning to become an adult. He’s learned more about being a grown up in his short time of knowing Jan Di than his fancy education as ever taught him.

June: I agree! That’s why I can’t wait to get later into this drama because there is some growth from Jun Pyo and I think that’s one of the reasons he became such an iconic K-Drama character, as craziness put aside.

Logan: Jun Pyo was hurt to see Jan Di with someone else. Whereas everyone else wanted to judge her and punish her for her actions, he was reacting because he really liked her. When his head began to clear of overwhelming emotion, his logic began to take over. It also is interesting how his mom and the judgement of the circles he runs in isn’t a deterrent for Jun Pyo when it comes to his feelings for Jan Di. Even when Yi Jung cautions him, Jun Pyo’s response is that being a real man means taking responsibility. He knows that liking Jan Di will be an uphill battle and makes the decision to pursue her willingly.

Tiara: I’m glad to see Jun Pyo take responsibility, but I’m glad we don’t have to see more of his mother. That lady scares me. The evilness coming out of her … I don’t think I’ll ever like the character. I’m glad we don’t have to worry much about her for awhile. However Jan Di’s parents make me want to slap them both. They are over the moon at Jun Pyo liking there daughter and are already in their minds planning her wedding. It’s so gross and I hated it the first time I watched this and it still it horrible.

June: The parents in this drama are super horrible, whether it be Jun Pyo’s mom or Jan Di’s parents. They just all added unnecessary drama and I will never forgive them for that! Though I will give some credit to Jun Pyo’s mom because she became the iconic evil K-Drama mom!

Logan: Jun Pyo’s mom is the quintessential evil mother-in-law figure. She is evil to the bone. Jan Di’s parents may mean well...deep down...but they are just of no help to her at all. They literally only make things worse for her. As we’ll continue to see, Jan Di would be so much better off if she only had herself to worry about. What kind of parents celebrate when their teenage daughter stays out all night with a teenage boy and doesn’t call? Not the sane kind! Most parents would have been sick with worry. It seems like none of the parents of the students at Shin Hwa School are involved in a positive way in their children’s lives.

Tiara: The kids act more like adults compared to the parents. I’m actually surprised they had adults at all in this drama when they tend to act more like children. Alright Logan and June, how did you ladies do on your Bingo cards?

Logan: No Bingo for me this week, sadly. But so close. I mean, how did she not have to take on her parent’s responsibilities this week? Doesn’t she always?

Tiara: I seem to remember a lot of things happen earlier than they really did on this re-watch. My bingo card is a failure I tell you. Another two almost bingos … no trips/getaway or Jan Di drowning. Darn you KDrama gods for your lack of giving me a Bingo. Thanks for those who have shared their Bingo cards with us. Feel free to tag us and join in on the discussion.

June: No bingo this week! How funny is that the tropes really do happen right in the beginning.

If you'd like to participate in the play-at-home version, you can pick up a Bingo card here for next week. Tropes are part of what makes a Kdrama a Kdrama after all.  How many more will we see next week? And will our characters continue to hold up to the fond memories we have of them? There's only one way to find out! We hope to see you back next week.


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Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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