Evil chaebols, murder, memory loss, wrongly accused fathers, and superhuman memory. That's just the first week! 

Drama Debussie: Welp, drama clubbers, Yoo Seung Ho is officially back with the admittedly intense Remember and I have to say it is INTENSE!!

Cici: They certainly didn’t waste any time jumping right into the thick of things, did they? I appreciate the little bit of backstory we have on the main characters, but it really is just a little bit. Anyone have a favorite character yet?

DeShonda: I agree! These first two episodes are very intense. I was crying like a baby watching the first two episodes. I also like the fact that we got a bit of backstory of the characters. I do have a favorite. I like Park Dong Ho. He is a flashy attorney but I think he is the right person for the job to represent Jin Woo’s father. He is very smart and witty. Plus he knows something about the incident that happened at Nam Gyu Man’s party.

Drama Debussie: There’s something rather entertaining about an attorney that uses the law as loosely as Park Dong Ho does. Not that we can blame him. He likes money which means he mainly plays with gangsters and rich families who don’t exactly like to play by anyone else’s rules except their own. Speaking of, can we please talk about Nam Gyu Man and the pure evil that he seems to be? I’ll admit that I was disappointed that Nam Goong Min was taking on another villain role, but I kind of get it. I mean, if you’re going to play a villain, then play a REAL villain. Afterall, they get the best lines AND the best wardrobe.

Cici: I have a feeling that he is not going to develop any sympathetic vibe in this role. At least in Sensory Couple he played a villain who was sometimes charming and likable. Or his abs were. I might be confused. But here he is genuinely throwing off that crazy evil vibe that there is no reasoning with. I actually got shivers watching him attack first his assistant in the car, then Dong Ho up on the roof. The one saving grace is that Dong Ho seems to be completely capable of dealing with him. I actually laughed when he waved at his audience filming everything from the adjacent building.

DeShonda: I like Nam Goong Min playing the villain. He is really playing the part of Nam Gyu Man very well. I’m scared of him too. I also felt bad for his assistant and when he was beating up Dong Ho. Nam Gyu Man is definitely crazy. I am hoping we get some sort of backstory on him in future episodes. I must admit I am interested and would like to learn more about him.

Drama Debussie: I’m with you on wanting to know more about our bad guy. The more time we spend concentrating on him the more we find out how someone grows up to be so evil and the more chances we have to get some shirtless scenes. We win either way. Of course, these first two episodes mainly concentrated on Jin Woo’s father and how he ended up being accused of killing our victim. I have to say watching it felt very similar to watching a trainwreck happen and it was agonizing. Especially when we saw how helpless Jin Woo was as everything unfolded. That trial was lost before it began.

Cici: It was interesting how the prosecutor singled out the one suspect who couldn’t defend himself. Of course, he just wanted the glory of settling a very unsettling murder case, but I was kind of amazed that the dad wasn’t given some kind of thorough mental examination when he kept saying that he couldn’t remember anything. Both the doctor visit and the trial were a joke. No wonder Jin Woo decided to become a lawyer in order to save his father. No one else was going to do it for him. Which brings up a question. If Dong Ho had a 100% success rate, was Jin Woo’s father the first case he lost?

DeShonda: Cici, you took the words right out of my mouth. I was wondering the exact same thing. How come Jin Woo’s father did not have a mental examination of some kind? I felt really bad for Jin Woo and his father. I know what it’s like to have an ailing parent. You only get one set of parents in your lifetime. You want to do whatever it takes to help them no matter what. I was just an emotional wreck watching Jin Woo and his father. But you do raise a good question Cici. I think this might be Dong Ho’s first loss.

Drama Debussie: The questions are valid considering this show likes to play with time so a lot of answers have yet to reveal themselves. Not that I don’t love that! The show itself is done well and the time play is appropriate seeing that Jin Woo’s “superpower” is his amazing ability to recall EVERYTHING. You know, I never considered memory to be a superpower until this show. It takes this show from just your standard murder mystery to full out Healer-esque.

Cici: Right? Jin Woo is the Korean equivalent of Sherlock Holmes! I really loved how he solved the missing wallet incident, and managed to impress In Ah at the same time. Can I just say that I am super excited to see her in this drama? After Healer, I kind of went into Park Min Young withdrawal. I’m so glad she’s playing another quirky, strong female lead.

DeShonda: I love Park Min Young! She is one of my favorites. I loved her in Healer and City Hunter too. She is good at playing strong female leads. I wish I had a good memory like Jin Woo. I am very impressed at how he can remember every single detail about everything. I must admit I was impressed at how he remembered all of the details of the missing wallet.

Drama Debussie: Absolutely! Min Young is so great playing the Helpmate roles that won’t let the hero get away with crap. I’m so interested to see how a romance will develop between those two seeing that she mainly acts like a big, protective sister right now. What’s that? Yes, I AM already looking ahead for the romance even though we’re only two episodes in. What else is new?

Cici: Noona romance! Noona romance! Yes!

DeShonda: I would like to see a Noona romance too lol. I think we will see some sort of romance between In Ah and Jin Woo. I think they would look cute together. Right now it’s still new. She is trying to be helpful to him though. I think he will come around eventually.

Drama Debussie: If anything, there’s a huge part me that wants him to have an extended family. He’s had so much loss in his life and now the only family he has left is being taken away from him over a crime he didn’t commit. It’s painful to watch, but it also raises the stakes which gives us the this fast pacing that keeps you riveted. I mean, a show just isn’t a show unless the main characters are being chased out of an illegal gambling room to a roof from which they have to jump off into a truck filled with dirt. That’s just good tv right there.

Cici: LOL. That just may become one of my favorite drama tropes. So to sum up, we already have the rich wicked chaebol, the poor almost-orphan who has lost both his mother and sister in a tragic accident, the father who is suffering from the ultimate form of amnesia, Alzheimer's, and the spunky but fair and loyal noona who is irresistibly drawn to our handsome high schooler with a mind like a steel trap. Wow. This is measuring up to be quite a show!

DeShonda: You summed that up perfectly Cici. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. 

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