If you were a genius on a mission to clear the name of your innocent father, what is the one thing you would fear most? Losing your memories, or your chance for revenge? Join DeShonda, Drama Debussie, and me, Cici, as we talk about the heartbreak that is looming on the horizon for Jin Woo and company.

Cici: I don’t know if I can stand this. All the hints that Jin Woo is losing his memory are breaking my heart. Thank goodness for at least a few moments of comic relief. It was so much fun watching In Ah demand that Jin Woo call her “noona”. Jin Woo wasn’t the only one who was tickled!


DeShonda: Yes I am very sad that Jin Woo is losing his memory too. Hopefully he will be able to prevent it as best as he can. I really loved the playfulness of Lee In Ah and Jin Woo. That was a very cute scene when she made him call her “noona.” I am still hoping for a romance between those two.

Drama Debussie: A romance between would be nice but it was almost as if this show was hinting that Jin Woo’s condition has him racing the clock and I’m not sure he would want to put In Ah in a position where she’s forced to take care of him. Seems unfair. Although, this is dramaland where miracles do indeed happen. One miracle worth noting is Jin Woo’s upgraded action plan to take out everyone that was involved in the conspiracy to frame his father. I have to admit that it was particularly satisfying seeing all these people finally getting what should’ve come to them a long time ago.


Cici: Yes! I actually really loved seeing the detective go down. I have to admit, for once I was on Nam Gyu Man’s side, lol. You work with a crazy guy, and you can only expect to get crazy in return. I just hope that Jin Woo doesn’t trust Detective Gwak a second time. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

DeShonda: I must admit I was happy to see the detective finally be taught a lesson. After everyone betrayed him, he had nowhere else to turn but Jin Woo. I don’t think Jin Woo should trust him the second time around either. He might get played once again, but I think he is keeping his enemies close.

Drama Debussie: Enemies close indeed. It seems like every week is just finding out who will finally get fed up with Ilho Group and decide to go to Jin Woo to join in the efforts to bring them down. I think it’s fair to say we’re all waiting for Dong Ho to finally make that transition. You can tell he’s done with Gyu Man’s antics but he keeps hanging in there! Makes you wonder what his breaking point is. You would think being bitch slapped by Gyu Man would be it, but no. Nope.


Cici: That slap! I held my breath waiting for Dong Ho to flatten him, but he just stared him down and had the faintest smile. Ummmm...has Nam Gyu Man forgotten Dong Ho’s gangster background? Apparently he’s just too arrogant to care. I wonder if the thug he hired to follow Dong Ho ever got back to him and reported how he got beat up. I really, really, really can’t wait to see Dong Ho when he finally goes into action. Now that he knows that Nam Il Ho was responsible for his father’s death, I’m thinking this is going to be a no-holds-barred kind of fight.

DeShonda: I am looking forward to Dong Ho’s revenge too. I was glad that he was finding out more about the car accident. And now that he does know who is responsible, this gives him even more ammunition to go after Il Ho Group. I was hoping that Dong Ho was going to punch Nam Gyu Man in the face after he slapped him. But he will get his revenge sooner or later.

Drama Debussie: I was hoping, praying, and leaving food sacrifices at the drama gods’ altar that he would punch him! Argh! Of course it looks like everyone has figured out that Gyu Man has to be approached differently. If you want revenge against him, you can’t use everyday tactics. Jin Woo tried the legal way and we all know how that ended. It’s almost as if you have to threaten Jin Woo and then let him do the rest. The only person he fears is his father and I think once the fear of his father wanting nothing to do with him threatens to be a reality for him, he’ll do something spectacularly dumb. In the meantime, it seems the only person to put Gyu Man in his place, at least slightly, is Kang Suk Gyu aka Hot Judge which makes me love him even more than I already did. This may sound blasphemous, but if it doesn’t work out between In Ah and Jin Woo, I may be okay if something happens between her and Hot Judge.

Cici: See, that’s what I was thinking. And the whole “call me noona” business indicates that In Ah and Jin Woo will have a more brother-sister type of relationship. It’s not what I originally hoped for, but I’m with you...if it’s Hot Judge, I could live with that. I am wondering just what he will do now that he’s been told that both Jin Woo and In Ah have seen the video proving that Nam Gyu Man is the one who murdered Jung Ah instead of Jin Woo’s father.


DeShonda: Hot Judge and Lee In Ah….I can see those two together. I think he is interested in Lee In Ah. I am hoping that Hot Judge will be on Jin Woo’s side now that he knows who the real murderer is. He sees the manipulation that is going on with Il Ho Group in court and I think he is getting tired of it. He did approach Nam Gyu Man’s sister, Nam Yeo Kyung for some information. I am hoping that Nam Yeo Kyung will be on Jin Woo’s side too.

Cici: Isn’t it nice how Nam Gyu Man is so full of himself that he doesn’t even see the noose tightening around his own neck? The way he made light of Jin Woo’s Board of Doom, calling it “nice decorating” made me laugh. Not in a good way. My evil just-you-wait laugh. Remember how we predicted that Dong Ho, Yeo Kyung, Hot Judge, and even the assistant would play a part in bringing down Gyu Man? It’s coming, folks. Now if In Ah can just get away from that psychopath, we can get on with it.


Drama Debussie: Don’t even get me started on the ending of episode 12! The psychopath in a small room with In Ah staring at what is essentially Jin Woo’s revenge map? Come on! It was like all the things that Jin Woo had left to hold dear were on full display in front of the one person he absolutely hated. What’s next? Is Jin Woo going to walk in?! What, drama gods? WHAT?!

Even as Jin Woo strengthens his personal relationships with those who will help him find justice for his deceased father, his memory begins to falter. Will he be able to win the race against time? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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