The grass is not so green on the dark side and David is becoming a problem for Goliath. The past is catching up with our Nam family and it’s never been more satisfying. Join CiCi, DeShonda, and Drama Debussie as we try to recover from another intense week!

Drama Debussie: This show is like a pressure cooker and the lid is about to pop off! It’s safe to say Ilho Group is fully aware of Jin Woo’s presence and intention to take them down. Needless to say, they don’t like it. I find it interesting that they’re not so much uncomfortable that he’s coming after them but more that he’s so insignificant yet he’s having an effect on their lives. They finally have to acknowledge that Jin Woo is a problem and, while that’s awesome, it means they are disposing of all the evidence of the corruption they’ve been a part of. Unfortunately, that evidence includes a long, LONG list of people. Fortunately, the more they try to get rid of, the more exposed they are.

Cici: I am so torn. There were moments when my very worst fears were realized, and there were moments when I was squeeeeeing and doing a victory dance. So many feels! I am so so so happy that Dong Ho has finally revealed his true intentions to Jin Woo--and everyone else. The gloves are finally coming off.

DeShonda: Yes! This is the moment I have been waiting on! I am so happy that Dong Ho realizes that he and Jin Woo have the same goal in mind….to bring down Nam Gyu Man and Il Ho Group in general. I agree with you Debussie, I am glad that the more they see Jin Woo as a threat, the more dirty laundry is aired about Il Ho Group. I can’t wait to finally see Jin Woo and Dong Ho work together in bringing Nam Gyu Man down.

Cici: It is understandable that Jin Woo is reluctant to trust Dong Ho, especially after Nam Gyu Man made sure he found out that it was Dong Ho’s father who caused the accident that killed his mother and sister. But I think he realizes now that Dong Ho has always had a bigger picture in mind, and that he is finally ready to take definitive action against Il Ho Group. Yay, yay, yay!

Drama Debussie: Trust is a big issue. Jin Woo had his own little group that he unquestionably trusts but when it comes to the people who are leaving the dark side after being betrayed by Il Ho it’s probably good for Jin Woo not to trust them. Thing is, as long as they have the same enemy, is it necessary to trust them? Dong Ho has a bigger picture in mind but I doubt he and Jin Woo will have much to do with each other after it’s all said and done. They share a tragic fate and distance would be a great thing for both of them.

DeShonda: You have a good point and I can see how Jin Woo has trust issues. I don’t blame him actually. If I was in the same position, I would have a difficult time trusting certain people as well. He is definitely keeping his enemies close that’s for sure.

Cici: The most heartbreaking thing is the way his friends are trying to stay close to him. That scene where In Ah finds him outside his old house, waiting for his father to come home, had me sobbing. I am not ready for his illness to progress so quickly. And it makes me wonder just who is going to take care of him when he finally loses all his memories. Will it be In Ah? I think he would hate burdening her like that, even though she would do it gladly. I almost think it will be Dong Ho. But maybe I’m hoping the drama will end before I find out.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, maybe Dong Ho will take care of Jin Woo in a very Daddy Long Legs kind of way. You never know. I agree Jin Woo’s memory loss is heartbreaking especially when it completely ruins a date that we were ALL waiting for. Of course that heartbreak was remedied by seeing all of the people turn on Nam Gyu Man and Il Ho Group. I have to say, the new Chief Prosecutor Tak made me particularly proud when he refused to be bought by Gyu Man’s father. It was so nice to see someone finally say no!

Cici: And in no uncertain terms! I have to admit I was just a teensy bit nervous when Prosecutor Tak met with Nam Il Ho, especially after he expressed a little jealousy over how easy Lawyer Hong’s life had become. But I needn’t have worried. He is soooo cool. Maybe even cooler than Hot Judge. Wait, is that possible?

Drama Debussie: *gasps* BLASPHEMY! Prosecutor Tak is awesome, but the way Hot Judge calls Gyu Man out for his crap is downright legendary. I mean, that dinner he had in where he basically laid it out on the table that he was fully aware of Gyu Man’s murdering past and made sure it was clear that he was not going to sit idly by while having that knowledge. Woof. This is why Hot Judge is a national treasure.

Cici: I concede. But I do worry for him. It’s a melodrama, after all. You know more blood is going to be spilled. I mean, Dong Ho has even taken to wearing black, just so the splatters won’t ruin his wardrobe. So who is going to be next?

DeShonda: I must admit that scene with the Hot Judge was one of my favorites. I was happy someone finally had the guts to call him out on the murder. He did it in such a way that was so cool and the fact that he had no fear was awesome. Another moment that made me happy was when Lawyer Song was defending his first case alone...and he did not stutter. He had a little bit of nerves, but he overcame it. And JIn Woo and Lee In Ah in the courtroom cheering him on was great to see.

Drama Debussie: Awww that moment. Lawyer Song has come a long way, hasn’t he? It was almost as if we needed that moment so we could finally say, “Okay, NOW, they’re ready to take down Il Ho.”

Cici: I thought it was particularly poignant that he was defending a woman who had killed her husband because he was trying to kill their son for having a disability. If anyone would understand what having a disability is like, it would be Lawyer Song. And the fact that he was able to overcome his speech problem due to the support of his close friends just made his victory all the more touching. Yep, that was a squee-worthy moment. As was Dong Ho’s confrontation with Nam Il Ho. Omo, that face. That’s the face we’ve been waiting to see.

Drama Debussie: We were wondering what Dong Ho’s breaking point was when it came to Il Ho and it looks like we finally found it. The knowledge that the Chairman was basically responsible for his father’s death and the fact that the man who he looked up to as a father figure was determined to stick with Il Ho even after having that knowledge is enough to make anyone turn. It’s the ultimate betrayal. I’m so glad Dong Ho is finally ready to do the right thing but, admittedly, I’m now waiting to find out what Ahn Soo Bum’s breaking point is. You would think it would be some “playful” choking by Gyu Man but no. You know he’s fed up but just as you think he’s about to deliver the damning evidence to prove Gyu Man committed murder, he covers for him as he escapes a drug party. Dude, when is enough enough? Of course the same question could be asked to his sister, Nam Yeo Kyung.

Cici: Perhaps the biggest question I’ve had with this drama is, just how does Nam Gyu Man command such unwavering loyalty? He mistreats everyone so badly, you would think that no amount of money would be enough to keep them from turning on him. But these folks aren’t just loyal, they even help him figure out how to take down his enemies. That scene where Lawyer Hong identified In Ah as Jin Woo’s weakness gave me chills. Now I have yet another character to worry about. While Gyu Man’s parting smirk haunts me for another week.

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