A surprise betrayal, the murder of a gangster, the reveal of a murder weapon, and the arrest of Nam Gyu Man are just a few important details that happened in this weeks episodes of Remember. Now that Jin Woo has the cooporation of a young lady that was assulted by Nam Gyu Man in court, will this be the case that will finally put an end to his rampage? Join Cici and I as we discuss this week's episodes of Remember


Remember (SBS)

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young

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DeShonda: Wow these episodes this week really took me on an emotional roller coaster once again. One thing that really surprised me was the betrayal of Prosecutor Tak. Not only did he betray Jin Woo, and Lee In Ah, but he also betrayed Dong Ho. In the previous episode when Nam Il Ho asked for his help and Prosecutor Tak refused, I thought that he wanted nothing more to do with Nam Il Ho. Boy was I wrong about that! I was not expecting him to give over all of the evidence that was collected by Jin Woo and Lee In Ah to him. It seems like everytime Jin Woo takes one step forward, he always has to take two steps back. It seems to me that Jin Woo can’t trust anyone anymore.

Cici: Right? Prosecutor Tak was a huge blow, mainly because he seemed like such a knight in shining armor when he turned down Nam Il Ho last week. He was so convincing, so his sudden turn around was really sad. I still wonder if he has something up his sleeve, just the way Dong Ho did. It’s a little confusing having to constantly rearrange the Who’s on Whose Side Board. I’ve even started to worry that Hot Judge might cave and betray them. At least Dong Ho is firmly in Jin Woo’s camp, and even seems willing to take the fight to the physical level after what happened to his “boss”.

DeShonda: I hope that Hot Judge does not cave into Nam Il Ho’s trap. He seems like he will not in my opinion. I was happy to see Nam Gyu Man’s assistant bring him the murder weapon that he hid in the statue. I was hoping that would come into play since I saw him with it back in Episode 2. He is finally realizing that being the cleanup man for Nam Gyu Man is not a good idea. He suffered too much pushing around and abuse from Nam Gyu Man and I was happy that Jin Woo and Hot Judge finally got him to realize that. And as far as Dong Ho’s father figure goes, I hate to say this but I had a feeling something bad was going to happen to him just because of his background. I am happy he did not try and kill Dong Ho though. I was scared when he went into his car. Now I am wondering who the masked man is that is behind his murder and the kidnapping of the President.

Cici: I’m pretty sure Nam Il Ho is behind both. Arranging the murder and getting Dong Ho arrested for it was a stroke of diabolical brilliance. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. It always amazes me that Il Ho’s employees trust him, when it is abundantly clear that the only loyalty he has is to his blood relatives. Jin Woo tried to warn them all, but apparently everyone else thinks it will never happen to them.

DeShonda: You are correct about that Cici! When that loyalty is broken, it’s always too late. Another thing that I was very happy about was Nam Gyu Man finally got arrested. Finally Jin Woo found a similar case to convict him on. I was hoping that Ha Young would talk to Lee In Ah about what had happened to her. Ha Young’s ex manager Kim Chan is a slime and just as worse as Nam Gyu Man. When Dong Ho offered to help Jin Woo with this case I was so happy. I want these two to work together and destroy Il Ho Group. I just hope that nothing backfires and no one betrays them.

Cici: I think the main theme of this drama is that greed can influence almost anyone, but especially those who are weak or desperate. The heroes are the ones who can resist their own greed in order to achieve justice. I’m so glad Jin Woo has managed to collect such a special group of heroes to help him in his fight. And that he has learned to play on a person’s greed in order to further that fight. The way he made Kim Chan realize that he had a choice between his greed for money or his greed for life was brilliant, and that’s what ultimately gave him the evidence that would damage Gyu Man the most.

DeShonda: I agree with you. Jin Woo really has a way with his words in order to make these guys think about what is right and what is wrong. He said something similar to Nam Gyu Man’s friend who got arrested at the party and to Nam Gyu Man’s assistant. I really hope that Jin Woo’s health does not fail him when he is in court fighting for justice. I thought it was a very nice of Lee In Ah to help him when she realized he is losing his memory. I have a feeling either her or Dong Ho will take over just in case something happens to our Jin Woo.

Cici: Thankfully he has a small but strong and loyal team behind him. Even Attorney Song is poised to be able to step in and help in the courtroom. And as far as his personal life is concerned, even In Ah’s father is helping support him. When he told her that “her friend’s” illness was a part of him that she should accept, he gave her the strength to stay by Jin Woo’s side and care for him no matter what. When she shared that with Jin Woo, I about bawled.

DeShonda: Yes I was almost in tears as well. In fact I have been in tears since Episode 1!

Cici: This really has been an emotional roller coaster, that’s for sure. So let’s summarize our gains and losses this week. On the betrayal turn-coat side, we have Detective Bae and Prosecutor Tak. At least for now.

DeShonda: On the gains this week we have the arrest of Nam Gyu Man, the resignation of Dong Ho from Il Ho Group and his return to assist Jin Woo in the case of Ha Young. When Dong Ho packed his things and left Il Ho Group for good I was cheering! Finally...hopefully….forreal this time he has washed his hands of Nam Il Ho’s foolishness. Another gain is Nam Gyu Man’s assistant turning over the murder weapon to Hot Judge. It seems like the tables will be turned on Nam Gyu Man by one of his own. I can’t wait to see the look on Nam Gyu Man’s face if his assistant has to testify in court about the murder weapon and all of his wrong doings at that.

Cici: Those were important gains. Don’t forget the reluctant co-operation of Ha Young and Kim Chan as well. I think you’re right. The tide is turning and Nam Gyu Man is about to get caught in one heck of a rip tide.

DeShonda: Oh yes I can’t forget that Cici. The information that Ha Young have to Lee In Ah is very crucial to bring down Nam Gyu Man. I have a feeling that he is not going to get out of this one. Even his father is getting tired of his behavior which is giving his company a bad name. I must admit, Nam Gyu Man is not doing a good job as President of Il Ho Group. Oh I am not sure if this is a gain or not, but Nam Gyu Man confessed to his sister that he killed Oh Jung Ah! I don’t think he would have confessed if he was not under the influence. I don’t know what to think about his sister. She did not arrest him at the party. I would hope she would help convict her brother, but she did tell him that Jin Woo was the one who set him up at the party. Something is shady with her to me.

Cici: She has known about his guilt in the murder since she overheard him discussing it with their father, but what shocked her after his confession was his total lack of remorse. I know family loyalty is paramount in Kdramas, but I think there is a slight chance that she will give Jin Woo or Hot Judge something that will help bring her brother to justice. She is finally seeing just how sick and scary he really is.

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