Hello everyone! Drama Debussie, Cici and I are back with more exciting and intense drama in Remember. So much has happened in these two episodes my head is spinning! So lets get started!

DeShonda:  Let's start off with Nam Gyu Man’s father! This man is very powerful. I can’t believe he got to everybody related to the case so quickly and persuaded them all to basically turn against our Jin Woo and his father. I can understand him wanting to protect his son, but his son committed a murder. I was very heartbroken watching Jin Woo in court begging Dong Ho to produce the evidence he collected proving Nam Gyu Man killed Jung Ah, and he did not. And again I can understand Dong Ho wanted to protect his father figure, plus he was threatened by Nam Gyu Man’s father.

Cici: That dad was hard for me to read at first. I was pretty sure that he was more interested in protecting his company than his son, but the clincher was when he referred to Jung Ah as “just one woman.” It became crystal clear that he didn’t give a hoot for justice, and didn’t even want to see his son upset over such a trivial matter. Whew! No wonder he has raised a psychopath. As for Dong Ho, I was genuinely surprised how easily he was convinced to withhold the video tape. I had to watch the last episode several times before I caught on that the real reason he did so was because Joo Il was being threatened. Their relationship is more like father-son than friends, so I guess I get it. I may not be happy with him, but at least I don’t hate, loathe and detest him for it.

Drama Debussie: The irony hasn’t been lost on me that Dong Ho, the lawyer that can get any criminal off, is losing his first case with a client that’s not even a criminal! It’s bizarre and sad. Not just because a man’s entire life is being destroyed so that one family can basically kept all their money, but also because a woman has died a senseless death. A senseless death that was caused by a man who was clearly recorded saying he killed her for no good reason and he’s absolutely willing to let someone else take the fall. As soon as I saw that Dong Ho had that proof I knew something was going to go wrong. Because the drama gods have to continue to prove that while they love us, they still have to make us suffer for as long as humanly possible. Of course, as you ladies pointed out, it was easy to see the conflicting position Dong Ho found himself in which made it almost impossible to hate him even when we had to watch Jin Woo’s innocence being taken away from him.

Cici: It was so hard watching Jin Woo’s reaction to Dong Ho’s “betrayal”. Everything conspired to make him look guilty of selling out, from the handshake with the prosecutor to his visit from Nam Gyu Man after the trial. I’d have refused to ever trust another lawyer again, too, if I’d only seen what Jin Woo saw. Of course, all this leads up to him becoming an amazing lawyer himself, so there is a silver lining, right?

Drama Debussie: We can only hope. We were left with the vague knowledge that Jin Woo has become a lawyer himself, the type of lawyer he’s become we don’t know yet. At first glance he comes off as Dong Ho Jr. Of course before our time jump, Jin Woo walked away with an anger that would leave anyone wanting nothing but revenge and we all know revenge hardly ever ends well for anyone involved. It’ll be interesting to see how he operates as a lawyer. It’ll be even more interesting to see him interact with everyone again. He may have intentions to come after Dong Ho but the show seems to drop some not-so-subtle hints that these two are similar in more ways than one. More specifically that they share some awful fate where bad things happen when they are anywhere near each other. Car accident, anyone?

DeShonda: I was thinking the same thing Debussie when I saw Jin Woo come back as a lawyer. I was thinking he comes across as Dong Ho Jr. But I am looking forward to seeing what type of lawyer he will become too. I was happy to see the backstory of Dong Ho when he was in the accident. That explains why he was visiting his father’s grave on the same day as Jin Woo. It seems like things will be a bit different with Jin Woo as a lawyer now because we have Lee In Ah as a prosecutor and what looks like a new younger judge too. I just hope Nam Gyu Man’s father has not gotten in their ear too.

Cici: I am going to have to disagree with both of you concerning Jin Woo. I think he has come back as the antithesis of Dong Ho. Whereas Dong Ho would defend anyone regardless of their guilt, I suspect that Jin Woo will only take cases where he is convinced that the defendant has been wrongly accused. That isn’t to say that he will be Dong Ho’s enemy, though--there have been plenty of hints that the two will end up working together to convict Gyu Man /and/ his father for their crimes. I am interested to see how things develop between In Ah and Jin Woo.

Drama Debussie: There’s no arguments on my side. I think Jin Woo and Dong Ho will certainly find a way to work to together and finally prove Jin Woo’s father’s innocence while simultaneously bringing justice to those who sent his father to jail. I think Jin Woo will have to get to a point where he understands why Dong Ho had to hold back the evidence and that’s an understanding that a high school student wouldn’t be capable of having at the time. There’s a certain growth that I expect to see as the show progresses and, yep, I’m so hoping that applies to a growth of feelings between In Ah and Jin Woo. Seriously, that needs to happen.

DeShonda: I agree with you. I think Jin Woo and Dong Ho will work together. It seems that Dong Ho has not given up on him even though he had to betray him. There is a part of me that is hoping for a romance between Jin Woo and Lee In Ah. I think that will happen in future episodes. I am also suspicious of Nam Gyu Man’s assistant. He hid the murder weapon instead of disposing it as Nam Gyu Man requested. I wonder if he will use that against him perhaps. He has got something up his sleeve and I can’t wait until it’s revealed. I don’t blame him though. He is always getting abused by Nam Gyu Man.

Cici: I wondered the same thing, but the murder weapon made a mysterious appearance at the end of the last episode. The assistant had told Gyu Man that he had wiped it clean, yet he left Jung Ah’s blood on it. I think that was at the father’s request--he must have had plans even then to pin the murder on someone else. When the co-worker came forward and said that she thought Jin Woo’s dad had hidden something that day, surprise! murder weapon! And the false testimony of the doctor must have been the final straw in convincing the judge to give Dad the death penalty. That, and Jung Ah’s dad’s “suicide.” I am really developing a severe case of loathing for that prosecutor. Such a slimeball.

Drama Debussie: As much as I hate to admit it, Gyu Man’s dad basically played that trial like a symphony. All the right instruments/witnesses were in place and they all sang the right notes. However, you can’t continue to screw people over and treat people like crap without those people eventually fighting back so I fully expect someone from the inside to turn on them. And rightfully so. Honestly, the only way Jin Woo and Dong Ho will finally win Jin Woo’s father’s case is by having someone from the inside present some damning evidence and I think it will absolutely happen. Nam Gyu Man and his family may have convinced themselves that their money has made them untouchable but history has proven that when you crawl on the backs of others to get to the top, it will eventually all come crashing down and I’m looking forward to it. Oh, I’m also looking forward to more Hot Judge. We should start a petition.

Cici: I’m definitely looking forward to that judge--who the heck is he, anyway? He’s not listed in any credits I could find. Please tell me it wasn’t just a ten second cameo! But like Dong Ho says, “It ain't over till it’s over!”

Drama Debussie: That’s Kim Jin Woo and I’m sure he’ll be with us again. Hotness doesn’t just fade away to the background. 

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