Happy New Year! And welcome back to Remember. With only two episodes airing over the past two weeks, we are torn between discussing so much and wishing that there was more. Join DeShonda, Drama Debussie, and me, Cici, as we go over all the shades of grey in these amazing episodes.

Cici: Well, he did it. Jin Woo really became a lawyer. And in record time, thanks to his superpower memory. But is he going to fight on the side of right, or has he become corrupted by the need to win at all costs?


DeShonda: I am happy Jin Woo became a lawyer as well. I hope that he does not get corrupted and he does the right thing. He wants to get after Nam Gyu Man, that’s for sure. I am looking forward to the both of them squaring off in court.

Drama Debussie: You know, there’s a lot of grey areas in this show. As much as I love that Jin Woo achieved his goal of becoming a lawyer, he seems to be using the truth in a straightforward way that makes you question his wins. He said himself that the truth is relative and he chooses to stay on the winning side of the truth which means less fortunate families lose because their family member made a mistake in desperation. But, hey, a win is a win, right?


Cici: That first case we saw was so poignant. Yes, he won, and the fault really was with the father who voluntarily worked so much overtime in order to pay for his daughter’s education, but it sure didn’t feel like a win. All I could think was, man, he’s become just like Park Dong Ho. And when he was confronted by the daughter, he told her that the person to blame was her attorney, for not doing his job. Whew! Quite a switch from the righteous if naive knight in shining armor who went off to law school.


DeShonda: I agree with you Cici. I think he is becoming a mini Dong Ho. I had to watch the episode a few times to really get that he is very similar to him. At first I was happy that he found the Vice President innocent. But I can see the grey areas you ladies are speaking of.

Drama Debussie: We talked last week about how Jin Woo certainly came off as a Dong Ho Jr. and, though he may disagree with us, he certainly is using the same win at all costs approach. I think Dong Ho sees that he’s headed down the same path as him and I don’t think he likes it much. Not so much because he could easily be a threat, but mainly because he’s putting himself in danger. Nam Gyu Man is a modern King Joffrey; imagine how evil his dad can get.

Cici: Was I the only one who was surprised to find out that it was his dad who set up the Vice President? I really thought that had Nam Gyu Man stamped all over it. So, yeah, once again we realize where he has gotten his psychopathic tendencies from. Nam Il Ho is no one you’d ever want to mess with. Not that that will stop Jin Woo, of course. I just hope that my gut feeling that Dong Ho is secretly still in his corner will come true in time for him to have some effective allies in this fight.


DeShonda: I was totally shocked that it was Nam Gyu Man’s father who orchestrated the plan to set up the Vice President. I too thought that it was Nam Gyu Man who was behind it. There is a saying that goes: The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree, and Nam Gyu Man is just as evil as his father. I think that Dong Ho will not give up on Jin Woo. I am hoping that they become allies as well.

Drama Debussie: Well, I can say here and now that the day Dong Ho and Jin Woo become allies will be a magical day, especially if In Ah joins them. In Ah, while still naive, continues to be the moral compass in the midst of all the craziness. It’s why I like her so much. While everyone else is scheming and plotting, she’s trying to get justice for those that deserve it, in the right way. Sure, it may take longer to see the results and Il Ho Group may find ways to shut her down, but at least we know any win that involves her is a true win.

Cici: I thought it was touching when she explained that the reason she worked so hard to become a prosecutor was because of the injustice of Jin Woo’s father’s case.


Cici: She is like a moral compass, but I’ve got to admit that she’s going to have to get a little tougher if she really hopes to get justice meted out to the father/son combination that is Il Ho Group. I hate to say it, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Please tell me I’m wrong!

DeShonda: You are absolutely correct, Cici. In Ah does need to get tougher if she wants to go up against Nam Gyu Man and his father. I think she will get tougher. I really like her character as well because she is strong and she will get the job done. She is very smart as well.

Drama Debussie: I’m just wondering what will happen with Hot Judge. Granted, she’s not showing any interest in him right now, but he’s certainly showing some in her and for all intents and purposes he seems like a nice guy. I’m not a lawyer or anything, but having the judge that is presiding over a case you’re working actively asking you out (even if it is just coffee) doesn’t seem like a good idea.Even she was uncomfortable about it and she should’ve been.


Cici: Oh, Hot Judge, why are you already giving me Second Lead Syndrome? Wait, I didn’t just say that. I love Jin Woo. But that judge...Okay, here’s my scenario that will make it all work out. In Ah works with Jin Woo as a prosecutor so she can bring the evil bast*rds at Il Ho group to justice, Hot Judge gets Nam Yeo Kyung to testify against her brother and father, and Attorney Park gathers enough inside information to completely destroy Il Ho Group. Sister plus Hot Judge is the only way I can resolve this second lead thing.

DeShonda: Great minds think alike Cici. I had Second Lead vibes coming from the Hot Judge too. I have to admit, It made my skin crawl when I saw him dating Nam Gyu Man’s sister. I instantly thought, Uh Oh, He’s The Enemy. And sure enough, he ended up meeting with Nam Gyu Man. I really love your scenario. I think you may be on to something here. I think that Jin Woo and In Ah will definitely work together to bring down II Ho Group. I also think that Dong Ho will turn against Nam Gyu Man and his father. I think Dong Ho knows they are doing wrong. And there is only so much manipulating one can take. .

Drama Debussie: I certainly agree that people within Il Ho Group will finally turn and Dong Ho will be one of those people. Every Goliath has its David and I think Jin Woo is just one David of many that will finally bring Il Ho’s corruption to an end. In the meantime, I’m having fun watching Jin Woo circle Il Ho like a shark.A baby shark but a shark nonetheless.


Cici: When I stop to think about it, the sheer arrogance of Il Ho Group is what will be their demise. They don't care who they turn against them in their quest for absolute power. Not only is Dong Ho going to work against them, but I’d be willing to bet that Vice President Kang and even Nam Gyu Man’s assistant will finally have enough abuse and turn on them. I can’t wait till Baby Shark gets them all rounded up!

Drama Debussie: Woof, me too. Baby Shark needs a win. A REAL WIN. While I may disagree with his tactics, you can’t help but understand why he’s so jaded when it comes to the legal system. Especially when he goes to visit his dad whose Alzheimer’s is getting worse. Imagine not knowing if your only living parent will remember you or not.


Cici: Every scene with Jin Woo and his father tears me up. Jeon Kwang Leol is doing an amazing job playing a man who is losing his most precious possession--his memories. And time is running out. Not only is he on death row, but every day he goes without proper treatment his condition worsens. I’d say that’s plenty of justification for Jin Woo to work the grey areas of the law.

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