Sometimes you have to listen to your heart and act before listening to the world. Just make sure you have backup. Join Cici, DeShonda, and Drama Debussie as we discuss the valuable lessons we learned from cartoons and how they can keep you from being framed for murder.

Drama Debussie: Another intense week and it seems this week was brought to us by the magic word retrial. Jin Woo’s ultimate goal is to prove his father’s innocence but the road to that is going to be bumpy and, apparently, dangerous. Just getting the retrial request submitted was a task in itself and it was ultimately denied. Proving that nothing, NOTHING is going to be easy. Argh! Is anyone else’s world spinning like mine was this week?!

Cici: I could not believe the extent of corruption that exists in the entire judicial system that makes Nam Gyu Man’s plans so easy to implement, and Jin Woo’s so difficult. I seriously wanted to kill Nam Gyu Man.

DeShonda: Nam Gyu Man is starting to really get on my nerves too. Everyone around him is getting sick and tired of doing his dirty work for him. Sooner or later, all of this will be thrown back in his face. He can only do this for so long until he finally gets caught. It seems that Dong Ho wants to step in and help him somewhat, but he is under the control of Nam Gyu Man. I will say that I was happy that Dong Ho stopped Jin Woo from broadcasting the news about Il Ho Group’s slush funds. I believe that saved our Jin Woo from an even more dangerous fate.

Drama Debussie: I’m always shocked at how much the Nam family finds everyone around them disposable. Nothing is sacred except their company and Gyu Man is the personification of that train of thought. I think he feels that his father’s protection of him when it came to getting rid of the Vice President was his father showing how much he loves him, but in actuality it was his father’s attempt to protect his investment. Makes you wonder how many times his father will allow him to put the company’s image in danger before he finally sacrifices him. I think that will be Nam Gyu’s end. Meanwhile, Dong Ho is recognizing that nothing is sacred with the Nams which is probably why he wants to protect Jin Woo from himself. I agree that Jin Woo’s fate would have been worse if he leaked that information. There’s got to be a better way to take Il Ho Group down.

Cici: Which brings me to my one point of frustration with Jin Woo. Yes, he is incredibly smart and determined, so why would he leak his plans to Nam Gyu Man ahead of time, instead of maintaining the element of surprise? Sure, he may have felt some momentary satisfaction at getting to see the reaction, but really? Are you forgetting just how psycho this man is? He’s not the type of person you can conduct reasonable negotiations with, let alone blackmail.

DeShonda: I think that Jin Woo was acting on impulse to leak the information. I would hope he is well aware of how crazy Nam Gyu Man is. I did like how Jin Woo was sneaking around, following, and calling him trying to intimidate Nam Gyu Man. Jin Woo was playing Nam Gyu Man’s game for a while there.

Drama Debussie: He’s definitely being impulsive. He wants Gyu Man to know he’s coming after him but you never let the enemy know your next move. That’s what villains do right before they’re finally captured. Have we learned nothing from cartoons?

Cici: Right? I think it also shows Jin Woo’s level of naivete. He is still convinced that he can win against the massive power and corruption that is Il Ho Group, if he can just have his day in court. I’m not sure whether that’s actually his pure and innocent nature, or if he’s just a bit arrogant in his assumptions. Either way, he has definitely set himself up as the underdog, and I’m rooting for him! And it’s heartwarming to see him gathering other supporters along the way.


DeShonda: I agree with you Cici. I am also rooting for Jin Woo and I can’t wait until he does finally get his day in court. He does think he can win against Il Ho Group, but he cannot do it all by himself. I really like his team, the Office Manager and the Song Jae Ik. They really care and support him. I am happy to see the Song Jae Ik stepping up to the plate and helping him. I was worried about him that he might be a bit fishy at first.

Cici: Dramas like this always bring out the paranoid side of my personality. I suspect everyone close to the hero of ulterior motives, and am always so relieved when I’m proven wrong. I am so completely happy that Dong Ho is really looking out for Jin Woo, and that he has much more of a sense of right and wrong than his slimy mentor, Joo Il. I am looking forward to Dong Ho’s end game the most, because he at least is crafty enough to keep his future attack under wraps.

Drama Debussie: Jin Woo’s allies will certainly prove to be valuable and I’m sure Jin Woo would prefer to do everything himself even though we all know that’s not very realistic. Although I can understand why he would want to because the more allies he has the more danger they could be in due to his actions.

Cici: Dong Ho summed up Jin Woo’s actions with the phrase, “The one who wins is the one who has nothing to lose.” That is definitely why Jin Woo has been working alone--he’s very protective of both his office staff and In Ah, and doesn’t want them opened up to the revenge of Il Ho Group.

Drama Debussie: In Ah is proving to be his most important ally especially now that she’s been assigned to cold cases. This may have seemed like a punishment but we all know that the people with the most to hide rely on cases being abandoned after little to evidence is found. Shady people like our fellow clock repairman/hitman whose slogan is very likely, “Your time’s almost up.”

DeShonda: Lee In Ah is awesome! What I love about her is that she is going to catch the criminal no matter what. I think being assigned to the cold cases definitely helps her with finding Jin Woo and his father innocent. Everyone is trying their hardest to knock her down and push her out of the way, but she is very smart and she keeps on getting right back up. I really love her strong determination.

Cici: While I love her feisty character, I have the same problem with her that I have with Jin Woo. Why on earth would she confront a known assassin, without backup, and tell him that she’s going to get him? If she had just called for backup /first/ before chasing him, she could have saved herself a headache! I know, I know, it’s a drama. But really, folks, be smart if you want to be believable.

Drama Debussie: I guess that goes back to the naivete that was mentioned earlier. She, like Jin Woo, is so determined to get all the proof they need that she wasn’t thinking clearly which is how you end up knocked out cold on the floor of an alley. I think In Ah is also taking cues from Jin Woo who doesn’t feel he has anything to lose. Sure, as Dong Ho pointed out, the one who has nothing to lose wins but that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart about how you win. Again, have we learned nothing from cartoons?!

Cici: Well, I’ve got to say that the level of insane cruelty that Nam Gyu Man has risen to is far beyond anything I’ve ever seen in a cartoon, that’s for sure. I cringed when he beat his assistant with a bamboo sword just for acknowledging his crime, but what he did to Jin Woo’s father was beyond my wildest imaginings. /That/ was when I wanted to kill him personally. Slowly. While listening to his screams.

DeShonda: That was a very hard scene to watch. It made me hate Nam Gyu Man more when he abused his assistant, Soo Bum. I could not believe what I was seeing. That just shows he is insane and is very controlling. I was so upset when he went to visit Jin Woo’s father. I was on the edge of my seat! I thought Nam Gyu Man was going to physically abuse him. I was scared watching this scene. I did like however, when Soo Bum confided in Dong Ho’s assistant, Sang Ho. These two have a bit of a bromance that I like. They are very comical when they interact with each other. I needed that laugh after all of the abuse that was taking place. Both men have a lot in common and I hope that they continue to lean on each other. 

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