Welcome back everyone. It’s time for another recap of this week's episodes of Remember. In Episodes 9 & 10 we saw a retrial, a heartbreaking death, betrayal and tears. Join Drama Debussie, CiCi and I as we recap these intense episodes.

DeShonda: Ladies are you just as shocked and saddened as I am of the passing of Jin Woo’s father? Having lost both parents, I know exactly what Jin Woo is going through. I was very heartbroken to see this happen and I cried like a baby while watching. I was NOT expecting him to die even though his condition in prison got worse and was basically ignored by everyone there. But I will say this, now that his father has passed, this makes Jin Woo even more desperate to get his revenge on Nam Gyu Man. I am also hoping to see a more active role from Lee In Ah now that she has stopped being a prosecutor and is now joining Jin Woo’s law firm.

Cici: Ah, the heartbreak! I’m afraid I joined you in crying like a baby, and that is very rare for me. In addition to In Ah’s help, I am expecting Dong Ho to step up and help as well. At least he tried to share a copy of the tape that would convict Nam Gyu Man during the trial, but I am not at all surprised that he got bushwhacked by his “friend” and mentor.

Drama Debussie: There had been this ominous feeling that his dad’s time was dwindling but more in the sense of his memory, not necessarily his life so that was indeed shocking. Even more shocking was the blatant willingness to let him die. I agree that it was truly sad to see Jin Woo’s dad leave the earth, but there’s a part of me that is looking forward to how Jin Woo will react to REALLY having nothing else to lose. He’s lost his father and apparently there’s some mysterious condition he has that is forcing him to race the clock.

DeShonda: I agree with you Cici. I am hoping that Dong Ho will become an ally to Jin Woo. I think he is trying to come around to help him. I had a feeling that he was going to get betrayed by his father figure when he had the evidence. And Dong Ho now knows more about the car accident, so I think he is entitled to help him more. I was also glad that many of the witnesses from before came forth and stated that they falsely testified during the first trial.

Cici: Speaking of which, isn’t that Detective Gwak a piece of work? Jin Woo stages that dramatic rescue, and you would think that he would be grateful enough to tell the truth during the trial. The fact that it was all staged so he could put the final nail in the coffin that was the retrial took me completely by surprise. Ugh, that guy is sooo good at playing a slimeball. *shudder*

Drama Debussie: So much work to screw someone over. That scene where Dong Ho kept telling Detective Gwak that he needed to remember that he was a detective really stuck with me. It was a short moment but it kind of summed up everything. There are so many people involved that are supposed to stand for justice and honor yet are simply Il Ho’s puppets and they are willing to be puppets all for money. One of the main reasons I was so proud of In Ah this week. We all have to do things in our jobs that we don’t want to do, but when you’re being asked to participate in something you know is wrong and keeps you from actually helping people that’s the time to make a choice. She made the hard choice to quit. That takes guts.

DeShonda: I agree with you Debussie. I was very happy that Lee In Ah quit being a prosecutor. It was a very hard choice for her and I think she chose the right one. I am looking forward to seeing more of her. And you are right, Ill Ho Group are a force to be reckoned with. They have proven time and time again that they are very powerful. They have everyone in their back pockets.

Cici: I keep waiting for a romance line to develop between In Ah and Jin Woo, but so far the closest we have come was the snide comments and knowing looks exchanged by his office staff when they discovered she had spent the night. Of course nothing happened, but I keep hoping! Drama gods, are you listening? Just a little bit of Healer-type chemistry would satisfy me!

DeShonda: I was hoping for a little romance too. I needed something to lighten up the mood from me crying. We did come close when Lee In Ah and Jin Woo were at his office. I thought that scene was cute when the staff thought they spent the night. But I have not given up on a romance between those two. I think it will happen eventually.

Drama Debussie: Man, we can only hope. Don’t tease us, Show. We deserve some happy! We’re at the halfway mark and, so far, they’ve shut down every sliver of hope they attempt to give us. I really thought this retrial would get us somewhere. The good thing is that at least we know the more Jin Woo comes for Gyu Man, the sloppier and more destructive he gets. Can we say road rage?!

DeShonda: Nam Gyu Man is getting very sloppy and he is really starting to get on my nerves. He had a bit of road rage big time. As I was watching that scene I did not know what he was going to do. He has gone crazy. And then has the nerve to call Dong Ho to clean up the mess.

Cici: Yes, let’s just say he doesn’t handle frustration well. Anger management issues? For sure. Total psychopath? Yep. And when a person like that is rewarded with ultimate power in a huge corporation, they are really, really scary. I understand that Dong Ho’s friend thought he was keeping him alive by destroying the evidence that would have brought Nam Gyu Man down, but it makes me wonder just who is going to have the strength and courage to do the job.

Drama Debussie: Can I put a vote in for Hot Judge? When he was removed from the retrial he was understandably upset and I’m hoping this will lead him to look further into Jin Woo’s father’s case. We all know the mess that is exposed once that Pandora’s box is opened. He seems like a standup guy (in spite of his background) and he may be the one to get things shaking. Plus, more excuses to see him.

DeShonda: Yes I was upset that the Hot Judge is now gone too. I was thinking the same thing you were as I was watching Debussie. I am hoping that he will be one of the players to make a big move in the trial.

Cici: I’m still betting on Nam Gyu Man’s sister, as well. Did you catch the way Nam Il Ho told Gyu Man that he would be president, because there were still jobs that women couldn’t do? She’s been pretty blind to the evil going on around her, but I wonder if being passed over so lightly might not wake her up a little. She and Hot Judge would make a pretty good team, and there’s no doubt that she could access plenty of dirt on her father and brother.

Drama Debussie: Woof, that would be amazing. I think at this point we’re all just counting down to the moment someone well within Il Ho Group cracks and decides to release all the secrets. Gyu Man’s sister would be the ultimate get but I would love to know what would finally be her breaking point if that does happen. Maybe finding out everything they’ve been doing all these years? That would break anyone down. This show is certainly building to a climax that will hopefully blow us away, that’s for sure. 

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