It’s been a long journey of betrayal and tears, discovery and loss, but Karma is finally having its way. Join Drama Debussie, DeShonda, and me, Cici, as we discuss the tears and cheers we experienced as Remember nears its end.


Remember (SBS)

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young

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Drama Debussie: I’ll admit it. My entire being is exhausted yet quickly being satisfied by the long, LONG journey Jin Woo has taken to bring Gyu Man and his crew to a point where they’ll finally pay for their crimes. For a long time the revenge picture was annoyingly blurry seeing that everything Jin Woo did would somehow get shot down, but now the picture is clearer and it’s beautiful.

DeShonda: Yes indeed! We are coming closer to getting the outcome we have been waiting for and I agree with you, it is wonderful! First let me say that I really enjoyed watching Soo Bum finally stand up Nam Gyu Man. Now as much as I love that he stood up to him, I knew that his fate was not going to be a good one as he did that.

Drama Debussie: Absolutely. It was impressive seeing him finally grow a spine even while knowing Gyu Man would not let him get away with doing so. There was a minute part of me that wanted to feel sorry for Soo Bum but the fact is Soo Bum made the decision to be a part of Gyu Man’s crimes and there has to be some consequences for that. Sure, he could say he was just doing his job but when you are carrying out your boss’s wishes knowing how wrong they are, you are going beyond just doing your job. We all have power over what we will and will not participate in no matter how scary someone is. I think that’s the point Park Dong Ho got to and he almost paid for it dearly by being set up as a murderer.


DeShonda: You know I felt sorry for Soo Bum as well. Hot Judge told Soo Bum that there would be consequences, especially when he revealed the real murder weapon. And speaking of Dong Ho, I was a bit sad that his father figure eventually died after being attacked. However, at the same time I was not surprised by his death because of the gangster lifestyle he lived. Also being associated with Nam Il Ho, who will stab anyone in the back did not help either. I noticed how everything came back full circle to Jin Woo helping Dong Ho find the person who murdered his father figure. If you remember, Jin Woo asked Dong Ho for help, and in return Dong Ho’s assistant asked Jin Woo for help. I was happy that he took the case and agreed to help him out. I was a little concerned when Jin Woo was in court and he began to lose his memory again.


Cici: That Alzheimer’s episode of Jin Woo’s was just what we’d all been fearing. It was such a shock to everyone there, including Dong Ho. I can’t help but think that it was the very recent shock of discovering the real murder weapon in his father’s case that put Jin Woo temporarily out of touch with reality.


Drama Debussie: You said it perfectly, DeShonda, when you mentioned everything was coming back full circle. It’s all so much full circle that when Jin Woo began to have his episode in court, it was easy to understand why. Il Ho Group uses the same tactics to set people up and as soon as Jin Woo began to realize this that’s when he started to break down. Park Dong Ho’s case was set up almost the same way his father’s was. Sure, it is definitely concerning that his episode pretty much exposed his secret to everyone, including (eventually) Gyu Man, but at this point it doesn’t matter if anyone else finds out. It just proves that Jin Woo REALLY doesn’t have anything to lose, as if we didn’t already know. The fact that Gyu Man now knows should scare him. Scare him enough that he’s throwing even more glasses across the room because we all know that’s become his new favorite pastime.


Cici: Yes, it looks like Nam Gyu Man AND all of the glassware in his office have reached the breaking point. Woot!

DeShonda: I think that Nam Gyu Man is very scared now, especially now that the video footage of him confessing to Oh Jung Ah’s murder is now shown for everyone to see. He did throw a few glasses and break a few laptops when that happened. And you are absolutely correct, Jin Woo has nothing to lose at this point. And speaking of Jin Woo, I can’t go on without mentioning how cute he and Lee In Ah were. Looks like we finally got our “Noona Romance” that we have been waiting for. I was like finally….the kiss! That was the moment I was waiting on and I got it! It was very good to see this lighthearted scene to give a balance of all of the bad things that has happened so far. It did not stop me from crying however. I was crying like a baby when Lee Ih Ah said she would be his memory. It was very touching.


Cici: I was sobbing. And so grateful that she made it clear that her actions were NOT based in pity. Well done, In Ah.

Drama Debussie: I was touched and also a little nervous. That’s a tall order, being with someone with a disease that will likely result in them forgetting you. However, that’s why we love In Ah. She follows her heart and I’m sure we all get it. Jin Woo is cute, smart,and compassionate. Anyone would want to rally around him. Honestly, the way these different characters have rallied behind Jin Woo is heartwarming. For the majority of this series, I was so annoyed that they had such a horrible time convicting Gyu Man for Jung Ah’s murder even though they have him on video confessing. I’m starting to think no one was in a place, mentally or emotionally, to take Gyu Man down four years ago. Now they’re ready and it’s perfect because Gyu Man has so much more to lose but Jin Woo and the crew have every reason to keep going after Gyu Man no matter how many times he shuts them down.

DeShonda: I agree with you! It took a very long time in order to bring Nam Gyu Man down, but now all fear is gone and everyone is coming with guns blazing for his take down. I have to admit I am so happy that Prosecutor Tak did not betray Lee In Ah and Jin Woo after all! In the previous episode I was shocked that he joined Nam Il Ho Group after I thought he refused. Now to find out that it was all in Jin Woo’s plan to have him join in order to get information….Bravo! That was a very good call. I was hoping that he would not go against Lee In Ah and Jin Woo. And with that, I am also happy that Lee In Ah is going back in court as a Prosecutor. Did you see the look on Nam Il Ho’s face when she walked in the room? Priceless!


Drama Debussie: Prosecutor Tak played it so well too because I was so mad at him! Yay, that it was it all part of the plan but let’s never play that game again. Or at least clue us in just a little bit! I’m just so excited that we’re getting all our Outskirts Law crew back in the same courtroom for the final showdown. They’ve all worked so hard for this moment and they all deserve to finally see their work pay off. I’m sure Gyu Man’s minions will throw every wrench he can find in their plans, but it’s safe to say they’ve built a beautiful case. Thank goodness for that because they need a win. We ALL need a win. 

The conclusion of Remember is rapidly approaching. Have you enjoyed this drama as much as we have? Share some of your favorite tear-or-cheer-inducing moments with us in the comments below!

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