All good things must come to an end, and all murderers must pay the price for their sins. Join Cici, Deshonda, and Drama Debussie as we say farewell to the heart paplpitation-inducing Remember.


Remember (SBS)

Starring Yoo Seung Ho and Park Min Young

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Drama Debussie: This show certainly made sure we had a satisfying ending, or at the very least an appropriate ending depending on how you feel about it. One thing is for sure, I’ve never been more happy to see a villain go down the way Gyu Man did. He was smug all the way up until he lost the thing that he treasured the most: the support of his father. It was nice to see that smug look ripped off his face. No more destroying computers and throwing glasses against the wall for you!

DeShonda: Yes I agree that Nam Gyu Man did get what he deserved at the end, but I hate that he committed suicide. To me that is the easy way out, but he knew he did wrong at the end when he was reflecting. I guess he could not stand himself any longer. In fact, the entire Il Ho Group went down the drain one by one and that was refreshing to watch as well.

Cici: I’m just so relieved that neither Nam Gyu Man nor Nam Il Ho were given a redemption arc. I absolutely hate it when the villains you’ve developed a deep-seated loathing for suddenly decide to change their spots and become good people. That would have ruined the drama for me. But I did not get the impression that either one of them were sorry for anything they had done, only that they had lost.

Drama Debussie: Honestly, I don’t think he felt guilty about anything. All he cared about was making his father happy and when his father basically disowned him, he had no other reason to live. His entire identity was rooted in his father’s approval and once that was gone he had no problem giving up. I agree it was the easy way out, but an end is an end. I feel that everything happened the way it should’ve. In Ah was a prosecutor again but, more than that, she was a prosecutor that wasn’t beholden to people who expected her to participate in corruption or to sacrifice her morals. Speaking of In Ah, can we please talk about that ambiguous ending to her “romance” with Jin Woo? I mean, is she basically just going to be waiting for him? Forever?!  

DeShonda: Yeah, that romantic ending between Jin Woo and Lee In Ah left me kind of wondering what would happen between them. The romance between the two was sort of left uncertain. I was hoping that they would be together even though Lee In Ah’s mother was against it. I would hate to see our Jin Woo wondering around aimlessly and without some support. I guess I was hoping to see more between them in a romantic light. I need a Remember: Part 2 to see how this develops.

Drama Debussie: I’d be okay with a Remember: Part 2 as long as, as you said, the romance is a little more concrete. Apparently the director admitted that the kiss In Ah and Jin Woo shared was added during filming and was not originally in the script which makes me think the writer never intended for them to have an outright romance. Of course we could all see the sexual tension so they just went with it.

Cici: I can believe that that scene was added as an afterthought. But I don’t think my heart could stand Remember Part 2. It was hard enough watching poor In Ah try to come to terms with the fact that Jin Woo had already forgotten her. I hope she continues to check in on him now that she’s found him, but I can’t stand the thought of that care developing into anything more. She needs to move on romantically.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, are we just going to act like she couldn’t have had something substantial with Hot Judge? Hot Judge shared her sense of justice and he ended up playing a big part in getting Soo Beom to give up Gyu Man. Hot Judge had potential!

DeShonda: Yes indeed. Originally I thought that Hot Judge was going to end up being with her. He seemed to like her in previous episodes. I would have loved to see those two together at least. That’s interesting that the kiss between Jin Woo and Lee In Ah was not intended in the writing. I guess the subject matter was just too serious, but at the same time one of them deserves love as a happy ending. I was very proud that Hot Judge convinced Soo Beom to turn on Nam Gyu Man. I had a feeling that Soo Beom life was going to be in danger when Nam Gyu Man found out, but everything ended well with him.

Drama Debussie: Who would’ve thought out of everyone that would save Soo Beom it would be Park Dong Ho? If there’s one thing I will give Dong Ho credit for it’s that he never ceased to surprise us. I’m also glad we weren’t the only ones in the dark about the the plan In Ah and Jin Woo had with Prosecutor Tak to infiltrate Il Ho Group. Haha.

Cici: I was always a little dubious about Prosecutor Tak’s sincerity when he joined Il Ho Group. In hindsight, I remember his having these quirky little expressions when he figured no one else was watching that made me think that maybe he had never really switched sides. But he was so convincing that I almost bought it. I’m just glad that Nam Il Ho and Lawyer Hong swallowed his act hook line and sinker.

DeShonda: Prosecutor Tak….he was a sneaky one! I was so upset when he joined Il Ho Group, just to find out it was all in the plan to get information for Jin Woo. I am glad he was not the traitor I claimed him to be. I was also happy that Dong Ho ended up taking over Jin Woo’s law firm as well. We know that the business is in good hands with everyone.

Drama Debussie: Absolutely! What a pleasant way to finally turn the doomed fate Dong Ho shared with Jin Woo around. For so long nothing but bad things happened when they got involved with each other, but now Dong Ho is keeping Jin Woo’s legacy alive as well keeping his extended family together with a bonus addition with Boo Seom. One thing I loved about Jin Woo was that while he believed in truth and ensuring that those who did wrong were brought to justice, he also believed in second chances. I’m so glad Dong Ho is keeping that tradition going. It’s nice to know he’s keeping the group that forced Rome (Il Ho Group) to crumble leaving them standing in the midst of the ashes. 

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