Yoo Soo In Yoo Soo In will make a special appearance on the fourth episode of Nail Shop Paris, acting alongside A-JAX Seung Yeop. Introduced by Hyun Woo (A-JAX Seung Yeop), Yoon Soo In's character begins to work as a part-timer at Nail Shop Paris where Alex (Jun Ji Hoo) is in order to learn nail art. She plays the role of eighteen-year-old Hee Young, who tries to absolve the conflict between Hyun Woo and his mother. A still cut was revealed before the air date, showing off Yoo Soo In's transformation from a 25-year-old actress into 18-year-old Hee Young. Yoo Soo In debuted in the movie The Servant as a potato maid and has since appeared in Ghost, Vampire Prosecutor, Queen In Hyun’s Man, A Thousand Kisses, Can Love Become Money, and Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming. Recently, the actress began performing under the name Yoo Soo In, a change from her given name, Jung Da Hye. Yoo Soo In 2 (Source: nate news)