Like anybody else, I appreciate delicious food, and I enjoy tasting cuisine from all over the world. I love sushi, and I love pasta, but the recently introduced sushi pasta doesn't exactly make my mouth water.

Moreno Cedroni and Davide Scabin, two Michelin Star awarded Italian chefs, came up with a new genre of cuisine, one that mixes the traditional Japanese food of sushi with the equally traditional Italian pasta. They call it sushi pasta, and it consists of combining raw fish, other seafood, vegetables and other sushi ingredients with any kind of pasta.


Davide Scabin

Moreno Cedroni

"Raw fish is an integral part of Italian culture, too" said Francine Segan, author of Pasta Modern, a cookbook complete with photos that introduces the newest and most creative Italian pasta dishes. "So sushi pasta was the next logical step." According to Segan, chefs Cedroni and Scabin started sushi pasta about five years ago. The idea of it is pretty straightforward. There's no real elaborate recipe, and like sushi, it's basically pasta shells and raw fish, or anything else you would have when you eat sushi. You can even flavor the pasta shells with rice vinegar, just the way sushi chefs do, or you can just add a little balsamic vinegar or some lemon. The past shell just substitutes for the rice in sushi, hence the name sushi rice. I'm sure it's great, even delicious if you're hungry. But I think I'll stick with rice, wasabi and a little soy sauce.

What do you think?