You may have heard of Japan's cuddle cafe that allows you to cuddle with a pretty girl for $77 an hour. But what about the single women who need the warmth and embrace of a man with no strings attached? Well, to cater to that market, Soine-ya Prime came up with the service to dispatch attractive men to sleep in the beds of lonely women willing to pay  for that service. Apparently the service, opened in 2011, was inspired by Shimshima, a television drama about a woman who has trouble sleeping after coming out of a divorce. The woman finds that just laying alongside a man at night enables her to sleep peacefully and she starts a “soine-ya” (“sleep together shop”) business that dispatches young men to sleep with lonely women. The male employees are called Casts and the website is very explicit about its no-sex policy. Clients are allowed to: 1. sleep in his arms 2. have him clean for you 3. eat together at a restaurant 4. have him cook for you 5. go out for a date Clients are not allowed to: 1. kiss the men 2. touch them in any inappropriate ways 3. contact them without permission of the company 4. take a shower or bath together 5. use hidden photography, wiretapping, etc. The purpose of the rent-a-boyfriend is to offer pleasant companionship and nothing more. There is also a “Date Plan,” which includes a trip to Tokyo Disney Resort for 70,000 yen (2 tickets included). There is also the “Premium Date Course,” where the client can specify an activity she would like to do, such as going to the beach or watching the sun set, and Soine-ya Prime will plan and prepare a dream date itinerary for a fee starting at 50,000 yen. In either case, your rent-a-boyfriend will come and pick you up by car either at your home or in a prearranged meeting place. What do you think? Would you pay for a service like this? (Source: