In Tokyo, you can rent a dog for a day. I was watching one of those travel shows and during a tour of Tokyo the host explained how the practice of dog rentals work. There are stores, inside of which are photos of different dogs at the front desk. There you can choose between many different dog breeds like Labradors and poodles, and then either pay for a few hours or an entire day. All rentals include toilet paper, a plastic bag, leash, and a hand book or short informational session on caring for your dog. For around $9.00 you can take your dog for the day on a walk, play with him at a park, or if you feel like relaxing, you can just hang out on a park bench with a book and your rental pup. Don't worry, rental dogs are not work horses, they're allowed only two to three walks per day.

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Renting dogs in Japan is an extremely popular practice considering many apartments don't allow certain breeds of dogs, or any pets at all for that matter. Some people even book their rental dogs in advance, especially if they really like a certain dog. Imagine going on a first date and along with a picnic lunch to the park, your date rents the most adorable puppy you've ever seen! It's like he cheated his way into getting a second date because he manipulated your emotions with a puppy!

So remember the next time your Tokyo and need a moment away from the "tourist" scene, consider renting a dog for an hour or two.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE

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