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If you read the incredibly dense new World Economic Forum's report on global tourism, which as you can imagine is a riveting page-turner of detailed economic charts and graphs, you'll find a map that estimates the attitude of each country's citizens towards foreigners. And, spit out your kimchi in shock, because surprisingly, South Korea is considered to be very unfriendly.

The data was gathered by asking respondents, "How welcome are foreign visitors in your country?" while also taking into account tourism openness and business practices, among other things. And then, surveyors ranked countries based on how sarcastic the answers were (we assume).

We're inclined to disagree with the survey -- not only is the methodology suspect, but how can the country that gave the world this photo of Jaejoong holding a kitten be considered unfriendly?

Then again, there's pretty much everything Psy does in the "Gentleman" MV. Maybe it's all his fault!

Do you agree with the study, and find South Korea to be unfriendly to visitors?

(via Washington Post)