53453582.2 Two new twists in the Park Shi Hoo sexual assault indictment were reported in the Korean media this weekend. The alleged victim, known as Trainee A, apparently reported that she had been attacked twice. Also, there is reportedly a Kakao Talk chat between Trainee A and her friend B (who previously gave an interview in the press claiming that Park Shi Hoo had worn a mask to hide himself from closed circuit cameras) plotting to put Park Shi Hoo "in a difficult situation." What follows is a translation of the Korean report: On February 15th, Trainee A filed a lawsuit against Park Shi Hoo for sexual assault through the One Stop Center for sexual assault victims, as recommended by police. At this time Trainee A gave a statement that she had actually been raped two times. Previously, police ran various tests for sexual assault, including a gynecologist exam. Hair and urine samples were also taken among others. The tests came back positive for male secretions. Following the test results, police collected samples from both Park and  Park’s friend Kim to test if either were a match to the secretions that were found. However, police were hesitant on commenting further on this, stating that “we cannot share anything at this time for privacy reasons.” Meanwhile, Park entered the Western Seoul Police Department on March 1st at about 10AM for questioning and left nearly 10 hours later. The questioning was in regards to the possibility of sexual assault, as Trainee A has been claiming. In the midst of this battle, there have been twists and turns following the publication of Kim’s Kakao Talk chat with Trainee A and the messages that were exchanged between Trainee A and her friend B. In the messages between Trainee A and B, the two women reportedly plotted against Park to put him in a difficult situation. Police have stated that they will make a decision on summoning Park for a second investigation once they “take a further look at all details gathered to present. A summons date for Trainee A has yet to be decided. The need for a re-investigation will also be decided on in the coming days.” [Source: News.donga.com]