1362372572 Details of text messages from Trainee A, who has filed a lawsuit against actor Park Shi Hoo for sexual assault, were leaked to the public. According to Joongang Daily on the 2nd, in text messages exchanged between Trainee A and her friend “B,” “B” advised Trainee A to “ask for a billion won settlement” while Trainee A wrote, “I’m going to put my acting skills to work and convince the police that I’m just a victim in all this.” Last week, Park spent nearly 10 hours at the station on the 1st, when he was questioned for allegations of sexual assault. The same day Park emphasized his innocence and stated that he “will reveal the truth.” Police investigating the case are considering all possibilities and will make a decision on summoning Park for a second questioning thereafter once all details of the investigation to present have been thoroughly examined. [Source: ebuzz.co.kr]