url-2 The total bill from the bar where actor Park Shi Hoo (currently facing a lawsuit for sexual assault), female celebrity trainee “A,” and actor “B” met and drank at came out to 130,900 won (about $120 US). This included 3 orders of soju cocktails and food. A reporter from Sports Seoul re-enacted the night by ordering the exact same drinks and foods with 2 others (total 2 men, 1 woman) over a period of 2 hours. While each person’s alcohol tolerance level and physical build may vary, the team concluded that the amount consumed on the night of the alleged assault was not enough to get anyone drunk.   20130221_1151511145144_0 The bar where Park, his friend “B,” and trainee “A” met to drink had an upscale atmosphere with a clean and simple interior, differentiating itself from other bars in the area. An employee of the bar took the team up to the private room on the second floor where Park and his party had met. The hallway leading to the room was about 10 meters long with a total of 5 private rooms. Passing the glass-walled rooms, the team was brought to the last room in the hallway. Unlike the transparent rooms in the same hallway, the room they were brought to was a truly private room with black sliding doors without glass walls. The room size was about 3.3 square meters, and inside were a large table and couches. 20130221_1151511145144_1    10 minutes after being seated, the sliding doors opened and the same foods that Park and his party ordered were brought in. A potato cream beef tenderloin, beef tataki, and 1 soju cocktail were laid out on the table. Taking into consideration Park’s usual alcohol consumption (he usually mixes 2/3 of the probiotic yogurt drink Yakult and 1/3 soju per shot), the team took their time drinking. It took two men and one woman in her early 20's about 40 minutes to finish off the soju cocktail. After that, the team ordered one more round of soju cocktail and finished it to complete the two hours.    20130221_1151521145144_2 In a previous interview with Sports Seoul, the owner of the bar revealed that the party only had 2 soju cocktail bottles and that the total bill should have been about 140,000 won. However, the employee at the register informed the party that the total bill was 119,900 won. When asked, they replied that “Park’s party ordered a third bottle at the end, but did not drink it. Therefore, they only really drank 2 bottles.” 20130221_1151521145144_3 Details of the bill are as follows: Potato cream tenderloin, 32,000 won Beef tataki, 27,000 won Soju cocktails, 20,000 won (10,000 won per bottle) Private room, 30,000 won Additional surcharges, 19,000 won. To that, the additional soju cocktail that the party never drank would have been an additional 10,000 won plus taxes. So who paid for the 130,900 won bill? The bar owner hinted that Park’s friend “B” took care of the entire bill. Park’s party left the bar on the 15th at about 1:40AM. Bar employees confirmed that Trainee A did not appear to be drunk and walked down the stairs (15 steps) without any assistance. However, security camera footage from the parking garage where Park resides 20 minutes later shows Trainee A drunk to a point where a man had to carry her in on his back. This security camera footage is expected to play an important role as the investigation progresses.