Just last month, a team of researchers was successful in catching the elusive anglerfish for the very first time on camera in its natural environment just off the coast of California at a depth of 1900 feet. What they had speculated and theorized for a very long time was proven as fact the moment they all witnessed the fish in action. The anglerfish was, indeed, the ugliest creature on Earth.

The anglerfish, also known as the Black Sea Devil, are known for their unique style of catching prey, with females using the growth of flesh that protrudes from their heads as lures, but what seems to be noticed more by anyone who has a look at them is just how ugly they are. Now I'm not one to go around judging people, animals, or fish for what they look like; we all look different and we all have types, but I have to say, these anglerfish have to be the ugliest creatures I've ever seen. Just look at them!

The poor fish who was caught on video was 1900 feet below, minding her own business when lights suddenly came on and just started filming her ugly face. She keeps turning away as she swims, probably well aware of what she looks like. Poor girl even has a missing tooth. There's actually something endearing about her...

I just got introduced to my new favorite fish.

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