Imagine a still shot of your dinner from yesterday in front of you. Now imagine eating that meal while blind waiters and waitresses assist you with the food in complete darkness.

A new restaurant called “The Dark Restaurant” in Kathmandu, Nepal, is serving meals to customers with blind and partially-blind waiters and waitresses moving around in pitch-black surroundings. The restaurant venture, initiated by the Nepalese Association for the Blind, creates a food experience unlike all the others. With sight eliminated, the rest of the senses become heightened.

Vishwo Ram Shrestha, manager of the restaurant, states, “Blind and partially-deficient people get no support from the Nepali society. This must change. The main aim of the restaurant is to raise awareness and to create employment opportunities for blind people.” The business has allowed the impaired employees to gain self-confidence. The success of The Dark Restaurant has spurred plans to open new branches across Nepal.

While this is the first of its kind in Nepal, there have been similar restaurants that have opened for business in Europe and in the US.