The phrase, "I thought I'd seen it all," was definitely invented for moments like this. Let's sit back and just savor the fact that there is a cat food-inspired restaurant in Japan for humans. It's a little hard to imagine because when humans see cat food, typically their first response isn't, "Lunch time!" But nevertheless, the restaurant, Mon Petit, was opened by the Nestlé Purina Pet Care Company in conjunction with Cat Day on February 22nd, an informal holiday in Japan.

The restaurant is only open for a brief period of time and the menu is French style with a cat food theme. Note: it is not actually cat food, but if you would like you can bring some cat food and eat it in front of the jealous cat employees. Only 160 people are allowed to eat at this restaurant and they are chosen from a lottery.

The guests are invited to wear cat ear wear, but don't be fooled, this man is not a cat.

Here is the cat man doing what appears to be cat magic.

All of the employees wear cat ears, and as you can see, they are way into it.

Here is a sample from the menu that is modeled to look like Fancy Feast, but is actually turkey. They also serve soup, grilled fish and beef.

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Even though this definitely looks like cat food, it is not, we swear! Although maybe you should try it first to tell us if it's cat food.

There is also a motion censor that turns you into a digital cat.

These cats used to be humans.