[caption id="attachment_9915" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="Hwang Woo Seul Hye"][/caption] Itazura na Kiss, the popular manga romance that spawned not only Taiwan's It Started With a Kiss, but also a sequel series, is coming to Korean television under the direction of Hwang In Roi. Hwang previously helmed both The Return of Iljimae and Goong, and will begin filming the adaptation next month for a fall release. The original manga series remains popular even though the story is unfinished; cartoonist Tada Kaoru unexpectedly passed away at the height of her fame before completing the series. KBS' Drama Special announced that the next episode of one-off mini dramas will star Lee Sun Kyun and Hwang Woo Seul Hye. In a role reminiscent of Lee's part in Pasta, he'll play a conceited network hotshot who falls for a driven reporter, played by Hwang. The show, titled Our Slightly Risque Relationship, airs this Saturday. If you haven't already committed to memory every contour of Song Il Gook's torso from A Man Called God, you're in luck--there's so much eye candy here it should come with a diabetes warning. This year's other Gumiho drama has a new name: previously known as Gumiho's Revenge, the horror-history-drama will now be called Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child. For much more on what press releases call the "peculiar story" of a scorned Gumiho and her ticking time bomb 9-year old daughter, click here! Big Bang's T.O.P opens up about his role in IRIS and how he matured from hanging around his married co-stars in a new interview. Speaking of IRIS, more photos are in from Japan's HUGE IRIS concert event here. Two events were held, the first in Osaka drawing 20,000 people. These pics are from the second event in Tokyo, and I guess you could blow up the pics and count everybody if you want to... Finally, Nichkhun from 2PM and f(x)'s Victoria will be the first international couple to be featured on MBC's We Got Married. Hope nobody calls him pretty--that really pisses him off!