The adorable variety show featuring celebrity fathers raising cute children, Return of Superman, is about to receive double the fun! The professional soccer player Lee Dong Gook will join the show with his five children, including two sets of twins.

It seems that the family will spend a good amount of time on the show, but not as much as the other members. The show's director stated, “Lee Dong Gook has decided to appear on the show, but due to his schedule, he cannot participate regularly like the other parents. So we are currently in a situation where the current members cannot step down. Many people are wondering if a family will be leaving with the addition of Lee Dong Gook, but currently, Lee Dong Gook can only participate in limited ways. He needs to take days off to shoot for the show. We think it may be difficult for him to be a regular on the program.”

It's great to hear that the addition of another family does not mean that one of the other families will be leaving the show! Song Il Gook was reported to possible be leaving to shoot a new drama for KBS, but The Return of Superman director stated, "As of now, he has not talked to us about the drama or stepping down from the show. I am also curious to see what decision Song Il Gook will make. Truthfully, I do want to continue working with him. This is probably the same for our staff and the viewers. However, it all depends on the decision Song Il Gook will make.”

Are you excited to see 5 more adorable children, including two more sets of twins, added to the Return of Superman cast? Watch the latest episode below!