How sad are you that Return of Superman's original cast member Choo Sarang is leaving the show? To commemorate their final appearance on the reality show, MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and his adorable daughter filmed a wedding-themed photoshoot. 

Sarang has grown a lot over the past two years she starred on the show. Now that she is not a baby but a little girl, she has a lot more secrets.

When daddy Choo Sung Hoon asks, "Who do you like better, G-Dragon or Girls' Generation?" Sarang replies, "That's a secret!" as if she doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. When daddy asks, "Are you going to marry Yuto?" Sarang replies, "That's a secret too!"

Choo Sung Hoon said it has been his always wish to take wedding-themed photos before Sarang grows old and gets married. Choo Sung Hoon, obviously exhilarated that his dream finally came true, looked at Sarang as if she is the only person he cares for in the whole world. 

After a few moments of wowing at his daughter, though, Sung Hoon turned gloomy and said, "I'm worried about Sarang growing old and getting married."

Doesn't Sarang look more and more like her mother Yano Shiho as she gets older?

The Choos threw a party for the other Return of Superman members for their last appearance. Their last episode will be available on DramaFever on Friday, March 25. 

Now that Choo Sarang and Song triplets have left the show, there are two new families on Return of Superman: actor Lee Bum Soo and his children Lee Do Eul and Lee Da Eul, and actor Ki Tae Young, actress Eugene, and their baby daughter Rohee.

What do you think of Choo Sarang in an adorable wedding dress? Tell us in the comments below!


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