A recent episode of SBS Running Man kept the viewers on the edge of their seats, rooting for the revival of Monday Couple Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo.

Running Man cast members participated in a game called "Alarm Talk" where the person who is left holding the cell phone when the alarm rings is out. The members on each designated team were separated, but when Gary and Song Ji Hy0 ended up sitting next to each other, Running Man cast members joked that they are meant for each other.

And during the game, Ji Suk Ji asked Song Ji Hyo, "Have you ever thought about dating Gary?" to which Song Ji Hyo answered, "I'll think about it," and asked Gary, "Do you want to date me?" Excited, and unable to contain his joy, Gary said "Don't think about it later and think about it now. Answer the question with an O or an X," passing the cell phone back to Song Ji Hyo. As the set of Running Man filled with excitement, Ji Hyo answered, "I'll think about it if you bring me that 3 karat diamond ring."

But as Song Ji Hyo tried to come up with the next question, the alarm rang, causing Gary to scream out, "You should have chosen O quicker!"


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