The Master’s Sun(available now on DramaFever) paints the weird encounter of Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin) who can see ghosts and a stingy, greedy man Joo Joong Won (So Ji Sub).

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Having lived afraid of ghosts that appeared from time to time, Tae Gong Shil stands by the road on a rainy night and stops Joo Joong Won’s (So Ji Sub) car. Although in this episode, it seemed as if Joong Won was going to pass by Gong Shil pretending not to notice her but then a light flashed, leaving him with no choice but to stop.
At that moment, seeing a ghostly figure in the middle of the road, Gong Shil screams and takes hold of Joo Joong Won’s arm. Then as soon as she touched Joo Joong Won’s body, she didn’t see the ghost anymore. This passage is hinting at the fate of the two people.

The episode continues as more ghosts pop up out of nowhere and Gong Shil, terrified of spirits, eventually begins to follow Joong Won around, having found a savior as she feels secure when next to him.

‘The Master’s Sun’ is a roco horror drama which tells the story of a stingy and arrogant man and a teary woman who has the ability to see ghosts. Roco horror is a term combining both romantic comedy and horror, being romantic and funny as well as scary at the same time, giving birth to one anticipated drama.

Beginning with a creepy and eerie atmosphere, the story will surely captivate viewers with various emotions making them cringe with fear, laugh out loud, or even shed tears. Viewers may often find themselves empathizing with the ghosts' pain and suffering. This isn't a typical melodrama but a series with a unique charm, that'll put viewers under a spell and slowly pull them into a strange and enchanting world.

Netizens who watched the airing of ‘The Master’s Sun’ commented, “The Master’s Sun, Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub’s first meeting was so bittersweet “The Master’s Sun, scary but so much fun” “The Master’s Sun, I will watch it tomorrow for sure” “The Master’s Sun, So Ji Sub is so cool.”