From the writer of critically acclaimed White Tower comes Jejoongwon, another compelling medical drama. Set in a pivotal period of Korean history, the drama traces the rise of three medical students (film star Park Yong Woo, Yeon Jung Hoon of East of Eden and Han Hye Jin of Jumong) as they struggle to overcome adversity and become physicians in Korea's first modern hospital. Based around the historical Jejoongwon hospital established in 1885, Jejoongwon is a gripping, well-written drama which pulled in succesful ratings. Hwang Jung (played by Park Yong Woo) uses knives for a living, but he's not a surgeon. An ordinary butcher, he's happy with his lowly profession until the day his mother falls ill and he's unable to afford proper medical care. She ultimately dies, and driven by guilt and the determination to never let that happen again, he decides to become a doctor and save people. Overcoming his poverty, he enters Jejoongwon as a medical student. There, he meets Seok Ran (Han Hye Jin), the daughter of a goverment official who has entered Jejoongwon as an interpreter. Seok Ran dreams of becoming a doctor at a time when female doctors didn't exist. Studying with them is Baek Do Yang (Yeon Jung Hoon), a nobleman who has left his aristocratic life to enter the medical field. With large-scale unrest happening around them in Korea, these three study cutting-edge medicine as Jejoongwon becomes the first Korean school to teach Western medicine. At a time when the traditional and modern are colliding, these three must overcome all obstacles to reach their dreams.

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Also known as Jejungwon.