Greetings, fellow Part-timers! Choi Siwon is finally back from military enlistment and, together with Kang So Ra, he is leading the way in the latest comedic tale. A tale that follows a man whose Chaebol life is fraught with misunderstandings and a woman who lives a life that is filled with nothing but hard work. Join Cici, OhSoEnthusiastic, Wendilynn, and Firnlambe as they start a trek through “Hell Joseon” in search of a Revolutionary Love.


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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Wendilynn: I’m really glad to be on this Drama Club. This show is going to be a riot if these first two episodes are any indication. Anyone else getting heavy Protect the Boss vibes?

Firnlambe: No, not particularly….but then this is Siwon--my Ultimate Bias--and I was heavily distracted, so I probably just didn’t pay attention. Lol.

Cici: I have loved Siwon’s acting since She Was Pretty, and he seems to have taken the same type of character and upped the comic factor by a few notches. He still retains the sweet idealism of that character as well, but with a bit more innocent naivete. I’m really looking forward to how his character develops.

OhSoEnthusiasitc: Soooooooo, this is my first Siwon drama, and I was really excited to watch, cause he’s such a cutie patootie, but...I find his acting off putting? I feel like a terrible person for saying that, and I don’t mean it negatively, because I’m still really enjoying the drama and his character and Siwon as well (because DANG IT HE’S SO CUTE!) But the acting is taking some getting used to.


Wendilynn: For one, you have to realize this is being played up. He’s being ultra goofy in these beginning episodes. I swear his eyebrows are made of rubber. Siwon’s acting choices have always surprised me. He’s so incredibly handsome. He is also stinking rich so he could easily be cast as the chaebol heir, but he chooses these goofballs to play. Guys with a pure heart, but just total dorks. Lol. And he’s brilliant at it. His comedic timing is very good. It was funny watching him be naive in one moment and then trying to totally play Gong Myung the next. The camera really had a field day with his expressions.

Firnlambe: //reaches into the deepest darkest depths of her soul to reign in the fan girl// Ooooooh my love for this man knows no bounds, but that’s a story for a different day. (Heeey there’s a blog idea in there somewhere) Siwon’s acting has a wide range. He can go from stupid funny, as seen in this drama and in She was Pretty, to semi-serious, as seen in Poseidon. I personally feel like he thrives while in dork mode. I’ve been watching him act since Oh My Lady, and it’s always fun to see what route he takes his characters down. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he expands on Hyuk’s backstory. I can tell there is a LOT more to him than what meets the eye. Especially in regards to the relationship he has with his bitch of a “Father.”

Cici: I was actually shocked at the violence that the father used in dealing with Byun Hyuk. He was genuinely psycho...and no one made him stop? What’s with that? But Byun Hyuk’s explanation to Joon about why his father hit him was what broke my heart. “I’ve always been the son who disappoints him” speaks volumes about that relationship.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Speaking of drama vibes, I don’t know if you guys watched it, but I’m getting some Strongest Deliveryman vibes with this drama. They both deal with some of the same topics. Hell Joseon, abusive parents, struggling to make ends meet and live out your purpose. Although Deliveryman was very different tonally from Revolutionary Love. Love is light-hearted in tone while Deliveryman was very heavy. I’m excited to see how Revolutionary Love deals with these topics in comparison to Strongest Deliveryman.


Wendilynn: My heart breaks everytime I see a drama refer to ‘Hell Joseon.’ What a heart-breaking phrase that is. And Hyuk’s character is learning something about hard work. You can tell he studied business but has no way to conceptualize what he learned. Working at that construction site should be an eye opener for him. And I’m with you on that Dad. It was bad seeing the level of abuse and how no one felt compassion for him. You got the feeling they would have all gotten in line to kick him a few.

Firnlambe: Hyuk’s whole family is messed up. His Aunt is a money hungry tramp, his mother--while it’s clear she loves her son--is content to just let things be, and his brother, Woo Sung, is a snake. I’m probably more concerned about Woo Sung if I’m being honest with myself. Particularly in regards to the potential disaster between him and Joon. Joon is going to be hard pressed when he figures out who she is after he sees her working as Hyuk’s secretary.

Cici: It is so sad that Hyuk’s only friend is the kid who has basically been his whipping boy his entire life. It’s not too surprising that Je Hoon is tired of the abuse, but it speaks highly of him that he has enough loyalty to keep coming back and rescuing Hyuk. That may all change of course once Joon gets closer to Hyuk. Love triangle, here we come!

OhSoEnthusiastic: I don’t know if it was that everyone wanted to kick Hyuk too (although I’m sure some did) or because they didn’t want to step in and face his father’s wrath themselves. Cause there’s no way he doesn’t behave that way towards anyone else. That brother doh. He’s the one (aside from dad) I’m most worried about, and I’m positive he leaked that video to the press. Bleh. Bleh, bleh, bleh.

I’m definitely expecting a blow up between Je Hoon and Hyuk at some point, because I think Je Hoon has just about reached his limits in terms of being whipped. Which sucks for Hyuk, because none of it was done at his behest. He genuinely cares for Je Hoon. He’s just been pampered all of his life and probably doesn’t know how actual friendships work.

Wendilynn: I actually expected Je Hoon to be the betrayer considering how his father has been working for them all these years. I figured he was waiting for a chance at his revenge too. But when Joon checked him to see if he was in cahoots with big brother, I realized that Je Hoon is not that slimy, although he’s been acting as one slimy lawyer dealing with Hyuk’s problems. Joon should have decked him as well when she took on Hyuk. That poor stewardess. She really was in the wrong place at the wrong time….twice. I could not believe they were setting that up twice. The look at Siwon’s face as he was flying through the air was pretty funny.

Firnlambe: Oh Je Hoon. He has it rough. Hyuk certainly doesn’t make it easy for him. Also--not gonna lie--I had small Second Lead Syndrome (henceforth named SLS) feels from him, right up until they flashed back to him turning down Joon in college. You don’t get SLS rights when you already turned the girl down. If you start to pine after the girl, due to your regret from that decision, it’s your own damn fault.

Cici: So no second chances? Way harsh, lol (F: umm duuuh...lead man is my UB remember?). I like Je Hoon, but I don’t see him winning Joon, ever. But what really perplexes me is the extreme reaction that accidental touching has created. If Hyuk had grabbed Yeon Hee intentionally, then I could understand the uproar. But it was clearly an accident, both times! This has to be an over-exaggeration, not the way Korean society really operates, right? Because if this is anything close to reality, every woman who was bumped in the subway would be receiving $10,000 compensation. And why is it OK for that ahjumma to spank Hyuk’s butt several times on the construction site? Middle-aged lady privilege? (By the way, can you imagine the line of women trying out for that role when the description was posted? LOL!)

OhSoEnthusiastic: Koreans tend to be pretty cautious about their personal space and not invading someone else’s, so this isn’t really realistic just because people are so aware all the time (Unless you’re old in which case you don’t care about taking up someone else’s space, lol. And you can get away with a lot because of your age as well. All space is mine forever!) There is an issue with actual sexual harassment, people purposely touching others inappropriately, but Koreans will go to great lengths not to come in contact with strangers if they don’t have to.

Anyway, back to the drama, lol. I actually thought it was Je Hoon who leaked the video as well, although I did wonder if there would end up being a reveal that Woo Sung was secretly evil and power hungry. And I don’t get how anyone could think either incidence was on purpose either, Cici. They must be blind and stupid to think that, because it’s very obvious it was an accident both times. But oh well. Drama logic, lol. I also don’t know why everyone is so mad about Je Hoon turning down Joon? It seemed pretty clear to me that he was just surprised by her confession and couldn’t find the words to express his own feelings and ended up saying something dumb in response. I don’t think he meant to reject her. I think he got nervous and his mind went blank and he flubbed it up.

Wendilynn: I got more the feel that while he was happy to get her affections, his goal, whatever it is, trumps that. And she’s the daughter of an out of work dead guy. Her social status isn’t high enough for him to acknowledge her feelings even though he returns them. But, as Firnlambe mentioned, he had his chance and blew it. Nor has he been able to secure a place in her heart by all his belittling of her situation, knowing how she feels about the company he works for. I actually laughed as he’s sitting there helpless on the phone listening to Joon and Hyuk make the job deal. The frustration on his face since he knows how Hyuk feels about Joon made me laugh. I was like, “serves you right, dude.” Lol.

Firnlambe: I can’t wait for next week. Clearly I’m biased when it comes to Hyuk, but I love Joon just as much. She is such an awesome character, despite the hard life she clearly has at home. Her father passes away, and then her mother has her own financial issue, that she is apparently trying to have Joon “help” her with….and throughout it all Joon stays true to herself. The opening scene when she chases down her boss was great, but her character really shined in the hotel room. Granted the scene is given extra brownie points because that was Hyuk’s first exposure to her….but I digress.

Cici: I want to love Joon, but her willingness to jump to nasty conclusions about anyone who’s rich is just as bad as someone who assumes that all poor people are lazy. I can see where just her small exposure to Hyuk is beginning to change her prejudices though, so I do have hope for her. After all, how could you not love someone who imagines setting a tortured soul free every time he blows the seeds from a dandelion?

OhSoEnthusiastic: I think there may be some attributing to past Je Hoon current Je Hoon’s beliefs and attitude when past Je Hoon might have felt differently. Or he at least felt differently about her, if not about jobs and careers and money and work. I think he probably wishes he hadn’t screwed up, but he did, and Joon is very no-nonsense, and I think once she’s rejected, she’s unlikely to give you another chance. He probably figured there’s nothing he can do about it and hasn’t bothered trying to remedy the situation. Because I think he wants to be with her. And I think that’s part of his motivation for trying to convince her to get a full time job like him. He’s genuinely concerned for her and this is his way of showing it.

I really like how this drama is taking the chaebol/candy dynamic and really shifting it all around. She’s a candy in appearance. Multiple jobs, always working and trying to earn money, etc. But she’s decidedly not candy in attitude. She likes her life. She likes not being tied down anywhere. She likes playing by her own rules. And Hyuk. Sweet, precious, baby Hyuk. He’s pampered, selfish, completely unaware of everyone and everything around him, and he has the kindest heart of all time. Watching him let his ex spend all his money on purses was so cringe inducing to watch.

Wendilynn: His world has been very sheltered, but that’s all going to change now. And as the fortune teller says, he now has a strong woman who will shape him up. And I think we’re going to enjoy the ride.

Will Joon be able to successfully smuggle Hyuk out of the hotel so Jae Hoon can verify who the mole is? Misunderstandings still abound and , regardless of that fact, a new relationship has formed, Granted it's still just a working relationship...but it's a relationship nonetheless and we can't wait to see where things go during episode 3 & 4. So how was week 1? Did you love it...hate it? Or are you leaving your judgement meter running until more episodes pass? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Hopefully you are enjoying this new show as much as we are. 

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