Greetings, Part-Timers! We here at the Drama Club took a short break due to all of us being away for the Thanksgiving holiday, so now we have a lot of ground to cover. Join Firnlambe, Oh So Enthusiastic, and me, Cici, as we review the high points from the last two weeks of Revolutionary Love.


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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Cici: Let me start by saying how heart-warming it was to see the strides that Jae Hoon made in acting like a warm, caring human being. He went from giving Mr. Kim a hard time as he joined the strategic planning team, to helping him get his school lunch proposal accepted, and making sure that Mr. Kim received the credit for it. I love it when a character develops like that.

Firnlambe: I really appreciate the character growth Jae Hoon has gone through. He’s still deserves to not be with Joon (obviously), but I appreciate he finally gathered up his courage to admit that he missed his timing. Oh! Also! The fact that he learned Hyuk did not cause the car accident. I'm glad that got cleared up.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’ve never thought he wasn’t a caring person, personally. I think he just went about showing his care and concern for others in a very misguided, and harsh, way. He grew up believing that nothing was more important than the job while simultaneously growing bitter over the job. He was so persistent with Joon finding a ‘real job’ because he cared about her and had no other way of showing it. And I imagine his attitude towards Mr. Kim was at least partially because he doesn’t like seeing people hurt and disappointed by unrealistic expectations, because he’s seen it happen time and time again to him and his father. As for him and Joon, we’re gonna have to agree to disagree there, because I was feeling strooooooong second lead feels these last two weeks. This is a man who has spent years pining for a woman he knew he had already lost, and I just had a sudden, desperate desire for him to get another chance. But he got his closure, and I was very happy to see that. And when he realized Hyuk wasn’t responsible for that accident...oof. Was that a life altering moment for both of them.

Cici: He has been carrying such a heavy burden of anger and resentment against Hyuk all these years, just because he thought Hyuk had caused the accident that his father ended up taking the rap for. It had been poisoning everything else around him. So yeah, it was good that that issue was finally resolved and the truth brought to light. But I can only imagine how he felt when he realized that the real culprit had been Big Brother, and that he’d been played by him all those years. At least now Jae Hoon is firmly in Hyuk’s camp and has gained some respect for him as well.

Firnlambe: I'm so thankful all our teams are communicating and are on the same page. It was getting so frustrating watching them want the same outcome but all going about it in different manners. Hopefully now that Joon has quit being a cleaner she’ll have more time to help with the future plans.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Honestly, while it was clearly a surprising revelation, I don’t think Jae Hoon ever trusted Big Brother anyway, and everything probably just makes a lot more sense to him now. And I’m just happy to see Joon thinking about what she actually wants to do with her life. I loved the idea of the anti-candy candy, working multiple part time jobs because that’s just how she wants to live her life, but she clearly didn’t enjoy living that way. She’s just been avoiding her past and her feelings about it, and now she can finally move on and create a real life for herself.

Cici: I was just glad that she could take the time for the group date! It was pretty funny when Hyuk found out that Jae Hoon, Stewardess and Cute Cop would be joining them, though. I had to laugh at Hyuk’s negative reaction to every activity that Jae Hoon had planned, only to swiftly change his mind when he saw how much Joon loved everything. Took him long enough to figure out what Jae Hoon was up to! But it really wrenched my heartstrings when I realized that Jae Hoon had just set everything up so that he could have the perfect day with Joon, then let his obsession over her go. Aaaack! And then to be intercepted and beaten on his way to turning witness was the worst. Those friends of his better hurry up and rescue him!

Firnlambe: TRUTH! It was nice to see Jae Hoon get closure. Even though it ended in least he had the forethought to make a backup of the evidence and then plan ahead enough to give said backup to Joon, right? . How do you think Big Brother will try and deal with him on top of what happened in the warehouse? I can't see him being very lenient.

OhSoEnthusiasitc: When he pulled out a schedule for the day, I rolled my eyes, because who schedules their relaxation like that??? But my heart quickly turned to mush when we learned what he actually had planned. I’m sorry, Hyuk, but I’m team Jae Hoon now, lol. I’m not too concerned about what’s going to happen with him and Big Brother though. There’s fury and determination in Jae Hoon’s eyes, and I trust him to walk out of there doing better than just alive. I’m almost concerned for Big Brother, lol.

Cici: Mercy and compassion don’t seem to be in Big Brother’s vocabulary. Having Jae Hoon arrested on false charges of embezzlement, and making the news public throughout the company, is one of the cruelest things he could have done. It had to hit Joon especially hard as well, considering that her father had suffered a similar fate. I really can’t wait to see how Hyuk handles the situation. When Jae Hoon said that he could start things, but that Hyuk would have to finish them, I think he fully expected to have to sacrifice himself to see justice finally done. Yet Hyuk says he’ll choose a path where no one gets hurt. He’s been incredibly creative and smart so far, but I’m really wondering how he’ll manage that one.

Firnlambe: On one hand I adore Hyuk and his goals, but sometimes they seem so lofty. I don't know how he’s going to make all the story lines reach his ideal end. He has to have something planned, but I can't figure out what.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I don’t really want the path where no one gets hurts, personally. I want some sacrifices to be made and some egos torn down, and if Hyuk chooses to bargain with his father instead of going to the prosecutor, I’m going to be really disappointed. Because that’s not a solution. That’s just letting the bad guys get away with everything they’ve done and never having to face any consequences for their actions. They need to face punishment.

Cici: Well, in my ideal world, Hyuk would let his father retire quietly (yeah, right) so he could spend more time making his mom happy, and he would assume the position as CEO of the company. He would live happily ever after with Joon, who would follow her dream of some sort of travel related job. Jae Hoon would take over the head Manager position, Mister Kim would take over the strategic planning section, and evil BS company president would go to jail. Big Brother would see the error of his ways (yeah, right), humbly repent, and be given an offshoot company to run on his own. Is this too much to ask for??

Firnlambe: If only. //sigh// If only…..That's the dream though, isn't it? I agree with OhSoEnthusiastic though regarding how some don't deserve a happy ending. Big Brother and father have done so much with no remorse, that when fate catches up with them I shall be most pleased. I'll also be most pleased when Joon’s mother is put in her place. Watching her hold on and fester to her anger and hate is really starting to annoy me.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Ugh. I completely understand how mom feels, but I can’t help but being super pissed off with her. It’s so irrational to be angry with someone who had no part to play in what happened to your husband in the past. Like, grow up!

Cici: Hyuk has certainly had his share of hateful people to deal with, but I have always been impressed with his ability to avoid the revenge trap, and convince them of his worth through his determination to be fair. I can’t wait to see how he manages to wrap up the relationships that are still causing him grief.

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