From a suave and sophisticated suit to a birthday suit, Byun Hyuk has proven once again that he can pull off anything and still come out on top . . . with a little help from his friends. Will the harsh experiences his father and brother are dishing out help him to finally mature? Join Wendilynn, Firnlambe, and me, Cici, as we review causes and probable outcomes in episodes 3 and 4 of Revolutionary Love.


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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Firnlambe: Oh...Em...Gee fellow Part-Timers. The Second Hand Embarrassment (2HE) was STRONG this week. Pretty sure I had the most difficult time watching at least two thirds of what we were exposed too.

Wendilynn: Exposed is right. **evil chuckles** I admit, as soon as I saw them heading to a fart joke, I said to myself, “I bet Firnlambe is dying right about now.”  And it just got funnier and funnier as things went on. Even in the middle of the hard lessons he was learning.


Cici: Well, at least Hyuk’s heart is still pure. But I am always amazed when someone misses the sacrifices that ordinary people make for them, and then thinks that he can fix whatever hardship they are experiencing with an envelope of money and a fancy dinner. It makes me wonder how he will ever be able to live in the same world with Joon.

Firnlambe: Not gonna lie, as much as I adore Hyuk, I am SO ready for him to get bitch-slapped in the face with an extra large dose of reality. There is only so much naivety I can take before I snap.


Wendilynn: I’m with you on this one, actually. When he was setting up the lights at her house after we saw what she’d just gone through with CEO Min, I felt a little sick to my stomach. I was like, “Wrong choice there, dude”. I did like that she told off Jae Hoon for being just as slimy as the rich people he worked for. If I didn’t already know that he has plans to doing something about this family that he and his father are slaves to, I probably would have been yelling at her to deck him one. Oh, who am I kidding? He still needs a good punch in the face. I will say this though, Gong Myung is doing a good job with this character. The haunted look I see in his eyes at certain points really shows the depth he’s giving this character.

Cici: I am intrigued by the young police officer that is chasing Hyuk so relentlessly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in any other dramas. He’s pretty intense...and his physique reminds me of one of the later Terminators, lol. I wouldn’t want to mess with him!


Firnlambe: He annoyed me, I don’t know why exactly, but he did. Probably because I know he was sent there by the brother. I did like how our main trio keeps having to depend on one another is some fashion. They may not like it, but it’s extremely amusing to me. My only wish is that they move past all this build up as quickly, yet effectively as possible. I’m ready for them to start working as a unified front.

Wendilynn: Yeah, big brother is shady. Which explains why Daddyo keeps trying to get his second son to grow up. I think throwing him out of the house without a stitch on is a bit much though. I hope Jae Hoon doesn’t get burned by hanging around the brother so he can stay in the know about who is screwing who to get power. I want to desperately believe he’s trying to either help Hyuk or redeem himself in Joon’s eyes after she watched him be all slimy.

Cici: I’m having no trouble believing in Jae Hoon. I am still rather put out at Joon, though. She knows Hyuk has led a sheltered life, without friends, so it should come as no surprise to her that he would have absolutely no clue how to express his gratitude when someone stands up for him. He’s heading in the right direction, but it’s going to take a little patience on her part to keep him from giving up. I was impressed that Hyuk decided on his own to turn himself in and face the consequences, or at least take the opportunity to set the record straight.

Firnlambe: I would have liked the moment more if he had taken in more seriously. I disliked that he did it because he thought it would make him “look cool” //eye roll//. You want to impress Joon….we get it….but please, pleeeease try and see that your actions have more than a single point of impact. 

Firnlambe: If Daddyo want’s to try and help Hyuk to grow up, why take such a roundabout method? There had to have been more effective ways than simply dumping him on the unsuspecting populace. Dumping him without warning or direction feels like something to take him out of the picture rather than help him mature.

Wendilynn: Well, maybe his mom shouldn’t have gone to that fortune teller and then told her husband about it.

Cici: I am genuinely confused as to whether Evil Dad is just trying to get rid of Hyuk, or if he’s trying to push him to become great like the fortune teller says. But if I had to choose, he’s still trying to just make him disappear. I really can’t trust either Dad or Big Brother.

Firnlambe: To be fair everyone’s parents seem to be a bit shady...well everyone’s but Jae Hoon’s. His is just a bit of a pushover. Joon’s mom, though, I have mixed feelings regarding her as well. I can’t tell what direction her mind seems to take in regards to Joon and money.

Wendilynn: Joon has a big grudge towards Hyuk’s family because his dad made her dad’s life a misery and then he died. We saw the scene in the restaurant. And so far, Hyuk has behaved in such a way as to show he’s been too sheltered all his life. After dealing with the evil CEO Min, I would have unloaded on him too. But she also wants to protect him, knowing he’s innocent, because she didn’t rat him out like she could have. No one would have blamed her for it, either.

Firnlambe: Oh for sure. That’s a confrontation I’m both looking forward to and dreading at the same time. I feel that will be the turning point for Hyuk if he hasn’t already matured by the time that is brought to light. I give Joon huge kudos for being able to be near anyone associated with that family and keep her wits about her.

Wendilynn: I’m loving our three lovable elders who have decided to come to Hyuk’s rescue. They are so sweet and I think they will have a huge impact on Hyuk. I see him wanting to take care of them after he made them lose their jobs for standing up for him.

Cici: That scene in the construction site really got to me. Yes, Hyuk was clumsily trying to get dandelions to blow, but when he knocked that brick off the scaffolding and the ricochet hit CEO Min smack in the head, all I could think was, really? The guy can’t catch a break. But I was so pleased when all the other workers stood up for him and fought for him. That should have been a turning point for him.


Cici: But even though his response wasn’t all that appropriate, the group still stood by him through thick and thin, clothes or no clothes, lol. The scene where Hyuk buys his own clothes is hilarious. They were so awful that it could very well become the next trend. But the group just went with it. They are a wonderful blend of kind hearts, loyalty, and pure practicality. And I agree, they are the people who will have a huge impact on Hyuk.


Firnlambe: The scene where they stood up for Hyuk really should have been an eye opener, it just shows that his immaturity is that extreme. A normal person would have responded to the selfless help with more grace and humility, but Hyuk just started to spew an internal monologue of poetry. That doesn’t really scream maturity in my opinion…..also, the fact that Hyuk was needing a whole new wardrobe was one of those moments I blocked from memory as I ignored the screen whilst I waited for the music to shift….wasn’t it?

Cici: Oh, you mean this scene?

Cici: Or this one?

Wendilynn: Probably both. I loved the juxtaposition we had of Hyuk, being all handsome and sexy walking through the halls of the prosecutor's office as he left, and then we get him butt naked in a bag to uber ridiculous clothing from a street shop. Seriously, Siwon can pull off a burlap bag at this point and I’d buy it. Lol

Cici: Amen. And I can’t wait to see what he’ll pull off next week. *evil ahjumma grin*

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