Last week was a week of second-hand embarrassment for Hyuk as we watched him try his hand at being mature and responsible (with varying results). This week, he really stepped up his game, and it looks like we’ll be seeing a new, more capable, Hyuk very soon. Join Cici, Firnlambe, and me, OhSoEnthusiastic, as we rejoice over these little victories and look forward to what’s to come!


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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Cici: Finally! Hyuk has gotten the wake-up call that will propel him to meaningful action. Finding out the painful truth that it’s his own trusted big brother who is gunning for him could have crushed him, but instead it seems to have galvanized him.

Firnlambe: I have been waiting….WAITING for Hyuk to get bitch-slapped by reality. I adore Siwon and I adore Hyuk, but his naivety was starting to grate on me. I do feel bad though that he found out in such a crummy manner. I’m really hoping that this is what he needs to man up and stop acting like a spoiled child who is ignorant of the consequences to his actions.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I actually haven’t been really viewing him so much as a spoiled child needing a reality check as a spoiled kid who was never taught how to survive in the real world and is now having to quickly catch up to everyone else. Not to say that I haven’t found his naivete frustrating at times, cause I have. (How can someone be so unaware of such obvious social norms and behaviors???) But I haven’t ever felt like he was just spoiled and ignorant on purpose. The poor kid just doesn’t know.

Cici: I agree it’s been hard to be patient, but every experience he’s had while he’s been with Joon has helped him to mature. I’m thankful that the knowledge he has gained has not changed his basic, caring nature and turned him bitter, though. It takes quite a bit of character to face the cruelty imposed by his family and still figure out a way to help the people he cares about /without/ harming the company his family cares so much about as well. Kudos, Hyuk.

Firnlambe: So obligatory shirtless scene? Check...Obligatory singing scene? Check Check…..are we missing one of Siwon’s prerequisites for starring in a drama? Lol, seriously though, that whole scene with the trot music was hysterical and invoked heavy Second Hand Embarrassment from me. When he revealed that Dad “decided” to hire everyone as employee’s I had a near panic attack. I’m so glad they were in public, because Dad looked ready to pop Hyuk in the face.

Cici: He did indeed, and the presence of all the reporters is probably the only thing that stopped him. Let’s just say Hyuk won’t be going home any time soon. But it was a brilliant move to force his dad’s hand. And it was pretty sweet that, in his thoughts at least, he gave Joon all the credit for teaching him how to be courageous. It was amazing to see how happy the announcement made all the cleaning staff--it was like a dream come true for them. Now they can eat in the cafeteria every day! Well, that’s just one of the many benefits they’ll enjoy if the plan actually goes through. My only question is, will Joon appreciate being hired full time by the company responsible for her father’s death?

OhSoEnthusiastic: I was actually a little frustrated with Joon over how she reacted when she thought Hyuk had given her mother all that money, so I’m hoping she’s a little less angry about things this time. I mean, on the one hand I get it. Her mother seems to only show up when she needs money, and it’s always when Joon is actually starting to do alright. To have someone, a complete and total stranger at that, be privy to such a private situation in your life, and then come into the problem and try and fix it for you, can feel pretty embarrassing and shameful and dehumanizing. But at the same time...if someone sees I’m struggling and offers me a hand up out of the pit, no strings or guilt or shame attached but simply because they care about me...I’m not looking that gift horse in the mouth. It’s ok to let people be kind to you, and I think Joon struggles with accepting that.

Firnlambe: Agreed, and I think a lot of that is because Joon has a certain degree proudness. Not to the point that she’s a horrible person, but it’s certainly contributed to how she perceives help. I think it also has contributed to trying her best to not be tied down to a full time job, and so this development is probably going to create mixed feelings. Back to dad real quick though. Anyone else have major whiplash from his mood swings? One moment he’s insistent that he kick Hyuk in while he’s down, but then the next he’s taking selfies with the Toilet Paper of Negotiation. Seriously I can’t figure out his mindset.

Cici: I think I’ve come to realize that he’s been extremely frustrated that Hyuk never stood up to him or even tried to grow up. I’d never advocate the physical abuse he heaped on him, but I can almost understand his level of frustration. Especially since he has Super Efficient Big Brother to compare him to. I was rolling on the floor (pun intended) when Hyuk used the toilet paper for negotiation, though. I wasn’t really surprised that Dad admired his chutzpah. And I loved it during the show when Dad said Hyuk was better than he imagined, and Aunt said that no one ever realized Hyuk had that kind of talent.

OhSoEnthusiastic: If you cut out the moments where he’s super violent and nasty, dad is honestly not that bad, and I can actually understand his frustration. I think part of the problem is Korea still has some lingering cultural acceptance of violence as a form of discipline, so when they write a character who behaves this way, it’s not necessarily contradictory to them. For my part, I would have liked to see a little more nuance with his character to explain how he can be so seemingly contradictory in his behavior, but oh well. In Spite of it all, Hyuk is rising to the challenge, and I’m more than happy to see that.

Firnlambe: Well whether it was Dad or Auntie, his entire family underestimates him. I just hope that him rising to the challenge through this stunt doesn’t cause long term problems for Jae Hoon. He has some plan while walking this tightrope between factions, but one wrong move will send him plummeting to the ground. It’s bad enough that he keeps trying to work his way out of SLS land. He needs to stay in the higher ups good graces for a little longer.

Cici: It made me a little nervous that he chose to report to Big Brother rather than Dad, but now that I think about it, that’s the way he’s going to be able to keep track of Big Brother and ultimately let him fall into his own trap. Jae Hoon is pretty clever. I do wish that he’d get over Joon, though. But didn’t that scene in the hospital get to you? He’s the only one in the world who would know everything about her, including her blood type and allergies. I hate that he’s stuck in the friend zone, but I love Hyuk and Joon together. //Heavy sigh//.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’ve actually been really confused by Jae Hoon, just what kind of game he’s been playing, so it’s good to hear other people saying that it’s him keeping an eye on Big Brother and not the other way around. I know he resents Hyuk for a lot of things, but it would be really upsetting to see him betray Hyuk like that when all Hyuk wants is for his friend to be happy and successful in life.

It’s been really difficult and sad for me watching him pine after Joon though. He had an actual chance once, but he screwed it up and hasn’t been able to find the courage to do what he has to to make up for it. Watching him simultaneously hold onto hope and defeat is just...oof. But honestly, I’ll be ok with him not getting the girl if the writers pair him up with the stewardess instead, lol. Because I don’t know about anyone else, but I got the feeling that she’s interested in him, and I’m so excited to see this actress in an honest to goodness, finally, sort-of-lead role, that I want her to get one of the guys, lol.

Firnlambe: I have mixed feelings regarding Jae Hoon and his knowledge of Joon. On the one hand I totally understand that some of those things would get picked up over time, but on the other it's a bit creepy. I have friends that I’ve known for years, and I don’t know that much detail about them. Granted, it’s not as creepy as our Dear Cop who moved into the 3rd floor, but I feel like my opinion is in the minority when it comes to him, lol.

Cici: There is a fine line between someone who is observant and someone who is a stalker, but I don’t get the stalker vibe from either Jae Hoon or Dear Cop. Jae Hoon has known Joon since childhood, and has probably had to help her out of several scrapes along the way. Seeing that he has had this crush on her for years, it’s not too surprising that he remembers these details. And I would be disappointed in a Cop who wasn’t observant enough to remember someone’s apartment number when they’re picking up their mail at the same time. It was pretty hilarious the way Yeon Hee misunderstood both Jae Hoon’s gift of porridge and Dear Cop’s help carrying her suitcase. She’s got quite the ego, doesn’t she?

OhSoEnthusiastic: Korean dramas are all about coincidences on top of coincidences to the point that you want to pull your hair out from too many coincidences, so it’s totally possible that it’s just a “coincidence” that he moved there. But the other thing Korean dramas are known for is creating a bunch of coincidences and then being like ‘Lol! Just kidding! There’s no such thing as a coincidence! It’s All Connected!’ So who really knows at this point, lol.

Firnlambe: HA! accurate...My gut though, is telling me that Dear Cop was sent there to be close to Jae Hoon. Particularly since it looked like he was going through everyone else’s mail, not his own. Granted I could be wrong, and it turns out he really was simply looking at his own mail...but I doubt someone who just moved in would be getting that much mail right away. I just hope that he always has near misses when it comes to our trio, or at least until we pass the half-way point. Honestly though, I’m surprised they put Joon in “peril” so soon. I know we talked about Jae Hoon’s reaction, but I thought it was really sweet that Hyuk was so panicked that he called Jae Hoon in the first place. It’s just too bad he wasn’t able to do much else for her.

Cici: I really appreciate the way this writer is showing us Hyuk’s movement from naive, helpless man-child towards a man capable of acting on his impulses to help others (F: ㅋㅋㅋ man-child). Every frustrating scene has been leading up to this. And I have faith that Hyuk now has both the smarts and the strength of character to teach his family how to live honorably and still run the business well. Or at least bring Big Brother and that slimy Director Kim to justice.

Well that’s it from us this week. What are your thoughts on how the drama is shaping up? Are you enjoying watching Hyuk go from lovable Man-Child to lovable Man? Are you experiencing any Second Lead Syndrome? Is dad confusing you as much as he is us? Let us know in the comments down below, and we’ll see you next week!

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