Spurred on by the care and faith of Joon and the temp workers, Hyuk finds the courage to keep trying. Everyone is waiting to see if he will sink or swim. With friends and enemies at every corner, Hyuk tries to find ways so everyone can win. This leaves Jae Hoon grasping at straws and watching what he loves most slip through his frozen fingers. A solution for Hyuk is a loss for Jae Hoon. Can their friendship survive the coming power struggles? Join Cici, OhSoEnthusiastic, Firnlambe and me, Wendilynn, as we discuss this week’s episodes of Revolutionary Love.


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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Cici: It was so touching to watch Hyuk’s reaction to the confidence the others are showing in him. Like he said to Joon, she’s the first person who has ever told him that he could do a good job. Never having anyone put their trust in you, or see you as anything other than an embarrassment, would have such a horrible effect on a person. It is finally his time to show what he can do.

Firnlambe: I need more confident Hyuk around more often. I really enjoyed watching his scenes more when he still has that air of “goofiness” to him, but he clearly has an objective that he is trying to reach. The slap from reality is doing him wonders.

RL e7 Emotional.jpg

OhSoEnthusiasitc: I actually enjoy him the most in those quiet, calm, confident moments. His goofiness is still a little much for me at times, and then he swings in the opposite direction, and it doesn’t always work for me, but those moments when he’s somewhere in-between really hit me the most. He feels so real in those moments, and I just get emotional watching him.

Wendilynn: I love how observant they have made his character now that the shoe is on the other foot. There was so much he never realized because he was too busy enjoying the money. Now, he’s getting a reality check. I have to wonder how much this is affecting Siwon, who is also a generational rich kid. If this gives him something to think about playing this type of role. I happen to love the goofy moments and hope we don’t lose them as he grows up. I’m just not looking forward to the moment when he realizes just how twisted Jae Hoon has had to act working for his family. I don’t know if he’ll be able to be compassionate. I guess it will depend on what Jae Hoon is really up to working for his brother.

Cici: I love how, even though everyone was willing to give him a pass for trying, he didn’t give up in his quest to save the subcontractor’s business. And his solution - having him go ahead with production, market it under a different name, and share the profits with Gangsu Group 50/50 - was not only brilliant, it let his personal business vs. friendship philosophy shine through.

Firnlambe: I just hope he doesn’t get the crap beaten out of him again by Dad. Speaking of, Dad is really starting to give me a serious case of whiplash. One moment I can’t stand him and then the next I can see how much he really does love Hyuk. I wish he could stay in loving Father mode more often. Though I did appreciate that Hyuk took a stand when it came to stopping Jae Hoon be hit again.


OhSoEnthusiasitc: I’m expecting Hyuk to feel regretful, and partially responsible, for all of the things Jae Hoon has had to do and suffer on the family’s behalf, rather than angry. Because apart from the hush money (which Hyuk already knows about), Jae Hoon hasn’t done much that was all that terrible. He hasn’t been giving big brother any particularly useful information, just pretended to do dirty work for him. He’s walked a pretty wobbly tight-rope between being loyal to Hyuk and Joon, and not causing any issues with his superiors, and I think Hyuk will see that and understand.

Wendilynn: We’ll see. I think Jae Hoon is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and that goes for his relationship with Joon. Although I think he’s had more than enough chances to make that right. He hesitates way too much in that regard. All he can do is protect her from Big Brother. I have a feeling that Father Dearest knows how slimy big brother is. If he really hated his younger son, he wouldn’t give him so many chances. I have to wonder if the beatings started with the hit and run? If that’s when things went downhill. Cause Daddy dear just doesn’t seem to really trust big brother. At least that’s the feeling I get with him working so hard to give Hyuk a chance to grow up.

Cici: I can’t imagine the hurt that Hyuk is feeling at his big brother’s betrayal. It was bad enough when we didn’t know that Hyuk took the blame for Woo Sung in the hit-and-run accident, but now...man, the guy’s not even human. I’m wondering who the victim was. Do you think it might have been Joon’s dad? We still don’t know how he died, although it looked like he was contemplating suicide.

RLe8  desperate.jpg

Firnlambe: Awww, you beat me to it. I’m totally saying that Woo Sung hitting Joon’s Father needs to be added to the Big Book of Theories. As soon as that scene came up my heart when “ooooooh nooooooo.” I would like to know why Hyuk was the “only one who can help me” in that situation. Was it simply because he was younger? Was he already in super carefree/anything goes mode at that time? Obviously, Jae Hoon’s father took the final rap if his flashback is anything to go by, so who knows at this point. All I know for sure is that when both Joon and Hyuk learn the truth they are going to be devastated.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m pretty sure it was suicide. He clearly was a suicide risk as we saw from the flashback when Joon was walking in the room and saw her father half hanging out of the window. I definitely think there’s more to the relationship between father and sons. I don’t know if the father doesn’t trust his oldest son or not, but these revelations do shed a new light on the abusive behavior. Doesn’t excuse it, but does add a different layer to the situation.

I have to be honest here. Sometimes a drama doesn’t totally settle with me, but I don’t know why, and it takes awhile for me to figure it out, and this is one of those dramas. I keep going back and forth between feeling like it’s not very good, but it’s so fun that I don’t care, and feeling like it’s not very good, and wishing it were better. Because there are a lot of things about this drama that I really like. I love how Hyuk and Joon are stereotypes turned upside down, and every once in awhile they really remind you of it. But then other times I feel like the writers aren’t really taking them anywhere, and I’m just frustrated with them. I was thinking earlier today how I would have really loved seeing Hyuk working lots of odd end jobs like Joon does instead of just being thrown back into the arms of his father’s company immediately. Because not only would that have been hilarious, but Hyuk would have really been thrown into the thick of what it’s like to live day to day like an average Korean citizen. Then, armed with maturity and responsibility and a better understanding of the other half of the world, he could have come back to the company and turned things upside down.

Wendilynn: I have to say that I’m having the opposite reaction. I like what the writers are doing. I like the journey they have Hyuk on. I’m fascinated with all the little things they have him notice as he made friends with the temp workers. When they danced for him after the intern testing, I was a blubbery mess. You can see how warm Hyuk is and how they are teaching him to treasure each person in the company. Something his dad gives lip service to and something his brother doesn’t have any clue about. I’m hoping our temp crew benefits from all this and become like his trusted managers or something. I’ve enjoyed watching Hyuk grow step by step. I just can’t help but wonder about Jae Hoon’s role in all this, though. They made that big deal about how betrayal comes from those close to you, and as he loses Joon, will he turn on Hyuk? And WHY did the cop move into their apartment complex? What is all THAT about?


Cici: Well, every episode has to have some comic relief, right? And having Stewardess Friend come “home” so drunk that she can’t open the door is supposed to be funny. Especially since she’s trying to open Cute Cop’s door instead of her own, and just goes in, disrobes, and hops in his bed when he opens the door. The morning after scene was pretty funny, but that would have been a good time to give us a few more hints to Cute Cop’s reason for moving in. I suspect that he no longer works for Big Brother, but I am curious why he’s still hanging around.

Firnlambe: Aaaah, the Cop!! I told you he was stalking them! I absolutely loved their reactions though day after the mistaken home incident. Hyuk’s face was priceless. In regards to why Creepy (I refuse the cute nickname even if it’s true) Cop is now living in the same complex, maybe he was fired because he couldn’t deliver Hyuk as instructed? I can’t really see why else he would be there.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I don’t understand the cop character, lol. Like, I like him. He’s cute and kind of fun. I just don’t understand his purpose. Do something, Mr Cop! I need to know why you’re here! The real question right now though is Who Is Stewardess Friend Meant To Be Paired Up With?! I need the writers to pick one of these two guys and leave it at that, because I’m already way too attached to the idea of a Stewardess/Jae Hoon pairing to be able to handle a love triangle. Make your pairings known! If you’re gonna break my heart, get it over with already!!!

Wendilynn: Did anyone else laugh that they were referring to the cop as the evil terminator, the T1000? (second movie) I was surprised when he showed up living at the complex. I know he was very confused by the brother’s comments at the press conference all those episodes ago. It made him suspicious, and I’d LOVE to know what he’s following up on, because he’s not living there randomly. BUT, he has been cracking me up as he tries to spy on our threesome, but then ends up being a gentleman to the stewardess. Then he gets caught by them all. So funny.

RLe8  T1000.jpg

Firnlambe: I caught the reference! I love when the writers work in jokes that reference pop culture, Hallyu or Western. It makes for more entertaining moments. I really do appreciate that the writers are able to walk this fine line between hysteria and romance. I particularly liked how they approached the end of 8. Knowing Hyuk’s character, he had a high potential to just rush into it--but while he does move quickly, he did it in such a way that Joon was not caught off guard.

Cici: Such a sweet scene. Siwon managed to capture the perfect combination of innocence and sexy charm. Words fail, I liked it so much.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I like how normal the kiss moment was. No goofiness, over dramaticness. Just relaxed, sweet, a little awkward. Romantic. Joon was straight up me in that moment. A little panicky and afraid and not wanting to admit that she secretly wanted it to happen too. And Hyuk was so confident in himself and in them in that moment. It was hilarious, lol. It felt like he was the one leading for the first time since they met eachother.

Wendilynn: That was cute and adorable and sexy all in one. I love your reference, Firnlambe, between hysteria and romance. So, so true. ‘What if we don't like it?’ ‘We will, we will.’ Yes, I’m paraphrasing, but loved it anyway. Lol.

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