Romance is on the horizon, but will Joon let Hyuk in while trying to hash out the truth about her father? Or will she force him to sit on the sidelines while she comes to terms with her newfound emotions. Join Cici, OhSoEnthusiastic and Firnlambe as we discuss possible love and possible betrayal in episodes 9 and 10 of Revolutionary Love.


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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Cici: Last week left us with such a sweet kiss, I was both amused and a little disappointed that Joon broke that mood so quickly. I thought it was obvious that she was just as affected by it as Hyuk, so I was surprised when she told him that she still just wanted to be friends. Poor Hyuk!

Firnlambe: I wasn’t too surprised by her course of action…I was more disappointed that she “broke down” just a few yards away from Hyuk. I mean, girl, if you are wanting to keep your blossoming feelings away from Hyuk prying eyes you’ll need to put more distance between you next time. I was honestly surprised though. I thought we would for sure get a recap of the moment from Jae Hoon’s perspective lol.

OhSoEnthusiastic: As soon as ep 9 started and we saw them pull away from each other, I could Feel her pulling away from Hyuk. And I can’t lie, I wanted her to. I feel like this drama keeps setting up chances for it to subvert tropes and cliches and expectations of what is going to happen next but then changes its mind and decides to keep with the status quo instead. I realize I’m the only one here who isn’t totally loving this drama (different strokes, lol), but each week I feel a little more frustrated with this drama. I just liked the initial premise of a candy who’s anti-candy and a chaebol who’s actually very tender-hearted, but I feel like we’re not getting the story most suited to them but the story most suited to a straight Candy/Chaebol drama.

I’m trying not to be really negative about it, but it’s becoming hard, lol.

Cici: Sorry, I’d have to disagree. Joon still seems like the anti-Candy to me, and the fact that she is still determined to resist Hyuk so that she can accomplish her bigger goals just proves that. She’s determined to find the truth about her father, doesn’t back down, and doesn’t take the easy way out. And Hyuk is still the anti-chaebol as well. He honestly cares about his associates, and goes beyond the surface pat on the back to find what they really need, whether it’s freedom from guilt or a well-deserved job.

Firnlambe: Ok--we allllll know I’m the extra biased one of the group, but I am seriously loving the direction Hyuk is taking in his character development. He’s still the goofy rich boy at times, but you can really see his brain thinking about what he’s doing before he actually does it. The moment’s I’m loving most is his subtle rebellion towards his family and how he is looking out for our lovable cleaning crew.

OhSoEnthusiastic: My issues isn’t their characters, because I agree that they are still very much the anti-candy and tender-hearted chaebol. My issue is with the story itself, because I don’t think it utilizes their characters in the best way. It really does feel to me like too much of a rehash of previous candy/chaebol stories. That’s not to say there aren’t any moments that draw me in, because there are. The kiss, everything leading up to, and just after were so spot on, and I was super invested in that moment. The moments are just...not adding up for me.

Cici: I appreciate the timing in the plot and character arcs. Considering that there are just 16 episodes, it feels like the growth of the main leads is right on track, while leaving room for more. Hyuk is getting stronger, but he still hasn’t mustered the force he’ll need to confront Evil Hyung. I hope he’ll continue to find a way to deal with injustice in a way that eliminates it but still leaves the perpetrator, whether it be a person or a company, whole and able to function. Joon and Jae Hoon have also begun questioning the way they’ve lived their lives, and I anticipate real growth on their parts as well.

Firnlambe: I can totally see where you’re coming from OhSoEnthusiastic. Overall I went into this show with the mindset to accept what they show me and not question it, lol. I didn’t want to think too much over Siwon’s first television comeback. In regards to Evil Hyung, while I agree that Hyuk isn’t yet at the top of his game. I reeeally appreciated that scene by the pool, particularly when he brought up “that incident.” Hyung totally wasn’t expecting that, and it threw him off guard. I’m curious what Hyuk's plans are for the rest of the show. He obviously has something planned. Also, I really hope that Jae Hoon decides to help him out.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Oooooh to see Hyuk (or anyone really) slap that smug grin off of Hyung’s face. Drama gods, make it so! I’m also equally as excited to see a change in Jae Hoon. He’s such a bitter, lonely young man, and it makes me sad. I want to see not only his outlook change, but also his circumstances, because what he has to go through for his job and what his father has had to go through for his is just heartbreaking to watch.

Cici: I get the feeling that it’s going to be the other way around--that Hyuk will be able to help Jae Hoon. He asked him if he enjoyed working for the company, and Jae Hoon’s silence spoke volumes. Hyuk may well be able to change that. I expect great things from Hyuk. He’s ready to make huge changes in the way the company is run, starting with very simple things like the way people are hired and promoted. And everything he does is going to make the company and the employees stronger. Win-win. After hearing the commendation from the Blue House, you’d think Daddy dearest would have a little more faith in him.

Firnlambe: Dad only cares about himself and his money. Yeeeessss he may love his family, but his priority is himself. His severe underestimation of Hyuk, and even Joon, will be a major factor in his eventual reform. I say reform because I can’t see this show arbitrarily making him the ultimate bad guy after all his “happy” moments. Speaking of happy moments I really hope that Jae Hoon gets one too. Whether that’s with our Flighty Flight Attendant or by him righting the wrong done to his father….I just want him to get some sort of closure after all these bridges he's burned with Joon.

OhSoEnthusiastic: No way does dad have any genuine love for his family. I’m getting very opposite vibes about his trajectory from recent episodes, and I personally hope I’m right, because I’m just over his flip-floppy personality. I don’t understand this guy, and I don’t want to anymore. I think everyone knows where I stand on a Jae Hoon/Yeon Hee pairing, lol. I’m not totally confident in it though, because the drama keeps giving her cute moments with the cop too, and it just makes me confused.

Cici: That’s it, I’m dubbing her FFA from now on. And yes, I can see Jae Hoon with her, some time in the distant future. For now I think the thing that would give him the most peace is telling the world the truth about his father’s unjust treatment. And again, Hyuk is the very person who can give that to him. By the end of the drama, I expect that Hyuk will bring justice and well-deserved recognition to each of the characters who have been wronged. I mean, look at Mr. Kim, all spiffed up in a suit and ready to be part of the Strategic Planning team! Who’s next?

Firnlambe: Well Hyuk did grab all of their resumes and placed them in front of Daddy Dearest, so I’m going to assume everyone will be cropping up here or there in the near future. I’m looking forward to the team realizing that Mr. Kim actually knows what he’s talking about when it comes to planning. It's going to be a priceless moment.

How do you feel about the story progression now that we've finally crossed the midway point? Are you enjoying it, or are you frustrated by all the cliches? Let us know in the comments how you stand before the next few episodes kick things up a notch with our cleaning crew making their triumphant return into the realm of competitive salary. 

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