Revolutionary Love has become one of our most popular romance comedies. It stars Choi Siwon as a spoiled, wealthy heir who tries to make good when he meets a hardworking poor girl. To remind us that it's not easy being an heir, the drama's casting choices have given us some fun and interesting connections. No pressure, right? 

<Spoiler Alert> I've watched through episode 6 of the 16-episode series.

Choi Si Won stars as Byun Hyuk, a third-generation heir in a business tycoon's family. Despite his born privileges, he simply doesn't live up to expectations. He has a good heart, but the immature and naive manchild keeps landing in trouble. 

Here are 5 times we witness how hard it is to be a rich heir: 

1. Byun Hyuk's tycoon father is so upset with his son that he resorts to extreme actions, including physical abuse. It is a sad and horrifying scene when the tyrannical father beats up Byun Hyuk in front of the entire board of directors. 

There are also several mini-reunions for leading lady Kang So Ra. In Jeju Island Gatsby (aka Warm and Cozy), actor Choi Jae Sung played the mysterious gangster man who was the birth-father of Yoo Yun Suk, whose character was also a second son in a wealthy family. You can see he cuts a scary father figure very effectively.

2. Byun Hyuk's loving mother has probably contributed greatly to pampering and spoiling the wealthy heir. Her answer to her son's problems is to offer a credit card.

 In real life, actress Kyeon Mi Ri is married to a wealthy businessman. 

3. Byun Hyuk looks up to his older brother, Byun Woo Sung, for support, but he doesn't realize that older brother is his ultimate nemesis in a vicious game of thrones. 

Lee Jae Yoon, who plays Choi Si Won's older brother, is 6'2" tall and has a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Wouldn't you agree that he is a formidable opponent?

4. One of Byun Hyuk's wake-up moments arrives when he witnesses his girlfriend two-timing him with his own friend. 

Coincidentally, likely by design, Byun Hyuk's ex-girlfriend is played by Seo Yi An, who also played a gold-digger in Jeju Island Gatsby. Her character wanted very much to marry an heir, any heir!

Last but not the least,

5. When Byun Hyuk sees Baek Joon stand up to his snotty ex-girlfriend who falsely accuses the hotel maid of stealing, he is instantly smitten. But it will take a lot more for an impulsive and clueless prince to learn life's lessons and win Baek Joon's love, even if his own heart is made of pure gold.

Baek Joon is played by Kang So Ra, who starred in Jeju Island Gatsby, where her character had a push-and-pull relationship with Yoo Yun Suk, also a second son in a wealthy family, that kept the viewers guessing about the ending.

So far, Revolutionary Love is doing a great job of keeping us wondering about Byun Hyuk's prospect to win true love. Let's just say that our hilarious anti-hero has been more exasperating than charming. But he is starting to learn about the facts of working for a living, especially after his father stripped him naked and kicked him out of their mansion.


Revolutionary Love

Starring Choi Si Won and Kang So Ra

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Will our heroine reform the spoiled prince into a real man who deserves her love? 

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