Straight men now want more bromantic dates as opposed to romantic ones according to a new study, Men’s Fitness reported. Can Revolutionary Love’s Choi Siwon possibly be more interested in his bromantic partner Gong Myung than his on-screen partner Kang So Ra? On the Saturday, Oct. 14 episode of V Live, the three cast members introduced their characters in the show and made certain promises!

Choi Si Won, who first and foremost thanked the director whose passion influenced everyone to synergize, said his character is also very passionate, according to OSEN. “(Byun Hyuk) is not calculative at all. He doesn't weigh his options. He jumps straight at things. He's full of passion and naivete,” Siwon said. “He can easily exhaust others. I feel so bad for Gong Myung who has to calm him down. I try to moderate in personal life.”

Kang So Ra introduced her character Baek Joon as a strong-willed person. "She's mentally strong. I envy that about her."

Gong Myung thinks he and his character don't have much in common except they both are "very practical. He's smart and responsible."

Lastly, Siwon promised to kiss Gong Myung in the middle of Myungdong if the show’s national ratings exceed 20%. If it reaches 10%, the three actors will give out free hugs, according to Siwon.

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