Heirs comes to an end this week, which means that it's time to begin reminiscing! If there's one thing that I've learned from watching this show, it's that rich people slap each other waaaaay more than average. It's the ultimate way to show your displeasure while still being snooty (unless, of course, you have a glass of water on hand to throw in their face). So, in the spirit of reminiscing, let's take a look back at the many different types of Heirs slaps, shall we?

Disclaimer: We're not condoning violence here. It's no accident that 90% of these slaps come from the villains, okay?

1. The woman scorned slap

They say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and that seems to be true in this scene. This jilted wife may be small, but she means business! I can't help but wish, though, that she had detached her ponytail attachment to slap her rival.

2. The meathead slap

According to Heirs, America is a terrible, dangerous place. This slap is the most disturbing out of the entire show because it features a muscle-bound monkey hitting a woman half his size. Apparently, the Americans don't understand the basic ground rules of slapping. For shame!

3. The bully slap

This downward slap breaks from usual slapping form, but that's because it's not about the physical pain. It literally forces the subject to bow his head. That kind of embarrassment is something that only the worst of bullies even tries to use--but of course, Young Do has it covered.

4. The daddy issues slap

Young Do's father slaps people like it's his job. In this one, he almost looks bored before he strikes. When you're such a terrible person that you get tired of hitting other people, maybe it's time to reassess your life?

I kind of prefer this one to the other Young Do daddy slap because if you look closely, you can see him bringing up his other hand to make a slapping sound. But seriously, who hits their kid as a punishment for getting hit?

Not to be outdone by measly Hotel Zeus, Kim Tan's dad gives double the daddy slap in half the time.

5. The "I forgot to open my hand" slap

Okay, so it's a punch, but really, what is a punch but a slap with your hands closed? Tan is always punching or kicking Young Do instead of slapping him, but I assume that it's just a sign of his age. Once he matures into his role as a rich heir, he will learn to slap properly like the adults! Please take note of Eun Sang's shocked face, which we also got to sample with the "woman scorned" slap.

6. The imaginary slap

In case you needed more evidence that Tan doesn't really get the whole slapping thing, here's his imaginary slap against Rachel. Sure, his excuse is that he can't hit a girl, but I can't help but wonder if maybe he's just worried that he will look foolish if he tries.

7. The heiress slap

Rachel appears to be way ahead of her peers in the slapping department. Look at her poise and form as she slaps Eun Sang! It's perfect for making us hate her character.

8. The karma slap

This is far and away the best slap of the series! I'm pretty sure I cheered out loud when Eun Sang finally gave Rachel what was coming to her, demonstrating that you don't have to be rich to slap well. Just check out those Eun Sang eyes of rage!

Which slap was most shocking to you? Which one was most satisfying? Comment below!

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